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'Stuff of Banana Republics': Outrage at Iowa Democratic Party Boils Over as Partial Caucus Results Slowly Trickle Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/05/stuff-banana-republics-outrage-iowa-democratic-party-boils-over-partial-caucus

Seems as though Buttigieg, Biben, and Hillary have some explaining to do.


Would you believe them if they did?


There is no precedent for the DNC cheating a “Centrist” or “Corporate” candidate out of the nomination.

There is precedent for them having cheated a progressive candidate out of the nomination.

The likelihood of a Bernie Sanders being cheated out of his vote count in Iowa is much greater than the likelihood of a Buttigieg being cheated.

As such the progressives that supported Sanders will be much more outraged at the count than would the supporters of Buttigieg have been is Buttigieg finished second.

Ideally this outrage carries over to New Hampshire and other states wherein it leads to even more people showing up to vote Bernie.


From a CNN report:

“The chair said they were finally able to upload, so they took a screenshot. The app then showed different numbers than what they had submitted as captured in their screenshot.”


It is 2016 all over again, unreal, you can’t make this stuff up.


stolen again right in front of our eyes - this time by pete and his techie friends - not moving on until every vote is counted, imho they should all be hand counted the only real way to count votes. PAPER BALLOTS FOLKS, THE ONLY HONEST WAY TO HOLD A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION. NO MORE INSANE CAUCUSES.


You like Russiagate logic, Clintonites? There is nothing, in any reporting, that proves the Clintonites and deep state didn’t produce this outcome with active measures, up to and including massaging and cooking the numbers in multiple counties.


There needs to be a deep investigation into this scandal. I don’t think the problem is with the local Iowa participants in the caucus organization and process.

There is great reason to suspect that there is a conspiracy to be uncovered here by those who would benefit suppressing a strong Sanders victory which was likely.

There is great reason to suspect that those most interested have something to do with that fucking Shadow App. Austerity Pete and other Corporate State Democrats with the thuggish DNC INC are the prime suspects.

I know Glenn Greenwald can be counted on for some good investigative reporting but there needs to be a LOT more of it, including Sanders hiring a good private investigator.



Don’t assume there aren’t vicious and unprincipled Clintonistas at the precinct level. There are.


Exactly what I suspected would eventually emerge. Thanks for posting that.


Good point…I had that distinction in mind but failed to state it. I just think they leveraged the basic good will of those clueless in the system to sew the deception.


When Mayor Pete Buttigieg complained about the undemocratic Electoral College he said it is simple:
Whoever Gets The Most Votes Wins.

There is no difference between the Electoral College and the Undemocratic discombobulated Iowa Caucuses.

The Ridiculous Iowa Caucuses is definitely not a Democratic System for Choosing a Candidate.

In a Democracy it is one person 1 vote and the Ballot is Cast Secretly.

If a person goes to a Caucus and their Neighbor or Boss is in attendance someone might be hesitant to select the candidate they want for fear of alienating their Neighbor or Boss.

They could say to themselves that my Boss hates Bernie so I do not want him/her to see that I am voting for Sanders.

This is a totally Undemocratic System of voting, it is nobody’s business who I vote for and my ballot should be cast behind a drawn curtain, otherwise it could lead to intimidation and an inaccurate conclusion.

If this were a normal system of selecting a Candidate, like a Primary, Bernie would be Winning.

At the moment Bernie is leading in the Popular Vote Count in Iowa, which to my mind is the only thing that counts.

According to Mayor Pete:

The Person With The Most Votes Wins.



I don’t know what to say, DNC. The world is fucking watching you. It’s your move.


The d-party can not responsibly hold a nominating process.
Yet they want voters to trust them to lead the country.

If I was feeling charitable, I’d call that a disconnect.
Since I’m not feeling charitable, I’ll call it fucking stupid and insulting.


I’m not feeling charitable either. This time around it is time for some real rebel rousing AT the DNC headquarters. I’m NOT advocating smashing things violently because that will backfire hugely but major disruption, yelling, and all of that? Hell yes. How I wish I weren’t tied down by circumstance, I’d drop into their lobby to have some rhetorical entertainment at the front reception desk. Maybe I would dress like a chicken just for clucking fun.


“Why . . . would the Iowa Democratic Party release part of the count? The answer,” wrote [The Nation 's John] Nichols, “is that they are trying to ease their embarrassment by playing a dangerous game that they hope will satisfy the media.”

“The media” are eating it up, and flaying the IDP for its purported bumbling. I would eat my hat if anyone could prove before November that the final count was anywhere close to honest. Until someone does I will assume that Democratic party operatives state and/or national are holed up somewhere frantically trying to make the count and the paper records agree and look reasonable.


That war never stopped. Not for a minute.


Basically, we’re supposed to believe that when the first vote was concluded, Steyer and Yang (they didn’t make the 15% threshold in many precincts) voters switched to Mayo Pete in overwhelming numbers.


Right. And if anyone believes that I will finally have found a market for my beautiful ocean front property in northwest Georgia. It isn’t actually ocean front now, but it will be soon enough.