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'Stunning': CIA Admits 'Mistakenly' Deleting Copy of Senate Torture Report



So the "watchdog" Crider at Reprieve just wants an apology so that "mistakes" won't happen again.

Is it too much to document the FACT that there is ample evidence right now to speak of war crimes having been committed? This bullshit just drives me nuts.


The CIA is totally out of control. it's time to dissolve it - and start over. It has shown it's incompetence time and time again from 9/11 right up to this.


"My dog ate my homework, Miss Jones."

They really do think Americans are that insouciant--and they are.


There was no CIA incompetence on 9/11.
The CIA pulled 9/11 off without a hitch.
And they successfully put the blame on 19 incompetent patsies and a man in a cave.


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The unelected government is annoyed at having to answer for what it does. We've long become accustomed to accepting that the CIA and NSA et al who are not elected by democracatic means operate as a permanent government - a ruling elite that is pretty much unaccountable. If they are unaccountable to even our government then they are doing whatever they want aren't they? How did it come to this that a group operates in secret and then prevents scrutiny of its behavior.

Hey I got a great new idea. Why don't we say the hell we what we have got for a government right now and how about us try something new instead? I suggest we try democracy where the people, by the people and for the people actually run their own government.

Let' s try it? It might work. Sounds like a great idea right?

It'd sure be better than what we got now anyway!


Oh.. You mean in the files that were deleted..might have more luck asking the Russians as I understand it, they have the files.


Obama's going to make big changes now!


We add this hard disk loss to ones from the IRS and State Department.


LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! Looks like they got a case of Halliburton-itis LOL


The CIA? Their job is to lie. That is what they do.


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Golly gee! We accidentally lost the file we had to throw out and erase several copies (including backups in separate fire, earthquake, radiation, war and spy safe locations. I am sure the people of the US still feel we are completely working on their behalf.

The CIA and the other 20 or so police state spy agencies that actually have the gaul to call themselves 'THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY' are 100% incompatible with democracy, human rights, and rule of law. The vast majority of their so called secrets are well known by other nations, multinational companies, and corrupt individuals that only have loyalty to themselves and are not at all above using anything to help themselves regardless of the innocent lives lost. The citizen who pays all the taxes, fights the wars, suffers torture and enslavement are the only ones always out of the loop. Patriotic bullshit, misinformation, FEAR and engineered stupidity are used to keep the folks quiet.


How damn convenient! Not unlike the testimony of GWB's fall guy, Gonzalez during House and Senate hearings on torture. The U S and all the participants in the torture, rendition, and overall inhumane practices will never be held accountable...NEVER. They view rules of law as bulls eyes to have holes shot through them with assault rifles.


The only thing "stunning" here is the unmitigated gall of the CIA.

They don't even feel like they need to come up with rational "excuses" for their crimes anymore, silly, unbelievable nonsense is good enough..........

America and the world are getting so effed up by this out-of-control beast.


That is not an accident nor is it incompetence. Given the history of the report it is exercise of intent, an illegal action, a subversive action, a federal offense, treason, and no doubt addressed by a litany of related charges.

The nickname 'the company' clearly the subject of corporate cocktail jokes


Does anyone really think this was an accident. Our government doesn't even try to fool us anymore. It just ignores us and does what it wants.


That IS funny and sad at the same time. Well done and nicely written!