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Stymied at the Top, Progressives Seek to Transform Party From Bottom Up


Stymied at the Top, Progressives Seek to Transform Party From Bottom Up

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the Democratic party looks forward under new leadership installed over the weekend, young people and progressives are demanding a seat at the table.

Many in the party are ready to hold incoming Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Tom Perez's "feet to the fire," as Our Revolution's Jeff Weaver said Saturday.


The Democrats are extremely strong in the Northeast and on the West Coast, but much weaker in between. Like the Republicans the Democrats have seemed to become a regional party. So the main challenge for the Democrats seems to be how to reverse things in the Midwest where the Republicans have made remarkable gains. Most of the South seems out of reach although Virginia now long seems to no loner vote with with the rest of the South. Colorado and New Mexico seemed to be moving in the direction of the Democrats but much of the West not counting the West Coast is extremely conservative and making inroads is difficult. As always, good candidate are needed. A really good candidate can be the difference between losing and winning almost anywhere. But finding good candidates in conservative areas of the country is a challenge. Hard work and determination is what is needed min many parts of this country to overcome the Republicans.


Hold Tom Perez's feet to the fire, Jeff Weaver? PLEEEASE! Tom is nothing but a corporate stooge supported by the HRC wing of the democratic party.


Forget rich wall street democrats who have presided over endless war and austerity.

Don't waste your precious time. Walk on by.

Become an autonomous democrat.


Again....All Progressive and Socialist parties forming in the USA need to come together to create one New and Big Progressive/Socialist party that represents the "99%." Corporations merge all the time to become big and powerful and so can political parties.. The Democratic Party is designed to stop progressives and democratic socialists.
Look up Chris Hedges and Michael Ruppert. Each explains it clearly. The Democratic Party has effectively committed suicide and stands for nothing except collecting money.


Progressives have their own agenda and it doesn't necessarily align with the democrats. It could, but it doesn't, because of the weak kneed corporate sellouts that infest the party. We are not here to prop up a dead party with no ideas. Set a progressive platform, whip your members to agree, show clear evidence that you believe what you say and then come back to us. The democratic credit card has reached its maximum and you are out of favors.


Recommend watching the interview for the historical argument...


" The Democratic Party is designed to stop Progressives".

Very,very true. And all one needs to prove that cogent statement is to see what the corrupt DNC did to Bernie in Philly!


Why do people say hold their feet to the fire AFTER they are elected? After is too late.


The Democratic party can't be saved by one leader. - Richard Eskow

Richard, your statement would be more accurate without the last three words.

Like the Republican Party, the Democrat Party favors plutocrat friendly economics, espionage, zero-tolerance for whistle blowers, and perpetual war.

This weekend, the Democrat Party gave a big middle finger to progressives by embracing the corporate sectors ability to buy Democrat candidates and by rejecting Ellison for his slightly less right wing platform such as the notion that Israel should be a little less brutal in their efforts to deprive Palestinians of human rights.

Rather than acknowledging the failure of the Democrat Party's right leaning platform, rather than engaging progressives and young voters in developing a progressive platform, the Democrat Party leadership is moving the Party further to the right. Their power structure and pundits continue to demand that progressives shut up and fall into line. Despite the inevitability of another 'lesser evil' right wing Democrat candidate for President in 4 years, it is clear that the Democrat Party has ensured the re-election of President Trump.


Exactly. And in case you haven't seen it, here is one of the best brief videos of what the DNC accomplished in Philly.


The difference between a democrat and a republican is with a republican you know you will be screwed. With a democrat you think you will be supported only to be screwed harder.
No offense but I'm not seeing a reason to vote D any longer. Eventually a better party will emerge.


Maybe instead of holding their feet to the fire, they should be thrown into the fire.
The democratic party is done.


If you truly look at the Democratic Party and its true function - it is to actually destroy or mute opposition to the agenda of the elite or powerful vested interests. It is a mirage that looks like a progressive opposition when its function is the opposite.The democratic party seems to drain all energy out of those who would make effective protests or call the system to task. It is the lapdog of the republican party, its ally and enabler. Look how quickly Ellison joined onto the DNC position without really any strident protest or opposition. Just a "cave in" cause that's the way the game is rigged - you had better join them or you will be left out completely since they (the democratic party) position themselves as the only game in town. The democratic party is a failure to those who look for real change and it is the status quo for those enjoying privilege and control of our economy. They have spoken over and over with cave ins to extreme republican violations of law such as the violation of the FISA act and supporting a war in Iraq based on criminal misrepresentations. I am doubtful that this party can be reformed. It is a trap designed to ensnare progressives and drain them of their true effectiveness.


Agree. I wonder if enough people will realize it in my lifetime to do anything about it


I will be gleefully changing my party affiliation to Independent this week. Done with the Dims!


Just. Fucking. Give. It. Up. With. The. Democrats. Already.


Hillary won Virginia only because the federal bureaucrats who live in Fairfax County tipped the state in her favor. Absent Fairfax County - where the average individual income exceeds $100k (twice the national average family income) - she lost Virginia.

In four other states (Illinois, Maine, Minnesota & Nevada) HRC won only because the most populous county in each state tipped the state in her favor. Absent Cook, Cumberland, Hennepin and Clark Counties, respectively, those four states & Virginia voted for Trump.

The divide is not the coasts versus middle America. The divide is urban versus rural America.


EXACTLY! And here I am, a lonely voice in a rural area.


That is so true, I just looked at voting maps in the last election by county, California has huge red areas, as does New York, in fact New York looks just like Illinois with most of the state red except the urban areas.