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Stuff Happens, Like - WTF? - A Mass Shooting in the U.S. Almost Every Day


Stuff Happens, Like - WTF? - A Mass Shooting in the U.S. Almost Every Day

Again. Our latest gun-fueled massacre - this one in Oregon - has prompted some pithy righteous responses: Those lamenting our murderous culture, our Congress owned by the loathsome NRA's "coalition of greed and fear," our inability to acknowledge that failing to act rationally against insanity is "a political choice (we) make." Never mind the thoughts and prayers. Look at these numbers, and act.


Abby Zimet:

Good article, Ms. Zimet, though I do have one bone to pick. That this country has a problem with gun violence is beyond dispute, but the caption accompanying your graph, "Number of American Deaths Caused by Terrorism vs. Gun Violence" vastly overstates the problem and undermines your credibility. Divide 406,496 by 3,380 and the result is that "For every American killed by terrorism in the U.S. and around the world, more than 120 (not 1,000) died from firearms inside the U.S. during the most recent decade for which comparative data is (sic) available." The problem needn't be exaggerated to be a cause of concern.


The chart states "...during the most recent decade..." It's a bit confusing, but you have to eliminate the first three years in the chart, which does not include the 2001-2003. That gives figures of 316,545 and 313 respectively, which yields a figure of 1,011.


Spot on. While gun legislation may help, nothing significant will happen until the US stops its own mass killings all over the world.


Mass shootings and suicides by our Vets must be ended but by identifying the CAUSES of violence and suicide, not only focus on guns. We must support and demand an official commission (non-partisan, un-biased, comprehensive and transparent, composed of scientists, reaserchers and advocates, NOT shills/lobbyists for big-pharma!) to investigate the links and evidence between big-pharma's psychotropic drugs pushed on kids, our Vets and civilian adults in America! The prescription of psych drugs has increased along with killings and suicides. The ongoing conspiracy of silence and corrupt politicians blocking investigations into psychotropic drugs links to violence results in tens of thousands of tragic consequences!

A WH petition to form such a commission was silenced in 2012 - apparently campaign-contribution bribes by big-pharma protect them from liability for mass killings and Vet suicides caused by pushing their damn deadly junk and reaches well into the WH - well, duh! - also deep into Congress and includes most politicians!

IF this WH petition had proded politicians and the WH to create an investigative commission on the links between deadly violence-inducing psych drugs, would some of the later killings and suicides been stopped? This is often called collusion and conspiracy.......and a serious crime.



True Source of Random Shootings and Violence is Often Psychotropic Drugs

It is estimated that at least half of all Americans who commit suicide or commit violent acts were on psychiatric drugs and there are more than 3000 deaths a month attributed to psychiatric or psychotropic drugs.


I'm sorry, but your answer is incorrect. The correct answer is 'By legislating against violence'. Now normally we would ask you to return next week, but as you gave the wrong answer to a question that you yourself posed, you will have to wait a month before trying again. You may want to ask yourself an easier question next time. Good bye and good luck.


Many decades ago there was a killing on the highway between Cheyenne and Torrington Wyoming -- the 'tool' used for that murder was a tire iron. My father stated that killings wouldn't happen if they outlawed tire irons.

When my brother and I were growing up my father taught us how to shoot, and that guns are an awesome responsibility that should never be used lightly. I think that's what's missing now -- it's easy to buy guns and no one out there is teaching their kids how and when to use them, and to respect the power of the gun.


What we really need to do is get rid of the lawyers and psychiatrists ... then we try these shooters and if convicted we put them in prison for ONE YEAR, at the end of that year if they haven't found any reason to appeal the sentence we march them to the guillotine and chop off their head! I used the guillotine b/c I truly believe it is the most humane way to deal with crime; I mean, look at what's happened in the last couple of years to prisoners who were sentenced to die by lethal injection -- THAT was truly inhumane!


As a commentator stated in the madinamerica.com link you provided: "Saying that there should be easier access to Mental Health care when the mental health system promotes the implementation of such drugs and suppresses the violent results caused by the drugs in order to demand more implementation of such drugs; this is running people on propoganda rather than reality." The last part of that comment should be chiseled in stone on the Washington monument.

Governmental agencies that exist to oversee various operations in our society such as the FDA, FAA, SEC, FCC, etc. for the welfare of the common good. But who often demonstrate, and inside documents reveal, that the heads of these agencies see their primary purpose as facilitating the areas of operation they should be exercising oversight on.

The complexities in science leave innumerable unanswered questions and to the extent of understanding we don't even know the questions. But saying 'we just don't know' doesn't strengthen ones credibility and authority, or so the perception goes. They thus understand which direction to take. And the influence powerful sources can have on that direction.


I think that the NRA is simply a lobbying group for the gun industry and has nothing to do with the freedom to own a gun. The best way to prove this would be to try to repeal the law that was passes after Kennedy was shot that no longer allows a US citizen to buy a gun by mail order. If I remember correctly, the gun that Oswald supposedly used to shoot Kennedy cost $12.00 with a scope. Look at the cost of guns today. If someone tried to reverse this mail order law, the NRA would have to show what they are really about.

Not that I advocate gun ownership, but I do advocate showing the world what the NRA is really about.



You're right. It is confusing.Thanks for clarifying the claim made in the caption. If the statisticians wanted to shock us with the idea that "For every American killed by terrorism in the U.S. and around the world, more than 1,000 died from firearms inside the U.S. during the most recent decade for which comparative data is available," they should not have given such prominence to the numbers they cited. Better to have cited, as you did, totals from the years 2004 thru 2013.



Couldn't agree more!


So many people looking for sanity in the madhouse...


Abby, one can no more stop psychotic killings by taking away guns than one can stop drunk-driving by taking away car keys.

Want a real solution? Increase the number and availability of choices for solving problems; re-open the asylums to provide residential care for those who spend so little time living in our consensual world that they're dangerous. That will take care of about 80% of the problem. Replacing Capitalism with open-handedness would take care of another 17-18%. The remaining 2% is intractable because it's not predictable.

Please advocate for real solutions. Nothing less is worthy of you.


If we treated every act of gun violence in this country the way we treat acts of terrorism around the world, if our government were as ready with the same blind indignation it seems to have for every gun shot fired at an American soldier over there, if Congress would pass sensible laws to protect our own people in their homes, businesses, schools, and places of worship from madmen with guns with the same sense of urgency with which it responds to threats from abroad, if we could all transcend the invisible obstacles we throw in front of ourselves of thinking there is no way around them and see that 'stuff' doesn't 'just happen,' that mass murder is far too common here compared to the rest of the world, if we'd for once all agree that we have a problem, that it goes deeper than mere gun ownership, that many of crimes of gun violence are cries for help to a society and its institutions that have let them down or from which they feel alienated, do you think we could solve it, or at least slow it down to a trickle instead of a raging torrent? This is an issue that goes to the heart of who we are as a nation. I don't have answers, I'm asking. All lives do matter, this I know.