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Such a Long Silence on Yemen


Such a Long Silence on Yemen

Stanly Johny

Early this August, the Pentagon announced plans to sell weapons worth $1.15 billion to Saudi Arabia. The news itself was not surprising as the Arab kingdom is one of America’s biggest arms buyers, but the timing of the announcement was rather conspicuous. The Saudis had resumed heavy bombardment of Yemen after a lull as part of the peace process.


Best analysis I have seen on this topic. And none of it, ever mentioned in presidential election debates.


Who is more likely to continue supporting these wars, Hillary or Trump?


This issue was discussed by Jill Stein yesterday at her appearance at the National Press Club.

Alas, if a tree falls in the forest.....


"The last thing Mr. Obama would want at a time when U.S. exports are sagging and the economy is struggling would be to say no to arms buyers."

"No matter how hard the U.S. may talk about human rights, it won’t raise a finger against the Saudis. None other than U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged earlier this year that he had taken off Saudi Arabia from a UN list of countries/militias that kill children after Riyadh threatened to defund UN programmes."

The above two statements quoted from the article say a lot about our country and the immense power money has in it and the world. The first says the dark power of money looms so large that the arms dealers play a leading role in our economy. We must have and support war in order for our nation's economy to survive. That quote hit me like a brick. Obama, our Nobel Peace Prize winner, conducts war so that America's war industry can keep on killing and the dollars can keep on rolling in! As I have said many times before on CD comments, "Obama is a fraud."

The second comment describes perfectly the power that money has over all of us, our government and world institutions. Even the United Nations' leader fears the loss a rogue State's money and is willing to sacrifice children's lives in order not to lose that money from Saudi Arabia. Killing children for dollars! How low can humanity descend?