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Study Shows Medicare for All Could Save US $600 Billion Annually on Paperwork and Other 'Useless Bureaucracy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/07/study-shows-medicare-all-could-save-us-600-billion-annually-paperwork-and-other


This needs to be forwarded to all the corporate dems. How can you not afford a system that’s cheaper!!!

I would add that, in addition to being less expensive and more efficient, a true single payer would also eliminate those surprise bills for unknowingly being treated by an out-of-network provider. In fact, the crazy notion of networks would disappear.

Also, the name ‘Medicare For All’ insinuates the program would mirror the current one we have for seniors. The insurance interests, through venal legislators over the years, have weaseled their way into that program with their alphabet soup of ‘parts’. You can do without these extras but it will eventually bankrupt you. They should never have been part of the system. You go to the doctor, he recommends treatment and the bills are paid by the government. No paperwork to fill out, no questions about which provider, no bills in the mail and NO STRESS. How is this not a slam dunk with all sectors of the country?


The healthcare system in the United States is completely dysfunctional. Not enough doctors, not enough nurses not enough anything. In rural areas it is particularly inadequate. The AMA loves this state of affairs because it allows doctors to make enormous salaries so that they can invest in nursing home hellholes and make even more money.


ByeDone now wants a public option.

Yet how hard did he fight for one in the 2010 debates within in his party leading up to the ACA? So hard that not only wasn’t there a public option, we ended up with worse than RomneyCare.

Sorry, Uncle Joe, but we can trust you to keep your word and see to it that “nothing will fundamentally change.” I won’t even mention Mayo Pete. He’s a focus-group tested cardboard cut out.


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair

We have heard nothing but Lies and Distortion about Bernie’s Medicare For All Plan from the Print and TV media as well as all of the Democratic Candidates.

When a large chunk of your campaign donations/bribes are coming from the Health Care Industry it is easy to see why we get nothing but gibberish double talk from those who have a stake in Killing Bernie’s plan.

The Private Insurance Companies and those connected to making a Profit from denying Health Care Coverage to their policy holders are spending Millions of Dollars in false Propaganda telling people that their Taxes will go up and they will lose the Insurance policy paid for by their employer.

No One will lose their Health Care Coverage, In fact we will transition from a greedy For Profit system that excludes Millions of our fellow Americans and switch to a system that covers EVERYONE.

That is what Medicare For ALL means. For ALL. Not leaving our neighbors to die because they cannot afford Health Care or lose their house through Medical Bankruptcy.



True. The more accurate name for both the bills in the House and Senate is National IMPROVED Medicare for All. The implication of improved being that all of those add-ons will be elemenated. In fact, both bills are written to eliminate those add-ons. The House version is better than the Senate. Neither is as good as the original Conyers bill but both are much improved over what we currently have.

As you say, the extrodinarily costly and network driven add-ons should never have been allowed in the first place. I’m fortunately very healthy so thus far I’ve elected to take the risk and not purchase the add-ons. Cost wise they are just not justifable in my case. Nevertheless, constantly keeping one’s fingers crossed is no way to live out one’s senior years.


He wants a Public Option because that is what the insurance/pharma industries want. It is just one of the many ways, the for profit industry is attempting to undermine the implementation of a functional National Improved Medicare for All single payer system.



Great point!

Bernie 2020


The “middle man” extortionist (ie. insurance companies) need to be eliminated from the healthcare system and the military budget needs to be cut in half and wealth taxed fairly to be invested in healthcare infrastructure. Not that difficult if you can see through the corporate BS.


The current health care insurance “system” is supported and protected by big-money, and corrupted politicians that profit from the fraud, and is a parasitic relationship; billions annually go not to health care, but to insurance middle-men. the system is structured to increase costs and procedures, not to serve the public.

When naysayers and industry shills claim Expanded and Improved Universal Single-Payer insurance “will cost trillions” and claim that is why “we cannot afford it”, thatactually includes the obscene costs now inherent to the system of greed and usury, not actual medical costs - the $2500 overnight hospital bed, the $50 aspirin and band-aid, and infact most all services are inflatedbeyond measure making the costs to Americans obscene and far beyond the rest of the “industrialized” world!
The public is the host and the insurance “industry” system the parasite! The new flurry of ads touting private enhanced coverage is a fraud and scam - the Real Deal is Universal not-for-profit Expanded and Improved Single-Payer insurance! The other Real Deal is Bernard Sanders whose integrity and dedication to the Common Good make him the ONLY rational choice!

Health care insurance in the US is a racket; greed-driven and designed to make some few rich and most much poorer - and not really healthier!!

