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Study Shows 'Unambiguous Evidence' Covid-19 Infectious in the Air, Researchers Claim

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/study-shows-unambiguous-evidence-covid-19-infectious-air-researchers-claim

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The pandemic quickly became a culture war within the larger culture war.

As then California Senator Hiram Johnson observed a century ago: “The first casualty of war is the truth”.


I heard this Harvard finding last month when people were still finding this hard to believe, and thus it wasn’t given the attention it was deserved by the media. Supposedly these aerosol covid-19 particles can stay in the air for up to three hours in rooms without a lot of air turnover or with poor filters in their ventilation systems.

Obviously we need a nationwide mask mandate, but issuing that and enforcing that are two different things. I also think the public narrative needs to change to try to get people to realize that we wear masks more to protect others from ourselves than to protect ourselves from others who are sick. Of course there are still going to be knotheads who either don’t buy this or don’t care about anyone other than themselves and their stupid right not to wear a mask they claim they have.


Have you ever smelled Lysol or Glade or something similar that someone else in your house, school, office or whatever was using rooms away from you? Well those are all aerosols. They are very light and settle very slowly. Since SARS-Cov-2 can live in aerosols we should be concerned. Now the products I mentioned are meant to aerosolize at very small sizes and I do not know the distribution comparison between them and what humans create through speaking, sneezing, and coughing, which would affect settling rates. But some folks do and are working on all of this. Stay safe folks. In the mean time take your mother’s advice and eat your veggies and take a daily multivitamin and…


Strike one - “Although not peer reviewed”

Strike two - I see Mark Zuckerberg name is tied to this.

I’m guessing if I look deeper, I betcha I find some funding from a Pharmaceutical company too!

You gotta use common sense before conspiracies

One of the projects I worked was the action of aerosols and their ability to send radioactive particles miles and miles away at 50% mortality levels

When you can smell that cheese burger cooking a block away outside
You don’t need peer review to prove anything

Imagine an infected human wheezing over in the corner indoors

You can smell them…that is the aerosol cloud we all have exuding from us

And it’s carrying cooties

No conspiracy needed

And you reduce fresh air turnover
May as well check out now…


THis is why I no longer use the communal restrooms with Air blown hand dryers.


Although I do use public restrooms when available, I dry my hands either with the paper towels that are available or toilet paper since the dryers are way too noisy for my ears.


the Air dryers aerosolize everything including the virus
I won’t even be in the same room with them (unless a serious emergency

I agree with what your saying, but I don’t think the narrative about why to wear a mask should change. My reasoning for this is the people who won’t wear a mask now, with the narrative of “to protect yourself”, definitely wont wear one to protect others. They are too selfish, and will claim they are not infected. They have no clue what asymptomatic means, and are too ignorant to want to learn.


I read an article yesterday that claimed wearing a neck gaiter for a mask is worst than no mask at all. It seems the single layer gaiters that a lot of people are using because they are easier to breath through, actually break the moisture particles into smaller particles, making them more likely to be suspended in the air, than larger ones that tend to fall to the floor/ground.


Thank you! Neck gaiters ARE available with filter pockets. Cut HEPA material, or used KF-94 nanofiber “washable” filters can be inserted, it’s NOT fitted. But, I’m guessing most folks will only take this seriously, once phase two begins & we’re all running from mean little kids? I’m STILL avoiding cars, elevators, buses, trains, restaurants… loud mouthbreathers screaming into iPhones, etc. but have my old safety glasses, just in case? Expect a nose spray soon.


And all the careless and callous fools are holding that gun to humanity’s head

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I’m sure your right, the study I was referring to claimed the big problem with the neck gaiters was most are single layer, and that layer gets screeched out when pulled up to cover the mouth and nose, losing it’s trapping ability of moisture droplets. More than one layer of cloth makes all the difference.

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No, you’re right. I’d been sent the study by my partner (she’d gotten it, pretty much simultaneously with me, Mar 9-10th) we’ve had negative ELISA IgG tests around day 59, so no antibodies? We’re taking FEW chances, it’s nasty! Take care, everybody. My big issue with neck gaiters is: pulling it up and down, your turning it inside-out and all over your face. I’ve one of those exceedingly high thread-count microfiber gaiters, aluminum lithographed, etc… scary USELESS! So, again, thank you!


Above should read “stretched”, not screeched.

But Unca Donald said it is going to magically disappear!

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Top U.S. Infectious Disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has [held his post as director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, has previously [cautioned] about the possibility and probability of Covid-19 transmission via aerosol droplets. If confirmed, the initial findings of the University of Florida study would bolster his concerns, and indicate the virus can survive greater distances than once thought.

“We know that indoors, those distance rules don’t matter anymore,” Dr. Robyn Schofield, an atmospheric chemist at Melbourne University in Australia, who measures aerosols over the ocean [told] the the Times . "It takes about five minutes for small aerosols to traverse the room even in still air."

Pretty much since the beginning of the VIRUS we’ve known that it travels on

IMO, this VIRUS has been severely underrated by health officials in the US –
and everyone should be staying home until we get an absolute “all clear.”


While we have many of the paper masks – I’ve noticed that since we are
wearing them often for very short times, we are reluctant to toss them out.
So a mask may be used for more than one day –

While also we are being told that the made at home CLOTH masks are best –
I had some I was making and then it became annoying – but the two or three
I made I just toss in sink in some Pine Sol and they dry in hours.

Think I’m going to try to get back on that road –

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What’s the point of this article: " Study Shows ‘Unambiguous Evidence’ Covid-19 Infectious in the Air, Researchers Claim"?
Half the country believe COVID is extremely dangerous; half believe it’s being hyped up as such, but isn’t.
Everyone’s sure of their position.
Dangerous or not, can we really stop it? Isn’t it just going to follow its course, no matter what we do?