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'Stunning and Dangerous': New Memo Reveals Trump Plans to Roll Back Civil Rights


'Stunning and Dangerous': New Memo Reveals Trump Plans to Roll Back Civil Rights

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move decried as "more evidence of backward thinking" by the Trump administration, an internal memo from the Department of Education's office for civil rights lays out the agency's plan to roll back investigations into civil rights violations at public schools and diminish Obama-era rules requiring "schools and colleges to overhaul policies addressing a number of civil rights concerns," the New York Times


The only reason I watch corporate media (we should say corporate media) is to hear what they don't tell us and why I read Common Dreams.

There is just too much going on to ignore the corporate media take over of this country. Republicons could not do it on their own, nor could the politicians and even Citizens United (the oligarchs), they needed control of our media and they have that control. Media is owned by oligarchs who serve on the corporate boards of each other who patted themselves on the back and pocketbook.

We cannot ignore the control of our minds by media. Blame the people for what?
believing what they are told by national news organization that get their license from we the people (government controlled by them).

Millions of people don't know enough is enough, my friends must think I am over acting or a junkie of fake news as they don't respond to many of my shares and talk.


Paradoxically, a truly "free" media ultimately requires restrictions on some media so that there is space for a diversity of independent voices to be heard. The previous leadership of Ecuador and Venezuela understood this. Correa and Chavez governments passes laws to impose some, limited, restrictions on the torrent of right wing commercial media in order to create more freedom of speech for the many. Becasue, ultimately, any kind of corporate, stockholder-owned media that depends on advertising for income is NOT a free media - that are vassals of the interests of their powerful corporate advertisers and stockholders and most constantly must steer their discourse to that which defends their interests, not our interests.

But unfortunately, liberal NGOs like "Reporters without Borders" and "Human Rights Watch" who screamed "communist dictator!" at Chavez and Correa STILL don't understand this - probably deliberately so - becasue they depend on wealthy corporate donors too!


Can you provide and example for your assertion "communist dictators" ?


I think lefist was saying that those two liberal news outlets do gooders were calling the leaders of Ecuador and Venezuela communist dictators which was part of the problem.
or that is how I read it.


Just curious here, Chavez history is complicated by Latin American politics but he was democratically elected by a majority. He brought about alliances throughout Latin America it is true. But Communist dictator? I get it though with regard to sources.


"Close, sailor - but no Cigar."  DeVos doesn't have a "DISREGARD for public education", her "devotion to right- wing ideology" requires her to DETEST public education.  Neither is DeVos "ignoran[t] of federal law" – she deliberately IGNORES federal law, except to the extent that she's working to abolish much of it in service
to her "devotion to right-wing ideology."  It is this right-wing ideology that is driving DeVos, Pence and their ilk
to DESTROY public education – not just so their for-profit cronies can get rich from her voucher schemes, but more importantly so that they can completely control the minds of the next generation and brainwash a delib- erately dumbed-down populace into acceptance of their utterly evil FunnyDementalist "Christian" Theocracy.  DeVos is working hard to bring '1984' to fruition, and her policy is 'Fahrenheit 451'.


When Trump goes, this monster must be made to go too. Thar's a vicious racist behind them perfect teeth and its painted on smile.


For conservatives its dog eat dog, the law of the jungle. They claim to be made in the image of God, superior beings having dominion over earth and all its creatures. They flaunt their wealth and power to impress and attract the opposite sex. Driven by fear and greed, conservatives will lie, cheat, steal, deceive and kill instinctively, like any other animal. Their claims to virtue, morality, democracy and decency are as laughable as their veneration of Jesus the socialist liberal.

Direct Democracy


Re-instate the fairness doctrine.


What is the mystery? Trump has already openly admitted to obstruction of justice. He fired Comey because of the Russian probe and bragged to the Russians about it.Party loyalty has really gone to far and a 2018 turn around isn't viable. The damage would be irreversible. There seems to be a fascination with the Nixon era equivalent. This is way more dangerous than that. I'm eighty and loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice. I left the party when they shot the Kent and Ohio Sate kids. We have already gone way beyond that. Trump meets every definition of megalomania and his cabinet feeds the insanity.


As the old saw goes: What's all the fuss about.? Trump is just doing what the American people elected him to do" That's just it the American people didn't elect Trump. An arcane flaw flaw in our election system did. Hillary Clinton popular vote 65,844,610. The other vote 7,804,213. Trump 62,979,636. Most of the spoiler vote would have gone to Clinton in a run-off. At least let's stop calling this charade fair or legitimate.


