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Success of $15 Minimum Wage Measures 'Huge Win for the Working People' of Florida and Portland, Maine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/success-15-minimum-wage-measures-huge-win-working-people-florida-and-portland-maine

This will help, but by doing this wage increase incrementally, the workers will still be behind. By 2026 it will need to be $25 hour.

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Even worse for the 10-15 million unemployed.

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This is a joke, in the 6 years it takes to get there some rich A holes will get it over turned. The USA is a dead black hole…get out if you can.

Yep, you got it spot on. The Federal minimum wage hasn’t increased since 2009. The fight for $15 is really too little, too late. They always do it so gradually that by the time it is implemented it is already 10 years behind.

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Inflationary, everyone will pay much higher prices for everything, employers will reduce staff and unemployment will rise. Other than that, great idea.