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Study Shows 'Stakeholder Capitalism' Failing to Live Up to Promises as Corporations Continue Putting Profits Over People

The WTO which presently rules the economic aspects of the world with countries increasingly only ruling the political. (Thats why things ae so confusing here in the US) insists its human rights agnostic, That ensures that countries cant limit trade to the most evil countries, based on human rights. They all have to be treated equally.

If a country enacts a rule that did something like that the WTO could sanction them if the evil country brought suit, because the suit could only be decided on “facts” the principle one being that the other country was discriminating against them for a reason which was not in the WTO rules. And they would win.

Exceptions are so narrow as to almost never be supportable. This makes it so all the gains earned by workers in the 20th century almost without exception are all on a death watch as these trade rules roll them back one by one.

Some European countries and firms, notably Volkswagon, were doing that 40 years ago. I do not have more recent information.

The publishing company that I erroneously identified as Wiley and Sons was the even more illustrious W. W. Norton & Company. When its founder, William Warder Norton, died soon after WW II, and a few years later his widow, who had played a major role in the growth of the company, chose to sell it to to its editors and managers, with the ownership subsequently extended to all of its active employees. Every year owners of more and more companies are making a similar choice.

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Comes the dawn, eh? Yeah, I heard it when they shot out their “intentions” to act more eco-aware and all. But the trouble is, it was them saying so; so of course it didn’t excite me unduly. Nice to hear now that the same old suspects were only just same-old same-olding yetta yetta again. Means I don’t have to get used to businesses being (gasp!) nice.

See, they did us a favor!

If they’re just going to stick with the reality the Church of Capitalism has created, then I won’t have to change my opinion of them… But do they even care anymore, how inevitable it was that such a shallow con would out itself? Or are they just so bloody Uppah Crust about this bloody King of the Hill game they’ve got going, that they don’t even care anymore, when people out their lies in real time?