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'Sudden Collapse': Study Suggests 60% of Antarctic Ice Shelves Face Fracture Risk

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/sudden-collapse-study-suggests-60-antarctic-ice-shelves-face-fracture-risk

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The stupidity, avarice, religious beliefs and denialism of homo sapiens will hopefully never be repeated if we survive as a species.

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Just to show how absolutely silly the people who deny climate change are.

I once saw a video where they were proving melting ice could not cause Global sea levels to rise. They filled a class near full with water and put an ice cube in it to get the water to the brim. As the ice cube melted the water level in the glass did not rise. They claimed this proved rising sea levels due to melting glaciers was thus a fraud.

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if you think the planet is warming too fast now–just wait until the ice melts and we no longer have the cooling mechanism of the ice–our leaders have massively FAILED–are still failing–this is due to the business plan of the corporations --the one that ends with the collapse of our ecosystems–they do this for the money and our so called “leaders” do their biding–for the money–the love of which is rightly called the root of all evil–the evil seen in every neighborhood on the planet as the capitalists destroy our planet for their short termed profits–talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns–these guys make him look like a schoolyard putz as they fiddle while our whole planet dies from their profit taking

Suspira, I read about that stupid video and was not amused! There is such an enormous lack of science knowledge in the general population they are unable to immediately realize that crap like that smells extremely fishy; like dead-for-a-week-in-the-hot-sun fishy!

And I just don’t understand why scientists and new stations immediately switched from saying Global Warming/Heating to that stupid damned word ‘change!’ Scientists that either should have known better, or if they did, should have absolutely never used that word.

Lined up like ducks behind that rethuglican hack quackster Frank Luntz in 2002 like they all were PAID to start saying it. It was freaky wasn’t it? Liberals, Democrats, everybody just started mouthing that ridiculous term! I have refused and use other ‘c’ words like chaos or catastrophe. Much more appropriate.

Larsen C, the last shelf holding the glacier up, lost a 20 mile deep 120-200 mile long piece not too long ago. Remember that? Supposedly the biggest iceberg ever. Somehow I get the feeling that record won’t hold up too long, not the way things are looking.

I post on Kevin Hester’s climate site out of New Zealand. Glickson and a whole range of other climate people that don’t make the evening corporate news are there to read or listen to the interviews. If you want to get really depressed at our coming (and present) reality that is…

But you know as well as I do that it’s not the ice of the shelf itself we have to worry about. It’s the absolutely enormous amounts of ice in the glaciers that these ‘ice plugs’ are keeping from sliding down off the Antarctic continent. Always remind people to look behind the curtain. The Totten Glacier and the Pine Island one come to mind as do others. Just one (and I forget which) sliding off into the ocean would raise worldwide sea levels by half a foot immediately according to the numbers a bunch of scientists crunched…the entire world ocean at once. That’s…impressive! And all the Antarctic glaciers are getting more and more meltwater trickling through to grease the ground below it. Then there are those giant caverns hollowing out underneath from the warming sea water… One glacier would put the beach I grew up on in serious danger from flooding at high tides through drains and sewer systems not to mention the increase in potential storm surge topping the seawall…and Miami in Floridiotland would be toast since it’s already having that problem. New Orleans with a half foot higher sea level and another Katrina coming in? Oh my hell!

I’ve seen not just waves washing up against my home seawall right to the very tip top but the sea level was damn near it, too. I took pictures of it, and that was in the 70s! Ocean is a bit higher now but we’re only at the start of the real disaster (hey, a D word!).

94.5’F here in the lower Selkirk Range today. Used to be the first frost was right around Labor Day. But at least it’s cooling down at night deliciously! Outside on the porch is good around midnight with the bats flashing by the windows munching on dinner…