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Successful GOP Repeal of ACA Would Strip Health Coverage From Millions and Give Top 0.1% a Massive Tax Cut—During a Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/successful-gop-repeal-aca-would-strip-health-coverage-millions-and-give-top-01

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In 2009 a democrat house, senate, and white house implemented a Heritage Foundation health care plan that left 30 million Americans without access to health care coverage. As the plan was signed into law by a democrat President, health insurance and pharm stocks escalated as their CEOs rejoiced. Millions of Americans began to see their health care costs escalate as the insurance stocks continued to grow. Millions of Americans found themselves with ridiculously high deductibles with accompanying high premiums that left them without the means to access health care.

The democrats currently have a Presidential candidate who has pledged to fight all attempts to replace this system with and National Improved Medicare for All plan. This candidate is committed to continuing his support for the Heritage Foundation plan that benefits the insurance and pharma industries at the expense of our health and wellbeing.

He is committed to this regardless to the fact that 80% of democrats and a majority of republicans support a National Improved Medicare for All plan.

Let’s put the focus on the health care issue where it needs to be (implementing a National Improved Medicare for All Plan) and we will not have to be concerned about the GOP with the help of the SCOTUS doing away with the despised Heritage Foundation Health Care Plan (ACA).


Single payer is the goal not maintaining Obama’s giveaway to the insurance industry.


Please repeal the ACA or allow it to die of a thousand cuts so that people quit wasting time trying to defend it. It was a half-assed, piece of terrible legislation from the start. Enactment of national health services will never happen as long as the battle for the ACA is being fought, giving neo-liberals an excuse to continue funding the health insurance companies.


time to face the sad fact that we have been turned into a third world style terrorist oligarchy controlled for the benefit of the ultra rich, their corporations, and their compliant servants in government just like any third world tinpot oligarchy anywhere on this planet–democracy has long since disappeared and will NOT make another appearance until everyone is allowed to vote and every ballot is counted

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