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'Stunned' By GOP Denials, Durbin Stands By Account of Trump's Racist 'Shithole' Remark


'Stunned' By GOP Denials, Durbin Stands By Account of Trump's Racist 'Shithole' Remark

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I know what happened. I stand behind every word that I said."


Aneurysm, soon please.


I guess we need all the ammunition we can muster against the willful fraud in the White House, but this is a bit of a tempest in a teapot.
Why not, instead, Sen. Durbin and fellow Democratic politicians, focus on the damage that Don’s “Cabinet” is doing? Suggested reading for you: David Cay Johnston’s new book about Don - “It’s Worse Than You Think.” Johnston is a reporter who has written about Don for over THIRTY years. Please focus on what is TRULY important, but we understand it’s a much easier lift to whine and wring your hands.


Release the recording Trump.

Oh, can’t do that.

That would confirm you’re a liar.

Better to just stick with the denial.

And all the little lying Republicans fall in line.


RELEASE the recording trump! i’m sure that release will follow on the heels of your tax returns release - yet another among the now near countless lies, from the pathological Liar-in-chief!
That little shit tom cotton and the other GOPig liar trump/GOP sycophants are just as bad and destructive to America; now the laughing stock of the world!..


What you say is good and true. But just the same, the idea that multiple people elected to high-office who are supposed to be serving the public with integrity are flat-out lying to the public (and it is laughably/cryably obvious that the liars are the ones whose story seems to be constantly shifting - i.e. the Republicans, not Durbin), is a very newsworthy thing.


Not that it really matters, but Durbin just shot himself in the foot.

His use of the word “interpretation”, as in he stands by it, completely feeds those trying to defend Trump.

Now Cotton and what’s his face, will just point to Durbin’s statement and say, “well that’s just his interpretation” of what was said.



Psychedelic_Chicken, I agree that the word “interpretation” is unfortunate. We need to hear a lot more from Durbin about this.

It’s amazing that the mainstream media has never – to my knowledge, after viewing many reports – mentioned possible taping of Trump’s comment. Whether it was tape recorded is the first thing an intelligent reporter would have asked, when it became apparent that there was dispute about what Trump really said. At first I thought it must have been taped, but then, when the controversy started, I assumed there was no tape. Bewildering!

The accusations against Durbin are very serious and merit legal action by him against Cotton and Perdue. They’re accusing him of causing the extremely damaging national and international condemnation following Durbin’s accounts of what Trump said. It’s remarkable that the media haven’t mentioned how serious a challenge to Durbin’s moral character Cotton and Perdue delivered.


Hell, he recently denied the pussy grabber tape after formerly admitting it was him talking.

He’s a pathological liar. Among many other pathologies.


I keep track of Sen. Durbin because he’s my Senator and I can assure that he’s also spoken out on the state of affairs in the Cabinet as well as many more issues surrounding Trump and the GOP. He’s also met more than once with David Cay Johnson. He’s not “whining and wringing his hands” nor is this particular issue a “tempest in a teapot” when seen as part of a bigger picture. See Yunzer’s comment below yours.


Fucking politicians lie for a living. If Trump has no tape of that meeting, there’s no way they can prove Durbin is lying.


This Dem happens to be Durbin, but this should apply to all of them.
All am saying is that we ideally should focus on the disease more than the symptoms, of which the sh*thole story imo fits the latter category.


Josephus: Here is an example to which I refer in my reply:


Once again progressives relegate racist policies to distractions. Or do you think this is just about a word?


Racism is not a symptom. It stands (or slithers) at the center in the US. With economics, healthcare, law enforcement, law it self, elections, foreign affairs, war.


Why are we surprised by Republican asswipes’ denials of fact? Trump taking a sharp turn would snap their necks off at the shoulders.


The question asked of President Shithole, “Mr President. Are you a racist?” He replied “No” but a follow-up question could’ve been, “Mr President. Are you a pathological liar?”


What a shithole party of liars and power-lusters and all-around creeps! And the worst of the worst seems to be that snake Cottonmouth. A viper on legs! If we can’t trust him about what Trump actually said (and at first bragged about) how can we trust him if he slithers his way into the head of the CIA, or wherever? Pull the plug on this vat of deception!


Eh, ya left out “fatal,” sweetheart…


They’re good little nazis, Emph. Just watch as they morph…