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Summit With North Korea: We've Been Here Before

Summit With North Korea: We've Been Here Before

Reese Erlich

Police wearing Darth Vader helmets and carrying shotguns mounted with tear gas launchers lined up ready for battle. Fifty yards away, tens of thousands students and workers placed iron bars and Molotov cocktails on the street preparing for battle. At the appointed hour both sides charged, with police clubbing and firing tear gas barrages.

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Yes, the Devil is in the details. what does a “denuclearized Korean Peninsula” actually mean? Will both the DPRK and the US “denuclearize”? What about peaceful nuclear technology (if that monster can ever be made safe and not take 6 decades to “clean-up” if that can ever actually be accomplished with sites “restored” to greenfield" condition, or scientific medical areas? Radiation is forever!

“Demonstrators protested increasing poverty and the continued U.S. troop presence in their country. Many (South) Koreans saw those troops as an occupying force.” - Those US troops are an occupying force, and all the “joint military exercises” rob from the people of both halves of what once was one nation. The for-profit military game is very old and has wasted many trillions in finite resources that could be used to enrich an entire culture, nations, and globally, rather than a few well-connected (read thieves and parasites) war profiteers and the gaggle of generals that build “careers” on the status-quo war obscenity!

And then there is the elephant in the room - a childish self-absorbed mental case that could get, and has, gotten a bug up his ignorant ass for some perceived slight or an earful of psychopaths r us from the likes of Bolton and others, and “pull out” of any agreement made (ala the Iran “deal”) in the heat of a Nobel Prize dream…hey, “deals” are made to be broken…aren’t they?

I expect major push-back or possible sabotage from the MIC if a piece deal is achieved. Just the talk of a deal is causing their stock prices to drop, they’re not going to take that laying down. Another byproduct of capitalism.

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There you said it. Why would any person trust orangie ?

I doubt it. Trump continues his belligerence in the middle east…

Reese, i agree with all of your points except regarding your title, “We’ve been here before…”.

This I believe is the first time a president of the US spoke to the NK leader, and visited his country.

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Indeed. And with that action Trump has set himself apart from any establishment President before him. And what have the Dems have to offer? Squat. Don’t get me wrong, Trump at the end of the day is a monster and this action doesn’t nearly absolve him of that but he has shown an action that will give him an inherit edge over the competition come 2020.