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Suffer the Little Children


Suffer the Little Children

George Capaccio

In the Gospels, the disciples of Jesus complain about folks who bring their kids with them to receive his blessings. But Jesus is not somebody who shuns the company of children. In response to his followers’ disapproval, he says, perhaps with the snap of indignation in his voice, “Suffer the little children and don’t stop them from coming to me. For the kingdom of Heaven was made for such as these.” (Or words to that effect.)


“…the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”
–Thucydides (460-400 B.C.)

It was an observation, not an instruction. Humanity really needs to grow the hell up.


It’s all about the Money to Trump and his ilk.

Making children die in Yemen, and separating immigrant children here in the Dividend States of America and charging the taxpayers $2000 a night to house them is what gets these Morally Corrupt Monsters, wet and excited.

At the end of the story, the townspeople chase down the Monsters and kill them.

We mustn’t disappoint.


You are correct about this: Western European countries and the United States, with their bizarre ideas of colonialism (how the hell do you “claim” a country that is already settled? In my world, we call it “theft”) and the subjugation of the native peoples for the benefit of the Capitalist masters, have created one horrendous mess in the MIddle East.

The push for oil started a long time before Bush’s now-infamous Iraqi War that was built on lies so bold that his nose should look like someone knocked over a skyscapter and sewed it on his face. The end of WWI was the beginning of the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the move of the European powers into the Middle East to begin fighting over the prize of oil. Everything since then has been downhill for the people in the Middle East. It culminated with the Balfour Declaration and the theft of Palestinian land from those who were already living there.

This history, one you really have to dig for online, should be taught to every school kid in America - how we have just ruined other countries in our quest for profits. One wonders what the world would look like if our so-called “Christian country” had actually acted in a Christian, charitable, and compassionate manner towards the Middle East and Third World countries. No, I know what it would look like - peace.

And peace is bad for business.