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Study Warns Melting of 'One of the World's Most Dangerous Glaciers' Could Cause 20-Inch Sea Level Rise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/study-warns-melting-one-worlds-most-dangerous-glaciers-could-cause-20-inch-sea-level

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Do not invest in "Waterfront Property."

Choose the Mountains.

The air is electric and the humidity is much lower.


Oh it’s going to all happen much sooner than 150 years. The Great Unraveling is upon us!


A friend of mine is a captain of a NOAH research vessel and he would corroborate your post.


Yeah, it’s not like Thwaites is the only glacier melting.


Bad dog, Nonlinearity, Bad dog! Bitch!

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If you’re a NASA scientist, failing to tow the “Earth-is-Warming-Water-is-Rising” line will get you UNFUNDED. Got it?


Explain, if you’d be so kind…

If you’er that dense, you wouldn’t understand the explanation, so why would anyone bother with one?!

Another case of Leftist fueled “the sky is falling” syndrome being used to hoodwink the masses over a natural cycle of geologic phenomenon that the ill-educated left don’t and don’t want to understand, and want to blame only on people alone, like they have a self-hatred complex that they reflect on everyone.

Looking for kindness in all the wrong places. The fanatical right wing extremists have allowed their nerve centers, (they are not higher organisms), to be re-programmed with this mantra - that millions of climate scientists worldwide are part of a global conspiracy to get money and are therefore faking their environmental research to get tax money because they are unintelligent, lazy and incapable of earning an honest buck otherwise. They actually believe that these people’s greatest passion is in getting grant money through their collective machinations. Apparently they are under the impression that climatologists are among the highest income earners, on Earth and that money is the attraction for them. They actually accept the ruse that there is no actual climate issue at work here and that literally 99.9 percent of all climate scientists worldwide are part of this conspiracy and not in the slightest ethical or honest about what they do for living. The saddest part, perhaps, is that it was incredibly easy to brainwash this lot, pathetically easy. A word or two from Bill O’Reilly, a peep from Limbaugh, a mention from Glenn Beck, - give this group a couple of weeks, and they would have this crowd believing the Earth was flat again.


Well, lookie here, a newbie, Robert Kane! that can’t tell a ‘you are’ from a hole in the ground, with spell check! either…
and, my query wasn’t directed to you, and I want to see what newbie, Alben Parkley is packing in terms of brain power and facts.
Troll along now…


I wasn’t seeking kindness, per se, but thank you anyway Adam.


Umm, maybe not…

“The models suggested that the glacier could reach the tipping point “in the next 200 to 600 years,””
"“After reaching the tipping point, Thwaites Glacier could lose all of its ice in a period of 150 years,” "

So in the worst case scenario it’s 350 years. Best case 750 years. It did make me click on the link and read thru tho. Usually titles miss that kind of important information.

Sorry I didn’t mean that part, just marveling is all, but not at you.

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“fedupngrumpy”… So, just stand there grumping with your grumpy thumb up your ass oblivious to all that is, not so sneakily, sneaking up on you. When things get tough, and resources are scarce, I hope you cook up nice and tender. You can call me “fed up”, then. Mmm… grumpy good!!


Oh such a tart retort, pun on purpose.

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We are going to lose the ability to feed ourselves long before we have to worry about anywhere near this level of sea level rise.




I stopped, blinked, rubbed my eyes, and we went from 7 billion people to 7.9 billion people. That took only about 10 years or less, the next billion will take less time than that, your right about the food. Equally there will be severe and frequent natural disasters and problems in food production related to them, along with higher population and resultant demand and presto’ - we’ve got a much bigger problem than Russia or Trump.


Ah-yup . . .

Not to worry — by 600 years from now there will be very few mammals – if any – and no humans at all left to be affected.

"Oh, we’ll all go together when we go    Fused in an incandescent glow . . . " — Tom Lehrer, IIRC