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Study Warns Melting of 'One of the World's Most Dangerous Glaciers' Could Cause 20-Inch Sea Level Rise

The trouble with the current climate models is that they can’t take into account feedback mechanisms nor model the local effects of terrain very well. For example, the eastern Antarctic bedrock is actually below sea level. Once peripheral ice has opened up a passage under the ice, then the interior will melt. Like it did in the good ol’ days when the sea level was 200 feet higher than today. Oh and when that permafrost is found to be not so permanently frozen, then methane emissions will spike. This is already occurring. Methane is about 64 times a stronger greenhouse gas. More methane released, more melting permafrost (and methane clathrates). Nice feedback loop! And nonetheless the paid astroturfers will attack this message and others like it because this economy has forced them to cling to anything that gives them some self-respect and a bit of income. Mainly because this economy had left them behind like dinosaurs…

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Hell Pony I’d take the mountains anyway, sea level rise or not. I lived in Corpus Christi for a lot of years and the beach is fun as a novelty but that wears off pretty quick. The sand getting into everything including food no matter how much care is taken (ever had a crunchy steak…and FORGET sex on the beach, at least the real deal unless both you and your partner want to be walking bowlegged for the next month…sand does not work well as a sex supplement either. That’s why they use it to blast rust off ships and other things…it’s extremely abrasive!!! Can you say OUCH!!!) The fishing used to be fun but now Texas Parks &Wildlife Dept. recommends consuming no more than 6 Oz. of fish per month caught in any of our lakes or within ten miles of the shoreline. We can thank Trump’s buddies in the paper and pulpwood industries and petrochemical companies for that. Yeah I’ll take the mountains any day. Matter of fact within the next five years I plan to move to either Colorado or Wenatchee, Washington of the east slope of the Cascades.

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I wanted to get into NOAA Officer Corps. but didn’t find out about it until I was 35 (the Max. age to be accepted.) From the description of the program you must hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in any discipline, spend eight weeks in “boot camp” (training to work on a NOAA Research Vessel), then spend two years working on a research vessel. After that you can go into any area of NOAA you wish and they will provide training. I have always been fascinated with meteorology and what better place to work than NOAA Severe Storms Forecasting Center, National Hurricane Center, or NWS?

Well, well, you may not have studied this little fact… sure, climate change is a natural phenomena… generally speaking, however, it is also true that ….excess greenhouse gases, warm the planet… correct?.. AND since we have added, massive amounts over and above any that have existed since humans have been on the planet… and …this climate change, is happening at a speed in which ….is not the norm, in climate change history. Sooo, maybe you should check out the info on how THE SPEED of climate change, is a human caused, scenario.

Yes …and once there are enough disasters, to interfere with nuclear power plants… that includes heat waves, drought, flooding … and then, conflicts and loss of actual people (like employees of nuclear plants)….from those conflicts and or pandemics, then, electric grid issues on a major scale, we can truly kiss our *sses good bye………oh, they won’t all go at once, of course, but after what, maybe 6,7 10, melt down… we are all done.


NOAA is not easy to get into and not many can qualify. Thanks for your reply.

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That sounds like a great plan Dawg. I visited Mount Shasta many years ago in early winter and drove up to the top of the mountain above the clouds. Everything was socked in below cloud level. Once we were above the clouds, there was nothing but the Sun and Blue Skies.

No greater way of getting high on Earth.

Well, it’s one of my favorites.

That was memorable.

When you get settled in and if you want any visitors, send your address.

I’ll be there.

The Miami Jews will be unhappy.

Pony you can bet on it!!! Actually the friends I have in Washington I met years ago on the Smirking Chimp. That was quite a unique political site (still is…come join us, doesn’t cost anything to join!) in that most of the old timers on there wound up being really close friends. We started out back in 2010 by meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado for “ChimpstockI”. We had people from Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, Virginia and we just hung out for a week drinking ber and toking some of the local herb. I rode my motorcycle out there from East Texas and had a blast riding out. Coming back was a different story in that I hit the outer rain bands of the season’s first hurricane beginning near Amarillo and rode the rest of the way in on and off down pours. One of the people I met on the Chimp from Hawaii rode out to Breckenridge again with me in 2012. We had even more people show up that time. Better yet the weather was nice on the run back the second time. Heck, I went with my friend from Hawaii to go down to Cowboy Harley-Davidson to pick up his rental trike that he rode to Colorado and back. I was planning on picking up a new pouch for my windshield to tote my 10 mm auto road rage preventer and I wound up leaving with a new bike. I was riding a 2007 Harley Softail Standard and when I left Cowboy HD I was riding a 2006 Screamin’ Eagle ElectraGlide touring bike all decked out with AM, FM, CD, 7 NWS Channels, XM, and CB radio, cruise control, lots of luggage space in the saddlebags and cubby holes in the ferring, heated handle bars and heated seat with adjustable back support. I was surrounded with speakers so it was great to get on the highway and crank up the stereo and open it up, kick back with the feet up on the highway pegs and just cruise!!! Hey do you have a Facebook page? If so I’ll turn you on to our politics page.

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That’s one of my favourite songs. Thanx pony.

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Wow aussidawg wish i’d been with ya.

Me too!!! The more the merrier!

Hey Dawg,

I apologize for this late reply.

Firstly, I do not have a Facebook account. Secondly, I have attempted to contact Jeff/Smirky at Smirky@smirkingchimp.com, to request an invite to join and cannot seem to get it to work for me.

Perhaps it’s because one needs a Facebook account, I don’t know.

I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for the invitation to get together sometime in the future.

Be careful on that bike. I sold mine 10 years back.

Always loved the Electra Glide. Never had one.

Hey, all you Trumper’s on the coasts, I’m here in El Paso. We have some nice white tents you can stay in if you get flooded out.

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That might match their nice white robes and dunce hats.

No mammals for sure in just a handful of years based on recent refereed journal articles

“Refereed”?   Oh, you mean ‘peer reviewed’, which indicates that supposedly qualified fellow scientists (‘peers’) have read something and agree that it’s accurate.  It’s sorta like when Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs review something that Tweetle-Dumb has said about ‘Fake News’ and agree that he’s correct, or Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell agreeing that Biden is the front runner 'cause he’s right about Medicare for All . . .