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'Subversion of Democracy': GOP Push Impeachment of State Justices to Defend Gerrymandering


'Subversion of Democracy': GOP Push Impeachment of State Justices to Defend Gerrymandering

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After the U.S.


Ankara, Pennsylvania.


But, of course. If a representative may pick his voters, then the party of those representatives bears the supreme right to parse the districts. Mas democracie, si!?


This kind of spreading unprincipled, undemocratic, extremist and actually treasonous intent must be directly laid at the feet of donald trump for his pathological lying, his fantasy world view, politics of division and racism, and astonishing overall ignorance - a mindset that sees only his ego-driven, shallow and bigoted “presidency” as important. Of course there are other contributing factors, politicians, and groups who also have driven the diminution of an open, educated, moral and wise nation…


I disagree. Been a long time in the making. Remember when Mitch McConnell swore to sabotage the Obama presidency? And then refused to allow an Obama appointment to the Supremes? All of the cultivating, seeding, and fertilizing done by ALEC has given us a bumper crop of anti-democracy ideologues, and well, just blatantly and completely corrupt “representatives.”

Looking for a bright spot in this dark shit storm of our national reality, it seems to me those that got to Harrisburg by cheating are very afraid that the party might be coming to an end.


Well, I agree Vince/justaman, there are now and have been other extremist R’Con pseudo-religious political/corporate/financial agents undermining and subverting our republic especially over recent decades - aided and abetted by the DINO establishment also serving much the same agenda…just with a kinder and gentler screwing & subversion.
That’s why I added the second sentence that I thought covered it. I take your point, but I believe trump has taken the madness and division/hyper-partisanship and subversion to a whole other level of danger and destruction of so much.


Guess my knee-jerk reaction travelled through my fingers. After I posted that I “saw” your last sentence. Was also going to point out (again - I’ve made this point here at least a half-dozen times) that the 2006 mid-term elections saw a complete national voter repudiation of the Bush administration, and the Republican majority, and of course the Iraq war disaster. Big money power created a new kind of cur, and Pelosi and Reid decided to ignore the will of the electorate.


Wow, there seems to be no end in sight to the continuing ratfcking by the GOP.


The GOP, suckups to great big orange butt and tiny privatesTrump, is easy to hate.



Isn’t it time to call it what it really is…the American Taliban Party (ATB) ?


I was thinking of Brasilia or Asunción, Pennsylvania myself… The persons impeached were not judges, but the US Republicans have become just like the corrupt gangster right-wing in those countries.

Let’s hope we don’t see Bogotá (ca. 1980s), or Santaigo (ca. 1974) Pennsylvania. My fear is increasing that if the power of the right wing really becomes threatened, they may resort to death squads or violent coups. It happened in many countries down there, it can happen up here.


The Republican Party it seems has indeed been taken over by a populist authoritarian movement. The Southern Poverty Law Center hate map list 40 hate groups in Pennsylvania. Some of these hate groups are probably playing some role in the Republican Party and certainly stirring up hate against various groups in that state which is what is behind this attack on democracy. The state is pretty evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans which is why the Republicans need gerrymandering. It is the only way they can maintain political control. Fair elections would result in a rather even sharing of political power.


What I find astounding is this quote (from another article on the CD site):

“I acknowledge freely that this would be a political gerrymander,” Rep. David Lewis (R-N.C.), chairman of the North Carolina State House’s Redistricting Committee, said in 2016, when the state was redrawing maps that were previously struck down for racial gerrymandering. “I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats. So I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country.”

In other words, “I don’t like democracy, I want to dictate the rules and force my own beliefs on the population that I am supposed to represent.” Republicans really hate the idea of a representative democracy.


I don’t know if the right wing can swing the entire country by its tail. I’m not disagreeing with you, I just think it is still an open question.

I felt sure you would post a comment to this article. In a comment of yours within the last day or two you seemed to imply that re-drawing the district maps would result in a Republican advance in the metropolitan 'burgh representative make-up. Gerrymandering is a bane on real democracy no matter which way it skews the partisan make-up, but I understand your concern. But as you’ve also pointed out recently, all politicians in this region must be way right of center not to get laughed off the ballots here. All of my reps are gung-ho for racing the planet to the finish line of an atmospheric death.

I’ve been waiting for another article on gerrymandering to post this comment, and if I have already please forgive an aging mind: one of the most insidious results of the widespread national gerrymandering is that it has created a fake and phony political majority. This has allowed the phony majority to falsely claim that ipso facto what they are doing “is what Americans want.” The statistical arguments brought forth in the Pa. case puts the lie to all of that.


gerrymandering (present participle)
manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency:
“a total freedom to gerrymander the results they want”

Listen for the white whine from the Republicans. Ah! Gee whiz, but they can’t cheat on democracy. And if the Democrats were in power gerrymandering their districts so they would be winning the majority, guess who would be whining their butts off. I have seen bad Republicans for decades now, but the Trump Republicans are absolutely the worse. And yes, racial gerrymandering is the worse. Is this how we got the most horrific sexist, racist, white supremacist president in our entire history?

Let me jump ahead of our “Duopolists” and Republicans here. They will say the Democrats do it too, so it is OK for Trump Republicans ( Trumpicans?) to do it. I’m sure there is history on both sides but the point remains this is 2018 not 1918. And it is 2018 and not 1918 and it is long overdue that racist gerrymandering get challenged in court and eliminated.


The US has entered some really dangerous territory. I hate to keep bringing up 1933 but the comparisons between then & now is scary.


That’s why some people refer to Pennsylvania as Pennsabama.


Good reason for the people on the left to stop fighting each other and focus on working to defeat Republicans in November.


In 1910, the US population was about 95 million. Based on that, the number of representatives was set at 435, where it remains to this day, despite the population more than tripling by the last census in 2010.

Any proposal to deal with gerrymandering must take this into account. Having more representatives will make gerrymandering more difficult.


Beginning in earnest with bill clinton and partner, HRC ,and continuing under the great sellout disappointment and fraud, barack obama, the DP lost whatever credibility it had left - sadly - neither prez did a damn thing to really build a strong dem/progressive/independent base, but both did exactly the opposite - they drove that base coalition away, instead serving big-money - and so to the HRC nomination and sabotage/subversion of Bernie Sanders, giving us the odious trump regime with all its malicious and malignant aspects
You are apparently so bereft of the ability to acknowledge that history it makes people question your reason , wisdom, thought and judgment… you may even be a DNC bot program.