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Study Shows Richest 0.00025% Owns More Wealth Than Bottom 150 Million Americans


It’s not just you- but what are WE going to do about this if we just banter here back and forth? Shame on all of us who did not back workers who were furloughed during the shutdown also!


I’m sure that with their billions that will make them shake in their shoes.


Please don’t missunderstand me i meant to blame it on Osama was phony. If we brought Cheny Bush and Rumsfeld to trial perhaps more truth would have come out.


Would you say that to a family of someone who was killed or maimed in that horrendous attack? I doubt it.


As former “vice president” Cheney would say, “Mission Accompli$hed.”


You are right. Ostracize and ridicule mean nothing as Earth’s life support systems collapse around people who have money in the bank. What was I thinking?


All tax can be eliminated and social plans fully funded simply through recovery of already identified stolen wealth as follows:

Catherine Austin Fitts & Mark Skidmore who documented the theft of $21Trillion.
Also, Leo Wanta who provides evidence of the theft of $433Trillion.
Also, alcuinbramerton who documents the theft of $Quadrillions.
Also, the suppression of cheap clean energy (of the type referenced in SIRIUS Disclosure) cost humanity more than $2.4Quadrillion.

For more information use these DuckDuckGo Search Terms:

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treasury gov resource center sanctions Programs Documents glomag_eo pdf

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