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Subsidizing the Idle Rich While Poor Kids Go Hungry


Subsidizing the Idle Rich While Poor Kids Go Hungry

Scott Klinger

To hear some politicians tell it, America’s welfare system is facing a grave crisis: Millions of poor people, they say, are idling away their time eating lobster and relaxing on cruises.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, for example, recently signed welfare reform rules banning people receiving public assistance from using their $100 a week in benefits to buy steak or seafood, go to swimming pools, or take cruises.

Meanwhile, some members of Congress are taking aim at food aid for hungry Americans. They want us to associate “hungry” with “too lazy to work.”


Congress needs to read the part of the constitution that says “promote the public welfare”. Not just a monthly check that could cover all expenses, but health care for all and free education. And how about enough for food in a month. Financial Transaction Tax and Social Security taxed above the 100k cap and fair taxes and trade would do it.


I keep hearing how bad the number of homeless has become and that the homeless situation is getting worse everywhere and how they need to be jailed or chased off but no one every ask why are there so many.


Nonsense. Over population has NOTHING to do with Big Money Men and their well-paid lobbyists financing the campaigns of snakes in suits who then pass policy incentives that grant to the already rich yet more benefits while STEALING from the poor and Middle Class.

You are no doubt a Koch’s Brother’s think tank boiler-room low hanging fruit feeder.


Put you nearly 50-year old old yellow books by the discredited Paul Erlich away. All the greatest damage to the environment is being done by nations with stable populations but with exponential growth in capitalist accumulation and wealth among its wealthy minority.


I believe the low regard for poor people has its roots in the low regard aristocracy had for the peasants they ruled over- as they said it “the meaner sort” as opposed to themselves “the gentility.” So, instead of the aristocracy lording it over the peasants, today we have the rich lording it over the “stupid, lazy” poor people. The attitudes and outlook is the same, the political and social status of those holding those negative attitudes towards poor people has only been “modernized.” Its obvious to me that the rich are creating a bunch of false mental constructs demonizing poor people in order to equally falsely justify their poor treatment of the poor- that is “keep them poor because they deserve to be poor.” and so their profit margin increases.


“The idle rich who live off investments pay a maximum rate of 20 percent on dividends and gains. Working parents, though, can pay nearly double that.”

Major BS alert. Working people paying 40% income taxes? Yeah, if you make over $400k with zero deductions. I work for the man, and can’t complain, but never paid more than 12-13%. I wonder where Mr. Klinger gets his stats from.


I’m all for bouncing all of our elected officials off of public assistance!