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Sudan's Democratic Revolution is Being Undermined by the United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/14/sudans-democratic-revolution-being-undermined-united-states

It may be difficult to mobilize public opinion in the United States to force a change in policy amid the pandemic and ongoing struggles against racial injustice and other inequities domestically, yet international solidarity in support of the Sudanese people is no less important now than it was during their struggle against dictatorship.

(My emphasis: What does it mean to mobilize public opinion?)

Zunes wistfully wishes our dance-ticket weren’t so busy with other mobilization efforts, but that’s coming from a back-asswards professorial framework of intellectual domination, essentially. This mobilization model has in mind enlightened mobilizers injecting their wisdom into the polity, to transform the feckless into the mobilized. That might even be Zunes’ self-identity as a writer: the enlightened mobilizer.

There’s an obvious hierarchical hetero-patriarchy problem with this model. But the practical issue is: Now we surely know that’s not how it works. People only ever change from the inside out. That’s the profound, historical meaning of the global Floyd Rebellion – to which Zunes is deaf, so far.

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of course we are–can’t have democracy now can we --they might make the wrong choices–and now our foreign policies are coming home to roost-