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Suffragettes, Sanders, and When to Vote


Suffragettes, Sanders, and When to Vote

Mary Petiet

My Aunt Louisa was a suffragette. As a girl she ran away from home and a well-planned future. She secretly took the train from Annapolis to Boston, and enrolled herself at Radcliff College before they noticed her missing. She became a mathematician, a teacher, a Quaker, and a suffragette. At no small risk to herself, she rallied and marched and held signs, and she was there when the right to vote was finally granted.


That makes at least two: Mary Petiet and myself who are not falling for the idea that since Suffragettes got the vote for women, we must vote for Hillary: a loyal enforcer of the make war (Mars rules) in homage to mammon (Big Money rules) state.

Bernie as this forum’s detractors relentless point out has his imperfections. However, he is not as sold-out as “the usual” suspects propped up for candidacy.

Just as Greece’s leadership faced enormous opposition from those who control the E.U. money supply–with their only alternative that of the addict doing a financial version of absolute cold turkey–anyone who managed to occupy the Oval Office would have similar to wrestle with in this country. Hillary IS Wall St. and any Republican will BE the M I C. Mr. Sanders may not oppose either as much as many of us would like, but he at least exposes the dark underbelly of SOME of The Beast.

A full disclosure would have him shot or die of a sudden heart attack. There’s a tiny injection the CIA can access that will “do the trick.”


Bernie’s Stand of on the military is clear, he as stated himself, he believes in a strong military as a deterrent to foreign threats.


Sanders has a consistent record of always voting in favor of military spending, both on the obscene expenditures for America’s aggressive wars against poorer, weaker peoples, as well as in favor of the obscenely wasteful (and so far) completely non-operational F-35 boondoggle, which will cost at least $1 trillion by the time all is said and done. Sanders has also consistently and unflaggingly supported the brutal apartied government of Israel, even in the face of escalating atrocities committed by them.

He talks the socialist talk, but he has reliably aided and abetted the Pentagon and the militarists in their theft of resources.

Resources that were and continue to be stolen from workers and the poor.

If Sanders is a socialist, it is only in a very Orwellian sense.

More likely, he is another Trojan Horse like Obama, mouthing liberal platitudes, but in the end betraying the people.

(I am not endorsing Hillary, and I am not endorsing any Republican candidate. Rather, I think this is simply the state of the Democratic Party right now…like the media and the Republican Party, they are effectively controlled by the Pentagon.)


One of the articles right here on CD today is http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/07/17/democrats-may-have-just-aligned-themselves-test-and-punish-we-are-doomed – the author of this article explains why the Murphy Amendment is a bad thing, and how even Bernie and Lizzie [Warren] voted for it. Bernie – for many reasons – is not the person I will be voting for next November!
Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden 2016!


Well then why isn’t there the perfect candidate that will fit with precise exactitude the progressive criteria of CD commenters?

A über ultra progressive … that wouldn’t stand a chance of getting elected. Oh what a surprise it must be to the CD’er that the rest of the country is not up to snuff on the progressive view on all issues.

Yet they also have a vote. Who knew? Yes to get elected not just speechify while standing on principle which virtually nobody listens to because it is utterly unrealistic.

Here comes Bernie… not a newbie by any means. Yep he is an actual real life politician and surprise of surprises … he ain’t perfect either. Shocking that huh? A politician who is electable… and supports a great many of the same positions as we do. Well that’s a new one. Usually we get one who has never before supported those positions but starts saying he does on the campaign trail and after being elected proves that he never supported those positions and wants to assure his base that he was lying about it. Hey I didn’t create our electoral system so don’t blame me.

Then along came Bernie ((a couple of decades worth) and we really like him on most issues. We are also surprised that so many other Americans like him on most issues too. Suddenly we have a progressive (not perfect but definitely progressive) candidate that can get elected! Definitely new!

But … ah yes …the >>> ‘but’…

… but we do not represent all of America while he will have to if he is to get elected!

Yes those other voters… they have issues dear to them and Bernie needs to appeal to all the other voters rather than a few hundred souls who gather at a 'Polka Dot Party" meeting and avow to vote on principle but not use their common sense.

I’d rather have all that Bernie does stand for which the other candidates do not stand for. That really matters!

To not vote or cast a throw away vote on principle for an obviously unelectable candidate is to vote for not getting those things that Bernie stands for and that the others do not!

I want most of what Bernie stands for not in principle … but in reality!


‘Hillary IS Wall St. and any Republican will BE the M I C. Mr. Sanders
may not oppose either as much as many of us would like, but he at least
exposes the dark underbelly of SOME of The Beast.’

Progressives keep throwing their support to ‘Lesser of Two Evils Candidates,’ which is exactly what the Duopoly wants them to do. The result is Democrat politicians like Clinton and Obama, who govern the same as a Republican, except with different rhetoric.

Berniemania is chillingly familiar to Obamamania. Have you learned nothing since 2008?

The role of the Democratic Party for progressives is the same as the role of Lucy, holding the football for Charlie Brown.


A person who builds straw man arguments has no business schooling others about fantasy.


I do not agree that Bernie is so much of a Trojan horse, like Obama, as some commenters point out, because Bernie has more political integrity than most other congressional politicians, but from my perspective, and I would ;love to be proven wrong! Bernie has absolutely no chance of the Democratic nomination because he is not a Wall Street quisling. American Presidents are not elected they are selected. They are, with very few exceptions, stooges and fawning parasites for the MIC and Wall Street; otherwise, they have no chance of being selected.


I’m scared for him now. Think John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. How about Obama? Was he told to toe the line and do as you are told or…?


