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Study Shows Richest 0.00025% Owns More Wealth Than Bottom 150 Million Americans


It is why money is one of the roots of evil, greed dictates that you never have enough. If there is a single penny of wealth in someone else’s hand, they would have to take it by any means. Greed has no limit. They could care less about the rest of us.
And it will continue until people say enough and actually mean it. Until they stand together and fight back.
Either it will be a violent uprising or a massive shock to the voting system. And with today’s divide, with the dog whistles working so well, I don’t see the latter happening. I feel that a civil war will happen. It might take 10, 20 yrs to happen, but I see no peaceful resolution. The rich will see to that.


Hello webwalk. Remember the Beatles song “Taxman”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbQiVQuiu04 This needs to be the absolute bottom for the UBER RICH! Their wealth needs to be hit so hard that they don’t know what to do. If they refuse to go along with this then history has always presented the solution. Think of the last French Court of Luis the 16th. There are also many other shining examples.that can be examined and brought forth into the present or the future. They are coming into their inevitable future! One thing is that it will be a very ugly period of history with almost no one the winner but almost everyone the loser!!!


Hello ellsworth_weedman, That’s due to the fact that we have a duopoly/pretend opposition. They are the enemy for the most part with only a few still trying to do their best for us… TLTL Too little, too late unfortunately.


These fat cat rich folks are going down. They, most of them, belong to the cabal and it is going down. So I say who cares about them. You can’t do anything anyway, anyhow. Just one less thing to fret over.


Great Post !!!


dead !


would like to see them marched up to the guillotine


We will all soon die equally.

Support Planned Parenthood.


We will all soon die equally.

Stop having children.


Toxic Wealth Syndrome: google “how wealth affects the human mind” to learn what the experts learned and the wealthy try hide and deny.

Never vote for a millionaire, they are usually twisted into inhumane miscreants.


If you want to know why our politics are so corrupt, why “our” media is essentially propaganda and PR. why the banks get to do whatever they want w/o regard to how many livelihoods they destroy, why military spending never goes down, why we have endless war, why we topple governments that have done nothing to us, why we have a militarized police force, why we have why we don’t have Medicare for All, why oil production is going up extracting the most dirty fuel when we should be leaving it all in the ground, and why we are making no headway to mitigate climate chaos, this is why: this concentration of wealth and power is why.* Inequality is just another way of saying class. We need to wake up and see who are class enemies are.

*I’m sure I missed a few…

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Seattle general strike (Feb 6 - 11, 1919). We need to learn our radical past, so we stop making the same mistakes.


You could have pointed out her hair is so mousey weak and thin she had to wrap both sides onto one shoulder to make it look more bleached blond real than a bony she devil hand hidden in black leather.

The two creeps in this picture are both heartless shades of real life.


I wasn’t making a shallow comment though.


Ridicule the rich. I know it’s shallow but a lot of them deserve it.


It just becomes identity politics then, which is a tool of the rich.


AOC, Sanders (Justice Democrats) are about as close as we can get.

AOC ‘Lightning Round’ Video on Ethics Goes Viral

Work for and expect better and we might just get it.


The rich first attacked all regulations state and federal, then they went after social service cuts blaming it on state and federal deficits back in the 80s and 90s, then they artacked worker benefits teachers and 401K holders suffered the most, after those came attacks on Social security, medicare, thet passed NAFTA privituzed prison population skyrockettedmostly with blacks and hespanics, then came the austerity trick again using the huge federal deficit which the GOP and corporate dems created in the first place and went global with it to France, england germany spain etc…creating elite bondages all over Europe. We all recall those phony enrons, stock market and banking “crashes” further fleecing the anerican working class and middle class, add to those the phiny wars and the phony 911 and you get the whole picture of whos been governing you.


No one should be holding too much wealth its simply counter productive


I don’t know…NPR, etc., and dozens of “experts” tell me week after week that we have a strong economy. They trumpet the DOW and the NASDAQ, etc. I guess the next 150 million are going to have to cover the bottom 150 million AND the top 1% too. Yea…that’ll be nice stretch of history there.


Phony 911? Shame on you with all of those people dying!