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Such a Great Country, Such Nasty Bigotry


Such a Great Country, Such Nasty Bigotry

Shree Chauhan

The night of the election, my iPhone screen shattered. The joke I like to make is that there was glass shattering on November 8th but not the kind we wanted.

There’s something symbolic about the shattered glass on my phone and it serves as a constant reminder of what could have been and, how abnormal our current circumstances are.


Sean 'Sphincter' as he was known in school did what he always does as the mouthpiece of Trump, he 'puckered up' and spewed nonsensical dribble.


Takes grit to do that. Thank you, Shree Chauhan.


There's no doubt the meaning and intent of Spicer's comments. A threatening neo-Nazi piece of shit, just like his boss and the Republican party altogether. Unfortunately 30-40 % of Americans are racist, Nazi scum too. Just look at some of the comments here and elsewhere on the net.


Troll. (joined minutes before posting this) Flagged.


Another Troll. (joined minutes before posting this) Flagged.


A quick scan of the internet shows that there is a coordinated organized right-wing attack (note the similarity of the verbiage of the attacks) against Ms. Chauhan. I recommend that Commondreams disable commenting for this article and other sites reposting her article do similarly.


How long would I last at one of your vile right wing sites? Please go back there. You all will be gone shortly...

BTW, this "snowflake" is armed and can defend himself...


Hey Yunzer, 5 Trump Trolls in one hour defending Sean Sphincter?

Ignore them.


Bailysmom, you joined within the past hour, along with "Aztekman", "Doc", and "BradG", are immediately "liking" each other's posts, and collectively Spewing.

You're outed Trolls.

Move on.


And "Libnan American" - with probably many more on the way... Note that if we tried similar trolling on right-wing sites, we would be long gone from them. Our own "open mindedness" regarding the fascists is killing us.


"More people must rise up against the Trump regime before it is too late."

They definitely are. The ACLU has tripled its membership in about a month and over 2,000 livestreamed events to kick off the People Power campaigns were held in homes this past Saturday around the US. Indvisible groups are forming everywhere and many of these groups have packed town hall meetings. The Womens' March had more people marching than any march in American History. The March for Science and the Peoples' Climate March scheduled for nest month should have large numbers of participants. There is definitely a stirring in this country unlike we have ever seen before. The majority is rising up and just now getting organized. It appears there will be a level of citizen activism well beyond which the US has ever experienced. People have enormous political power and they intend to use it.


If all you brand-new members to this forum will go over to the article just posted on Commondreams regarding Rep. Steve King's clearly racist and classically fascist comments and unambiguously condemn those comments, I will retract my posts and flaggings, OK?


QUOTE: "In a Letter From a Birmingham jail, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote that the ugliness of oppression must be put out in the open to be cured.

“Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured.”

That's exactly what is happening right now. The reason things are looking worse is that the infected boil has been lanced and all the pus is dripping and running all over the place. This has to be done to completely clear out an infection like that. So we are purging the pus right now and it looks bad. We're in what Chinese Medicine calls the "Healing Crisis". It needed to be done to root out this hate that has been in this country for way too long. This healing crisis will make us sick for awhile, but health returns better than before after the battle. We're all working to get this country healthy.


Also "mcatsanchez" and "donttreadonme".

Don't seem to know this site, and the tools given us to see what they ( if it is "they") are doing.


Also odd that this bunch of trolls have not trolled any article in CD today. This is clearly organized internet-stalking and smearing of Ms. Chauhan - probably organized by Mr. Spicer himself..


Ditto: I am stunned and really sort of heart broken at the BAD MANNERS exhibited by some "young" people. No one can act like a rude clod and be happy, or serene, or at peace. This was the work of a VERY ANGRY individual. Ms. Chauhan attacked Sean Spicer (the attacker ALWAYS has the advantage) because the victim never knows when the attack is coming. That is a "chicken (droppings) act! No guts at all. Just meanness. WHY harangue someone for who they work for?

I couldn't STAND Hillary, but the notion of haranguing Huma, or Cheryl Mills would NEVER have crossed my mind; I admire those women; it isn't easy to work for an important personality. I would NEVER do such a thing to them! NEVER! It is rude and vulgar. And inappropriate. If he worked for Chuck Schumer, would she have treated him with such disdain? Ms. Chauhan owes Sean a HUGE apology but she is probably proud of herself, which explains why this generation are so miserable and so frustrated.

I suspect that Ms. Chauhan would be the FIRST to yell foul if SHE was verbally attacked. (I have no doubt she would hide behind her gender; no "man" could EVER say anything to her that she didn't like; she would verbally emasculate him; "Leftist dames" seem to HATE men!


Did Yunzer just threaten you? It sounds like it.

The Left has ALWAYS been violent; they can't have a decent conversation. If you "say something they don't like" they want to SILENCE YOU!

Imagine living with someone like that!


Gosh, when I got a job working for the President my school friends were happy for me!! And, then, one of my best friend's husband was appointed as Ambassador (to a Middle Eastern country); we couldn't believe our good fortune. We felt SO responsible! I wasn't from DC, but my spouse worked at the Pentagon. We were very grateful and respectful. I can't imagine mocking someone with such an important job. It seems vulgar.


Important to whom?