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"Stunning": State Court Silences Climate Experts Set to Testify in Valve Turners' Necessity Defense Trial


Trade embargo would be the least of measures. If the US keeps up this fascist behavior in the face of the threat of global warming they can expect an all out attack on all fronts from the rest of the world.


Your comment is pretty much spot on. Apparently there has already been an interlocutory appeal. Such appeals are generally only allowed when they would avoid wasteful trips through a trial process that would likely only be repeated after reversal. That threshold seems to have already been crossed. Might be time for another trip up the appellate ladder.


Well there is still the vote which would work if decent people could be bothered. In the absence of that you are correct and given the unbridgeable differences between the two sides civil war isn’t out of the question either.


…Does anyone realize that the proposed 1.5 C degrees that the IPCC says we’ll get to by 2040?..has already been passed?..WTF…


PBS aired “Dark Money” documentary last week … most focus is on Montana … really good, must see, I think …
at the end the film stresses how the lower courts are very important … anyhow, the dark money is from corporations with no interest in government for the people, only profit for the few, at any cost … maybe these people are victims of those practices. There is a lot of important info in this … I’m terrible at summaries so, If you get a chance please watch it …

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — JFK


As one who worked on Democratic Party and progressive electoral campaigns for going on 4 decades, I have to say that I have very little faith in the power of “the vote”. In large part that is because electoral politics (as well as policy politics) has become so very much captive to concentrated private capital so as to preclude any truly progressive, meaningfully democratic challenge to the kleptocracy. And neither of the two “sides” (if by that you mean to include the Democratic Party as one of them) will allow, much less support the needed reforms that might just make electoral politics a reasonable path to democracy.

More decent people will bother to vote when there are better people running.


Thank you, webwalk! Your point is absolutely vital!

The U.S. system is filled with so many injustices & inequalities – it infuriates me repeatedly!

P.S. Let me add here what I posted a day or two ago elsewhere:

I (and my family members) have tried to get justice from the U.S. legal & judicial systems many times.
Every time was an extremely abusive, injurious, unjust, disillusioning experience to me.

After many personal (and family) experiences, much reading, and much observation of the U.S. legal & judicial systems – I have absolutely no confidence, trust, or belief in the U.S. judicial & legal systems – or in the Congress, Presidency, or the electoral system.

I feel sad (and angry) to say that I think most of the U.S. corporate-state is corrupted and rotten to the core (with small exceptions).

P.S. I own many books by experts that confirm my experiences and conclusions.


Seems like a solid case to challenge the verdict, since the jury was denied information bearing on the case. But how can we trust the court system now?


I’m definitely down with doing whatever is possible, but our problems go Light years beyond Kavanaugh.


A trade embargo would crush the US economy and deny the Republicans, (and democrats), the current illusion of a victory - It would go a long way toward advancing political changes in the country. As Gore Vidal said one when asked about what gave him hope, he said: “I put it down to economics - Ironically the only thing that can save America from its leaders is a complete economic collapse.”


Agreed. Plus there’re probably several ways to turn this judge or the proceedings upside down and inside out. A team of high-powered environmental lawyers from the big orgs who sue the establishment repeatedly… shi**y shenanigans beget big sh*t lawyer countermoves. Stuff like this makes me wish I’d have gone into law.


The United States is one of the few countries that does not have a trail of paper ballots to ensure that elections are fair. Being that voting machines are owned and operated by private enterprises and access to polling places is often limited, especially in poor areas, our election process is corrupted. Because both political parties are in the pockets of big business, neither one offers any changes to the system, unless it is to further limit people’s access to the polls.


I’m sorry. This isn’t a variety of Justice being blind. It isn’t an example of procedural misapplication. What this demonstrates is a matter of Justice being on a paid leave for health reasons. It must attend its own intended funeral, bought and paid for by the Guardians Of Privilege and its owners.



But we all know it will never be televised.


We need to start a list. A list of every climate denier, polititian, CEO, and wealthy Oligarth that has stood in the way of meaningful action in combatting climate change destruction.
And when half of Florida is submerged, and dust storms smother the bible belt, hurricanes flatten the east and southern coasts, and America begins to starve, we will have a list of who is coming for dinner.


Minnesota District Court Judge Robert Tiffany

What is his home address? Time to protest in unison.

Turn up to his office to protest?----get arrested for sure.


Republicans are using courts to further their goals of appeasing the big money donors… There is no justice in a red state. Red states are a heaven for corruption and special interest agendas… The people are not represented in a red state.


I live in a “purple” state with a Democratic governor (Hickenlooper) who has consistently and aggressively undermined any potential for citizens and their communities to ensure public & environmental safety in oil & gas extraction matters. He is an avowed champion of that industry; stacked the regulatory agencies with friends of it, threatened dissident local governments with lawsuits to protect the industry, and gets lots of his money from the latter.

So I’d argue that this blue-good, red-bad paradigm is only half right. The GOP is, indeed pretty bad. But let’s not be fooled into believing somehow that just changing the color of the banner in the halls of government will somehow make the public interest paramount.


There is always eceptions to a a rule…But to throw in with the red states is not an option…Red is bad because red IS BAD.


I’m not sure who you’re advising not to “throw in with”, but just so it’s clear, I’m pretty sure I’ve never voted Republican.

Yet, after nearly 46 years of advocacy, grassroots activism, campaign and group organizing & leadership, and yes, mostly holding my nose when voting, I look around at what it has wrought: a Party that became worse than the R’s were when I started out, that has almost completely “thrown in” with the holders of concentrated capital, a steady erosion of even the rubric of democracy here or abroad, an expansion of the disastrous militarist-imperialism whose spending alone could bring the nation to her knees, and a planet on the brink of the world’s sixth great mass extinction - one which our kind, being so dependent on the others, may not likely survive at least in any recognizable form.

So I see that all my nose-holding was simply enabling the downward spiral. It allowed and encouraged the Dems to continue on that road.

No more lesser-evilism for me and false dichotomies be damned… it won’t make a bit of difference in the long-term survival of our species or most others. No. Henceforth I’ll give my support ONLY to those who clearly share my values & principles and who have the integrity to stand up for them.

If everyone else who cares would merely insist that their Party reflect their values and interests, hold them accountable when they fail, and refuse to back those who don’t, we might have a truly democratic Party. And we certainly would never have had Trump.