Now is the time for all good men and women to trash Bernie Sanders. My fondest hope is the Trump becomes the Republican candidate.


From “Congress: Structure and Function”:

" One would be ignorant to believe that each one of these legislators is an expert on every piece of legislation that passes through Congress. Feasibly, this just is impossible. To solve this, legislators specialize in certain areas of Congress. There are many different ways to specialize. A Senator could have formerly been an environmental scientist and is now chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources committee. In this example, the legislator is individually specialized and can be deemed an expert on environmental affairs. There is also the possibility that a legislator has been on the Energy and Natural Resources committee for several terms, making him or her also an expert in comparison to the entire body of Congress."

Bernie Sanders’ Committee Assignments: Environment and Public Works, Energy and Natural Resources, Health Education Labor and Pensions, Budget, Veteran Affairs (Separate from Defense) and the Joint Economic Committee.

As a veteran receiving medical care through the VA I’m thankful to Bernie for supporting the VA and trying to make it better. Anyone following Bernie, especially on C-Span, is aware of how knowledgeable and informed he is on the issues, with emphasis on those he deals with daily on his Committee assignments. Bernie is a critic of the Defense Budget for years, often calling it what it is, “bloated,” and too big. To expect Bernie to be an “expert” in foreign affairs is silly. I doubt that Vickie Nuland and the Kagans will be having lunch in the White House if Bernie is elected. I’m confident Bernie will bring a new vision to Foggy Bottom. Nobody can be expert on everything, why I even saw Chris Hedges, maven extraordinaire, struggle to find appropriate remarks to say about Ukraine on RT several months ago. It is smart as a practical matter to speak to domestic issues at this stage of the campaign.

Go Bernie.


You really like tooting this horn but all you do is tell people to not vote. You want them to throw away their vote even while admitting that Bernie has many issues on which he is the outstanding progressive on and always has been.

Your every dotted i and crossed t argument is false since you do not offer any alternative candidate’s positions for comparison. If you even have a candidate that you will vote for tell us or rather compare their positions to Bernie’s on specific issues. Let’s see what you are talking about instead of this free ride trash talk Bernie game.

So what does your preferred candidate have to say? Let’s have some of the quotes. Convince us that you are not just a shill for whomever. And please stop telling people to throw away their votes or not vote at all. How many times will you repeat that same story? We got it okay…it isn’t that complex a concept.


How about comparing the candidate’s positions on this issue. You are another who focuses on trash talking Bernie but are you saying that Hillary’s position of foreign policy is more to your liking or maybe that of one of the repubs?

You give them all a free ride which is very odd for a supposed progressive after the continual repetitions of these anti-Bernie views. Back up what you say and let us compare the various candidates differing views. Trying to drag down Bernie lets the others off the hook and that seems odd don’t you think? So what are Hillary’s foreign policy positions and all the rest? Show us that you have something to offer rather than just acting the provocateur.

You see if you really are progressive then you must object to the foreign policy views of the other candidates as well … you never say though.

So how about it?

If you have a preferred candidate (and are not just inciting people to discard their vote) what are the positions they hold on the issues. How about some quotes?


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How many times have you… under how many screen names used the same Lucy-football analogy as if you are creative, original in your thought process, or providing anything remote in the way of insight?

You presume that the Dems propped up Mr. Sanders.

You presume that he will pull an Obama.

You presume that anything Left of Mr. Sanders has a chance in hell in a nation where there may well be a majority of disaffected, angry, conservative white Christian voters.

Then you blame those in the forum who make the decision that Bernie gets a LOT right. And I am fairly certain that Nicholas and Buddha nature (most like Genghis Khan in nature) are misrepresenting Mr. Sanders on his Military stance as he HAS spoken about cutting the military budget. That subject came up in one of his recent live campaign appearances.

The emphasis, predictability, and misplaced PASSION shown by this forum’s regulars in undermining decent, albeit flawed human beings (the list includes: Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Kumi Naidoo, Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Mr. Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, etc.) who work hard (against the evil trio: banksters, corporatists, and militarists) to promote change is really sickening. Since it is predictable, it suggests an agenda.


I don’t recall the writer–maybe Thom Hartman–who explained how a Socialist type (the prior example was Eugene Debs) may not win, but the issues they raise considerably alter the cultural nexus and allow in discussions about matters the corporate legions of PR specialists thought they’d already managed to define as dead and buried.

And Mr. Sanders recognizes this… and is playing his underdog card wisely and well. He is more about “The People” than a piece of shit like Scott Walker who could not be more suffused with self-interest were he to paint himself 14K like Gold finger.

And this sincerity has resonance. THAT is why so many people are showing up. Of course this “showing” of public interest is difficult for the paid message shapers who insist upon a careless, distracted, ignorant public (“the sheeple”) at every turn. They remind me of seals bellowing the same familiar sound when Pavlov rings the bell summoning the arrival of their daily fish supply.


Are you mocking the forum Hit Squad? I hope so.


I wouldn’t worry about Sanders going the way of JFK, RFK, and MLK.

You see the thing that got them in trouble was their anti-imperialism. JFK was making peace with the Soviets and going to withdraw from Vietnam. RFK was campaigning on ending the war. MLK came out strongly against the war.

Sanders is silent on these issues and his record shows he’ll support the Imperial Project, just not in the W nutcase style but in the consensus style of ‘progressives’ since T. Roosevelt.


Yes, Sioux Rose-I am mocking the Bernie- trashers, and the trashers of the other good people you mention, but I’m semi serious about Trump. If he were to win the nomination, he would guarantee a Democratic Victory. And yup, I’m gonna vote, because, deluded fool that I am, that’s what I’ve been doing since 1964.