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'Stuff of Tinpot Dictatorships': Trump Appointee Denounced for Move to Turn US Media Agency Into Mouthpiece for State 'Propaganda'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/stuff-tinpot-dictatorships-trump-appointee-denounced-move-turn-us-media-agency

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Turn the VOA and the other stations into mouth pieces of the state by stripping them of their editorial independence? They have always been a propaganda machine, being children of the cold war and not so secretly run by the CIA.


I am personally sick of politicians asking people to resign, when everyone knows they won’t. These people are sociopaths, feel no shame, aren’t there to make the world a better place. And the entirety of the political system has failed to hold the powerful responsible for their actions for decades now. War criminals not in jail, Wall Street bankers doing mass criminality not in jail, mass constitutional violations from the NSA and others, insider trading by politicians where nothing is done. If the damn Democrats want to see those in power held responsible, then do so. Don’t say nothing when the Holder doctrine is in place. Do something when their buddies are guilty of insider trading. Put bankers in jail. Why would anyone in the Trump administration fear being held responsible for much of anything when the rich and powerful are never held responsible for most anything they do?

This is horrible, there are about a dozen other things that any halfway decent political system wouldn’t allow that will come to light today. A dozen more tomorrow. The failure is on them all, period, and this comes across as partisan jockeying. Not that it isn’t bad, which it is, but if this is bad, how is Pelosi not punishing Bush and his cronies for the illegal war in Iraq justifiable?


If Trump can point to anything positive from his administration, it will be saying the quiet parts out loud and exposing the rot at the core of the whole system.

This is designed to manufacture non existing dissent, to prop up Dems. In fact VOA and the agencies that run it, have since its’ inception been mouthpieces of our far right wing nut, perma war pig government. What they say will always support the murderous myths that support our MIC, and the weapons and wars it supports around the world. Saying that it is in danger now, is like saying we have finally reached the point where we can kill everyone on the planet with nukes. In fact we can kill everyone on the planet thousands of times over, with the mass cognitive insanity that our appointed one party war government allows. State supported, totally censored radio has, and always will simply do their bidding. this is a non issue, and a make believe argument. Shame on Common Dreams for participating in the charade that such choices as whether VOA is or has every been a voice for the American people, or truth in any way ever matters. It does not. It is as compromised as any fascist state news source.


Gotta be ultra careful here, because:
America radio broadcasts encouraged the Hungarian people to revolt against Russian occupation.
The indvidual was a very young Princeton graduate.
They took him at his word and revolted.
The russian army came in and quashed it.
The original Hungarian freedom fighters became freedom runners into Austria.
This was autumn 1956.

My concern here in autumn 2020, is that another desperate peoples will arise against their government, oppressors, with our Pompeo calling the shots. Giving hints that America will step in immediately to save them.

The Kurds have the first at bat.

This is scary stuff and a preview of what they are capable of doing. Anything to hold on to their power. trump is right on elections are rigged and he and republicons are doing the rigging, voter suppressions, voter intimidation, and violence. Whatever it takes, they will do.


Nobody will be held to account because they all have done the same things but dems are not so in your face about it like the cons are. Ralph Nader is right they are one in the same. Can’t out others as they would be outed.
Oh Barry and his great speeches but walk the line with the wealthy, banksters, corporate CEO 's as does Biden.
Will the dems send the troops after we the people?


my thoughts exactly. it’s naive or perhaps even intentionally deceptive articles like this one which make CD at times no different than lamestream CIA controlled corporate media.

“Government propaganda has no place in official U.S. news reporting,”

Cue bugging eyeballs and jaw dropping to the floor like in the old cartoons.

Liz, is the NYT not a propaganda organ?

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