BERNIE 2020!


While I agree the US Healthcare system is screwed up almost beyond belief, Sanders plan is big on benefits but fails to address the unintended consequences of implementing his plan. Lets say we implement his ‘Medical Care for All’ plan during the first year of his presidency, what happens to existing health care insurance companies? Are they and all their employees out of work? What happens to doctors and other medical personnel salaries? Do they stay the same? Go down? Go up? I remember the Obamacare implementation and the quadrupling of costs for the average family and don’t want to see it again.

Change is always hard. But the cost of the way we get healthcare now is unsustainable.


I agree but these kind of questions shouldn’t be unanswered at this point. It seems everyone in the car agrees we are going the wrong way, but just driving off the road through the woods and hoping everything works out seems like a poor plan. There are plenty of suggestions out there that do not involve such dramatic events.

Bernie’s plan to have groups enter the medicare age limit, backing up at ten year increments sounds responsible. After four years all would be covered.
Existing insurance company employees would have retraining opportunities, and some would stay in the healthcare system. With more healthcare happening, new positions would open up along with training opportunities. We will need more doctors, nurses and perhaps clinics to carry the load.
Doctors, nurses, and hospitals will have to work out a new scale. If they get new bennies, salaries may change to compensate.
Quadrupling of costs? My bc/bs stayed the same, my doctor is the same, and my hospital is the same.
So the next go-around mine will change too with M4ALL.
If we can appreciate the fact that it’s partly to heal a nation, we can except some personal changes for the better as well. Changes in pharma alone will be yuuge.


They’re not unanswered. At least they’re not unanswered in Sanders’ plans. He has an explicit transition plan for insurance company employees.

"We are putting into Medicare for All what we are calling a ‘Just Transition Program,’ which will help everybody in the industry for a five-year period maintain their income, get the job training that they need to get another job,” Sanders said.

As for providers’ salaries, see “Medicare for All and the Myth of the 40% Physician Pay Cut” here at CommonDreams.

As regards physicians, the current system is unsustainable: doctors are “burning out” at an incredible rate. That’s another consequence of the for-profit system we have now. I know my daughter would prefer improved – and humane – working conditions to a higher salary. So do many other doctors I speak with.


How is this not a slam dunk? Because too many Americans have been brainwashed to believe that the government doing anything for the people is either “communism” or that government is simply too incompetent to do anything right. Even though they know that our for-profit system sucks, they still think it beats anything that “evil” or “incompetent” government could do. I think that corporate and mainstream media brainwashing is as serious a problem as the extent of corporate rot in our government. How do you un-brainwash the brainwashed?


How is it that the loudest proponents of “American Exceptionalism” can square stating we can’t accomplish what every other civilized nation can? Why is M4A is not touted as a Matter of National Security like elsewhere? We disturb the balance of our entire world with climate change and don’t see the inevitable pandemics and new health problems as a threat to our country’s stability?

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Reagan planted the anti-government maggot in the American brain 40 years ago and it still eats away at common sense. At the time, it was a focus-tested means to sway voters towards his draconian tax cuts (which eventually pared the top tier rate from 70% down to an unthinkable 28).

The nutty part of this particular issue is that government is not really doing anything more than paying bills and negotiating prices - just as the insurance companies do.

I find it amusing that one of the above posters is so concerned with insurance company’s employees. Every single week, working class folks are shitcanned from jobs because of mergers, downsizing and outsourcing. We all know the hit manufacturing took with globalization. My sister worked at Sears for 9 years and, along with 17,000 other employees (in a 3 month period) received her pink slip following the 2008 crash. No tears from the magic market crowd for them. But when the government ‘intervenes’, all of a sudden they’re bleeding heart populists . Get the f outta here. At least Bernie has a plan to help those displaced by the needed change, many of whom will slide over to government jobs.

The health insurance companies are not just unnecessary and more costly. They scheme night and day to deny the very thing they’re supposed to be insuring. How sick is that!? BTW, are we also supposed to keep coal miners employed and not transition to renewal energy?


People who benefit from they way things are, that refuse to open their pocketbook or mind to the havoc their patterns cause. It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ mindset I suspect. Hopefully, some love and TLC will remedy the situation.

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Great post, and great question. I’m hopeful the antidote is facts. Pictures with timelines, audio of people speaking to hear tone of voice, videos to see posture and facial expressions… The more we can refer to the same series of information – unbiased data direct from the sources – the higher the chances of moving forward from a common starting point. Thanks again for your great post. I agree with so much of it.