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'Stunning and Dangerous': New Memo Reveals Trump Plans to Roll Back Civil Rights


Thank you for the response. Just saying that it didn’t make sense without the context and now that I have a better understanding I can see how this could be confusing. The comment was in response to campaign strategies. No doubt progressives need a better foreign policy platform.


You seem to have missed my point altogether.

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats have embraced the meme that the results of the most recent US presidential election are invalid because the system is flawed (i.e. the person who received the greatest number of popular votes was not declared the winner). In fact, we have known all our lives that such a potential exists. In fact, in the elections of 1824,1876, 1888, 2000, which preceded the last one, the winner received fewer votes than the loser. Why is it we are suddenly up in arms about it now?

Isn’t it time to face reality: that Clinton lost, according to the rules? Trump is a menace, sure. But let’s stop whining and move forward. He won the election legitimately. Or at least as legitimately as it could have been given the state of the nation and of its politics.


[quote=“Riz, post:23, topic:42529”]Isn’t it time to face reality: that Clinton lost, according to the rules?

Isn’t it time we change the profoundly undemocratic absurd rules???


Not sure what being a Catholic has to do with it…Phil and Daniel Berrigan, Elizabeth Mcallister, Kathy Kelly, Sr. Helen Prejean, Fr. John Dear, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Sandinista foreign minister Miguel D’escoto, Pope Francis, the Liberation Theology Movement the anarchist Catholic Worker Movement, The Ploughshares Movement, Pax Christi, the leftist IRA and the leftist Sinn Fein Party, are/were all Catholic too.


Apparently not.

Because I hear a lot of whining, but see nothing substantive.


Yes. The good book of Genesis details “God’s” instructions–you are to dominate/take care of Planet Earth. Oh and then we have the rainbow, which ensures God will not destroy the planet. But where does it say that humankind cannot destroy the planet?

Ask this of them, and you will see a deer in the headlights.


Wow! Did you ever have it ALL RIGHT till the end. Who says liberals don’t [quote=“paularae, post:18, topic:42529”]
have discipline, love God, neighbor, yourself, respect, nurture, are kind, take care of family and friends??


Why did most all your “tradition” conservatives vote for Trump and the GOP?


You’re right. Liberals can be good christians. It is "Neo-liberals I’m downing.


This word conservative has been hijacked by the corporate media to make it meaningless. I would think a real conservative would support restricting corporate donations(payoffs) to politicians.Montana had some very tough laws in this area----I believe they were thrown out by the right wing republican supreme court.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have real debate on real issues?


You wouldn’t have listed 3 of the elections where I, and all Americans, weren’t born and California had no more than 4 million in population. If you didn’t know what I’m getting to, that is.
Also, the Senate’s very make up is gerrymandered to protect the less populated states, which historically were slave-holding states, as well. And, it’s well known ALEC started in states where the Koch Pacs; and other front groups for the NRA, API, AEI, etc, were able to buy the entire Republican legislative body and state courts on the cheap. Instituting racist and bigoted voting laws, labor laws, et al along the way. To suppress minority and women’s right to vote, and other disgusting efforts to tilt the table edge, to favor continued white ( male ) privilege.


Totally agree! Yes. We have lost the ability to have real debate.


Conservatives have been around long before the corporate media:

“Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.” - John Stuart Mill

‘Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals.’
Mark Twain


[quote=“paularae, post:18, topic:42529”]"They believe they have a mandate to have dominion over everything because of the passages in the
bible that speak of evangelism. They, however, take that word and read it as “power over.” They are
the Patriarchs and Pharisees of our time.
[/quote] IIRC, when the bible was written 400 years ago or more by the power-seekers building the “Christian” religion, they (deliberately?) mis-translated “stewardship” as “dominion”.   So instead of caring for Mother Earth and all
of her creatures – including all fellow humans – the FunnyDementalists falsely believe that they have a right to exploit everything – and everyone – in sight.


I could very much believe what you say. I know of a few cases where words from the bible were mis-translated from the Greek. “FunnyDementalists:” Love it!


True conservatism is really pro-aristocracy. During the American Revolution, the Tories who were loyal to the crown were the conservatives. The “liberals” were the patriots fighting in the Continental Army against the British. Having a democratically elected gov’t with no inherited titles is a Liberal concept. Considering the pattern of behavior being exhibited by modern day conservatives, it makes sense doesn’t it?


Wasn’t this article about civil rights in schools?


Betsy Devod (of Brains) believes that “civil” rights are reserved for the white children of wealthy, elitist parents who appear to be “civil” unlike the “uncivilized” non-white children/young adults. In her mind, money makes the difference between who is “granted” civility/civil rights/education and those without means are left out in the wilderness.

What a piece of work she/he is…just as vile and cruel as her emperor and fellow cabinet members, including Chao who is promoting a public/private approach to our transportation (vis-a-vis…there go our SAFE, MAINTAINED, ACCESSIBLE railroads, airports, freeways, bridges, etc.)

Will the destruction of our democracy, public education, society, and environment NEVER END under this tyranny?