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'Stunningly Tone Deaf': Ivanka Trump-Led White House Panel Unveils New Campaign Urging Americans Out of Work to 'Find Something New'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/stunningly-tone-deaf-ivanka-trump-led-white-house-panel-unveils-new-campaign-urging


The perfect article for Bastille Day: ‘Let them eat cake.’
The arrogance and idiocy of Amerka’s
fascist first family knows no bounds.
Allons enfants de la Patrie…
Let’s roll !


Dumb and Dumber leading the way to nowhere. Thee most corrupt family of misfits and grifters, must go down this November. Peace


What fucking new jobs? We could start with a mandatory guaranteed income and reduce the salaries of these cruel and clueless cretins to federal minimum wage.


They are telling us to eat shit–oh, but with vacuous Ivanka smiles to boot.


All those soon to be homeless, without addresses, will not be able to vote out anyone. Something more is definitely needed.


“There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as [empty] as [a hollow space] and as timeless as [a broken clock]. It is the middle ground between [total darkness] and [a black hole], between [stupidity] and superstition, and it lies between the pit of [drumpf] fears and the [depth] of his [ignorance]. This is the dimension of [indifference]. It is an area which we call the [Ivanka] Zone.”


" let them eat cake "

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" Find something new" ? I agree with that sentiment, Ivanka… as long as by something new means a new government!


You want something new you sociopathic fucking cunt, here is something: How about all the citizens come after all of you criminal grifters and corporate oligarchs and put all of your greedy little heads on pikes and redistribute all the wealth that you have stolen from the citizens back to them. Now that is something new that we could get behind you sociopathic fucking cunt.


Damit, get out of my head TTB. :)))

“Find Something New”, sounds like a challenge to me, how about we all become DC “cleaners”?


Since this site is called Common Dreams, my dream would be that millions of us descend on Washington, Deceit and surround the White House and arrest the treasonous traitor hiding in his bunker and frog march him out with handcuffs and in an orange jumpsuit. .


It’s a nice dream, but my pessimism says with the rigged courts, it won’t be that easy or done legally.

It’s the whole F^*#@ing Trump crime family that needs to find new jobs
There must be something they can do to make $2.00 a day while in prison.


Shit, why didn’t WE think of that? Reagan told all 130K of us jagoffs to, “vote with our feet?” when this all began, but their revolution really wasn’t televised. I’d suggested DNC™ LLC might actually WIN for once, running Ivanka & some dead- eyed, exceedingly hawt Black or Latino sports celebrity; with Oprah handing out free Chinese built Buicks or free Fentanyl (but would anybody LISTEN?) Just how long, before Joe or Hillary manages to outdo her… in some Amazon warehouse or seething COVID-infected slaughterhouse; telling we the peons, 'Murika’s plenty GREAT enuff… now, back to WORK!

Betya, we’ll have PLENTY of essential 1099/ gigs open, after September, especially in FL, CA, TX, AZ, NJ, AL… Boo-RAH!






Bury something rotten (dead or alive)?

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Does she still have that jacket that says, “I really don’t care–do you?”?

54 million people competing for a handful of jobs and the unlucky ones are just lazy, uncreative or not entrepreneurial enough. And this coming from someone whose career isn’t listed on any job website–daughter of a billionaire.


That jacket was worn by the gold digging whore married to Hair Furor.


Nothing qualifies Ivanka Trump as senior WH advisor but nepotistic practices in the family. What could possibly go wrong…


A reference to criminal elements who are called in to sanitize a crime scene. With as many heads that need to be on pikes, especially in DC, it’s bound to get very messy.
And yes your comment falls into that category also.

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