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Subverting Illusions: Julian Assange and the Value of WikiLeaks


Subverting Illusions: Julian Assange and the Value of WikiLeaks

Norman Solomon

Three years after Ecuador’s government granted political asylum to Julian Assange in its small ground-floor London embassy, the founder of WikiLeaks is still there—beyond the reach of the government whose vice president, Joe Biden, has labeled him "a digital terrorist." The Obama administration wants Assange in a U.S. prison, so that the only mouse he might ever see would be scurrying across the floor of a solitary-confinement cell.


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What Assange did that was truly unforgivable was to show in their very own words the poor quality of the work of the second raters, the yes men we send abroad to represent the USA. And of course the war crimes too. I am surprised that the deep state has not forced its British subordinates to invade the Ecuadorean Embassy to get their man.


This is the way Progressives and true opponents of the corporatist state view reality:

“Notably, in the U.S. mass media, Assange is often grouped together with whistleblowers. He is in fact a journalistic editor and publisher. In acute contrast to so many at the top of the corporate media and governmental food chains, Assange insists that democracy requires the “consent of the governed” to be informed consent. While powerful elites work 24/7 to continually gain the uninformed consent of the governed, WikiLeaks has opposite concerns.”

What disinformation specialists and their minions hired to repeat Talking Points instead insist upon is a narrative that blames “the sheeple.” They pay no mind to the lack of information… only that people watch the T.V. networks that lie to them. And since major efforts remain underway to silence/punish/exile/arrest inconvenient Truth Tellers, a time could arrive where ONLY State Narratives are known or heard. I wonder if this protect-power enclave will still blame fellow citizens then?

The disinformation canard assigns culpability to what is not known. It shows no leniency towards very real and empowered efforts on the part of influential entities to keep Truth out of the public’s reach. A perfect example is the content of the TPP treaty–odious as it is to human rights and health along with the health of the greater eco-systems, or web of life–being held in secrecy.

This reflex to blame those who don’t have the knowledge, power, access, or influence to change things is a means of protecting the DARK powers running these anti-life, pro-war, and anti-Democratic agendas. Adding insult to injury, they then argue that THIS is what “WE” want, and WE agree with and WE consent to, etc. ad nauseum.


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Amy Goodman’s keynote at the Vienna Biennial is a must see for a passionate brief survey of the past century of media and art history.


What’s Bernie Sanders got to say about Assange? Or PFC Manning? If Sanders gets elected, he’d be in a position to issue a full pardon to Manning and he could call off our dogs regarding Assange and Snowden. How about the force-feedings at Gitmo, or drone strikes that kill 23 civilians for every so-called ‘terrorist’?

I think that would be interesting to see the leading ‘progressive’ Democrat repudiate some of this totalitarian crap our government keeps pulling. Does he talk about these things at his standing-room-only rallies?


Let’s not overlook their efforts to overthrow the elected government in Ecuador that has been going on for some time now. That’s another way to put an end to this embarrassing amnesty and get their hands on this man. Not that they aren’t ready to overthrow any of those countries in South America that won’t kowtow to the almighty dollar. Just icing on the cake.


As much as I admire Manning and Assange and think they deserve a pardon, I think Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal need to be first in line and I would love someone to ask Bernie about pardoning them.


Joe Biden calls Julian a " digital terrorist "? What!! For exposing the collateral murder video? The real terrorists, like Joe, are the reason Julian had to seek political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. Joe, you may call Julian a “digital terrorist” but because of you and others like you not liking your terrorism exposed that makes you and them… the epitome of hypocrisy!


… Sweden’s government – while claiming that it is strictly concerned about adhering to its laws…

Complete and utter bollocks!!! If that were true, how come they couldn’t put a couple of guys on a plane to take up Assange’s invite to talk to them before the charges expired?


As an independent journalist I used to believe that a government employee has more formalized legal protections than I do as a whistle blower. While this may have been true at some time in the past, it is clearly no longer the case.

Since everything changed on Nine One One, secret courts have arrived to deal with NSA and CIA whistle blowers. No longer are federal employees protected. So, my desire for protection as a whistle blower on subjects of government misappropriation and fraud is based on a myth.

We, The People, should be protecting official whistle blowers and investigative journalists such as Julian Assange.

There is no place for secret tribunals in a democratic republic. Secret “free trade agreements” like secret war tribunals in an environment of Perpetual War, are a serious part of the problem with a Perpetual War Economy.

Secret government and courts have no place in a democratic republic. They are the enemy of democracy. Just like secret trade agreements are the enemy of workers and the environment.


So true! The only thing communism and terrorism have in common; they were, and are both perceived as potential threats to the real terrorists.


Are you for his being elected, and then working on getting him to do these things (which I passionately believe should be done)?

Is there someone you know who 1). is saying that, if elected, he or she will do these things; 2). you believe will, if elected, do these things; and 3). you believe has any chance of being elected?

These questions are not asked snidely, sarcastically, or offensively.

If the answer is Yes, tell me. I would be very interested indeed (as I said above, {“which I passionately believe should be done”}).


I don’t buy into this deal where we say ‘oh, he’s on the fence regarding imperialism but we just have to elect him because he’s not as bad as a Republican and once he’s in office we can push him the direction we want him to go.’

Because it never works that way, it always works the opposite. A candidate makes the best promises and statements while campaigning, then, after the election, the deal we thought we were getting steadily gets worse.

I also am dubious of so many people getting on the Bernie Bandwagon without him having to give any commitments to pulling us out of the 74 nations where the US is fighting or “helping” some force in some proxy struggle that has been deemed beneficial by the nation’s masters
of war.

Anything Sanders proposes is crippled or made irrelevant when the real business of the USA is war.

And without a firm position on this issue, my guess is that the hypothetical President Sanders will be, like Bush and Obama, a mere figurehead, doing the bidding of the Pentagon.


‘oh, he’s on the fence regarding imperialism but we just have to elect him because he’s not as bad as a Republican and once he’s in office we can push him the direction we want him to go.’

I have never said or thought “the deal” into which you do not buy.

It seems to me that there are five basic choices:

1). Vote for one of the current or plausible Democratic or Republican candidates - not a possibility for me.

2). Vote for someone who has a chance of defeating any of the above - Sanders being one such person.

3). Vote for someone who has no chance of defeating any of the above - options are legion.

4). Hope for a revolution - the number of which that have ended in a humane democracy being quite small, and the odds of such an outcome obtaining in this country being very much smaller yet.

5). Embrace despair.

  1. Accept the fact that American Presidential elections are a form of political theater designed to make people rally to various ‘hero’ figures and to express national emotions in a manner similar to pro-wrestling. Even if we could resurrect Eugene Debs, nominate and elect him, under our current system of legalized bribery/extortion known euphemistically as ‘campaign financing’, by February 2017, he’d be sending all your money to wall street, the war profiteers, and to the health insurance companies. And he’d be bombing Muslims, just like Clinton, Bush, and Obama.


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