Please look into who currently sits, and has previously sat on the boards of the NED, USAID and The Atlantic Council. Then, run through the 5 previous Presidential Adm.'s policy directors or advisors/official members of the NSC ( National Security Council ). It's an inside look at what you'd call The Permanent Gov't/Political Class or the PTB. They're the " deciders " and the interlocking links who went after Chavez, Russeff, etc. using the MSM talking heads as a conduit, for their skulduggery in short-circuiting popular movements throughout South America. They're troublemakers and their policies certainly have a racist and paternalistic component to them.
Also, like the MSM in our own country, the treatment of women historically is hardly forward thinking in terms of individual or family economic well being. They like vassal states and good serfs, much like the Trump Adm. here at home. The Corporate Monroe Doctrine is not going anywhere with this bunch hanging around, still doing a bunch of dirty numbers at home, and abroad.


Except that's the rules that we play by, until something is changed.

Gore beat Bush by about half a million votes in 2000. If that had been reversed, and Gore had lost the popular vote but won/was handed the presidency, would you have said that that election was illegitimate? Or would you have thanked the election gods for keeping a moron such as GW out of the White House?

Be honest, now.


Ther will be no rights place above corporate rights to profit.


Yes, I should have mentioned the fairness doctrine - except that it shouldn't be a "doctrine" in should be a law.


Wow! Do you ever have it ALL WRONG!!!

First of all, it's not "conservatives" per se--it's "right-wing ideology," causing the trouble. There's a difference--a big one. Yes, conservatives are trying desperately to hold on to so called "tradition," not realizing that the times are truly changed and will never go back to the 50's or whenever it was they think life was simpler and better. Right-wingers are a different breed. They are so-called "christians," in name only. The truth is, they are militant ideologues who believe in their superiority and "God given right" to supremacy. In my mind, they are a cult. They have taken the words of the bible and used them, or rather perverted them--taking them out of context, etc. They believe they have a mandate to have dominion over everything because of the passages in the bible that speak of evangelism. They, however, take that word and read it as "power over." They are the Patriarchs and Pharisees of our time.

It breaks my heart that Jesus words have been so distorted and used as hate talk. You say Jesus was a socialist? A liberal? Well, if you mean that He said to love one another, share what you have, turn the other cheek, let go of love of mammon and follow truth and love, then I suppose He was. But he certainly wasn't a liberal. He stood for discipline of self. He said to love God above all else, and then your neighbor as yourself. Which means you have to love yourself first, i.e., respect yourself, nurture yourself, be kind to yourself, then take care of your family and friends the same way.

He would call the majority of christians today--white washed sepulchers.

The right-wing has co-opted the conservatives. Not all conservatives are christian, but all right-wingers are--in their minds anyway.

So, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Like her brother, the "Christian warrior", Erik Prince, Devos is a nightmare of regressive bullshit and I say fuck the Senate for confirming this asshole as Secy. of Education. This is the worst Cabinet I have ever seen and I'm 68. If we have any historians in the future they will agree that the U.S. took an enormous step backward to the 19th century with the crooked "election" and installation of the Mango Mussolini and his appalling bunch of corporate sellouts. I will repeat what I have said - this co-called "Republican" Party is the greatest enemy to what is left of our democratic republic that I know of. Far more so than all of our "enemies" abroad that Trumpo wants to add another $60 billion to our "Defense" budget to fight. Meanwhile, at home our country is dying.


Seeing how only difference between the GOP and the Taliban is that the Taliban operate under the guise of extreme Islam while the GOP operates under the guise of extreme Christianity, the GOP needs to be rebranded as the American Taliban Party.

Neither organization is actually religious. Having studied how effective the crusades were, they use the respective religions to motivate defacto armies of crusaders to execute their respective missions.


That's a moot and also false comparison since the count was stopped by a conservative and Republican SCOTUS. Who were chosen by Republican Presidents, as well. Also, as the NY Times and a consortium of other MSM Orgs. pointed out, just continuing the vote count ( based on voter intent, etc. ), VP Gore would of won. That's in the archives and you can read it if you choose to.
Please don't try to argue tht the SCOTUS isn't a political animal, of sorts. Or, doesn't put an ear to the ground when ruling on political matters.

As to our present SCOTUS, well, Gorsuch is a Catholic and replaced another Catholic, Scalia. Both very conservative Catholics; which would make it 6 for 10, of late. Where is the William O. Douglas, or Thurgood Marshall, in this picture?