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'Stunning': Voting Rights Villain and Trump Sidekick Kris Kobach Refuses to Recuse Himself From Overseeing Recount of His Own Election


'Stunning': Voting Rights Villain and Trump Sidekick Kris Kobach Refuses to Recuse Himself From Overseeing Recount of His Own Election

Julia Conley, staff writer

Once tasked with overseeing the integrity of the United States' electoral system after spending much of his political career creating obstacles for Americans who want to vote, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach launched his latest attack on elections on Wednesday when he refused to recuse himself from a recount effort in a race he himself ran in.


There must be some simple tech enabled way that an immediate and massive response to items like this can be registered and sent to an appropriate place for action. How and who can force Kobach to recuse himself on this? Or, are “we the people” simply overruled by this criminal? Are there no ethics or morals left in the Repub party, in Kansas, U.S.?


Lock the up! Toss FCC lawyer Ajit Pai in jail with Kobach and get the two Kansas Republicans jailed for the price of one; not unlike a combo platter. Lock them up! We aren’t too the midterm elections yet and already the system is being manipulated by the parasites, not unlike stealing a presidential election from Al Gore by stopping the Florida count, while Broward County Republicans refused to count “hanging chads.” Representative Republic? Not so much. Lock them up!


Surely there is some law that prohibits any government official from overseeing his own race for office–and Professor Hasen from, UC Irvine suggests that there is. Furthermore, there is surely some law that would recognize the repeatedly proven propensity of a person like Mr. Kobach to imagine false arguments for false assumptions and lie about it and that would on that basis disqualify him from having anything to do with any election anywhere ever.

THIS is the sort of thing that should be on the table if ever there is a convention to rewrite the US Constitution.


How many times can you get away with shooting someone on Fifth Avenue?

That’s the great Republican experiment.


He can hang for his crimes against Americans as soon as the shit show ends. Doesn’t matter if he’s governor or dog catcher.


I am waiting for the Oxford English Dictionary to officially define “Corrupt” as “member of the American Republican Party”…


Why would you expect honor where there is none? He stole the pot. Do you expect him to willingly give it back? He’s in the fight for wrong until the bitter end… cause it suits him.