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Sunrise Movement Says Wins by Corporate Democrats Like McGrath and Hickenlooper Must Be 'Moment of Reckoning' for Progressives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/sunrise-movement-says-wins-corporate-democrats-mcgrath-and-hickenlooper-must-be


It’s actually more of a reckoning for the future of humanity (along with all flora and fauna). We simply no longer have any time left to fuck around playing politics and hoping for progressives to save us as climate catastrophe is really ramping up exponentially now. The people need to take to the streets with massive general strikes and boycotts and give the middle finger to all politicians now. And even that I fear is too late, but participating in politics is nothing but insanity now.


Dear Sunrise Movement:

Your efforts to support progressive primary candidates is admirable. It’s also futile. In the long run, you are blindly supporting a center right party, adorned on its fringes with a few progressives representing very progressive districts. These progressives, while joining you in advocating for serious change, are also forced – because of the need for “party unity” – to support the typical center right bullshit policy that Nancy Pelosi will allow to come up for a vote.

A better move would be to call for a third party – a truly progressive party. With just 20 reps, this third party could force legislation leftward. Meanwhile, the track record of the Democrats is plain to see. They are controlled by their right flank, and despite a few wins by progressives like Bowman and AO-C in NY, Blue Dogs run the agenda.


These corporate-owned Dem groups won’t get out of our way without THE PEOPLE pushing them out if the way. We start with voting.

Too many people don’t vote in America. These are the people, the apathetic, that billionaires LOVE. LOVE! They already bought politicians on the right aka: Rethuglicons to suppress and deny voters the ability to vote.

Too many people come here to post their angry, frustrated complaints about the popular myth, “Both parties are the same. So, why bother to vote”. These people give Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson, etc. and all stock holders and CEOs of transnational companies that pollute and screw workers and really the rest of us a reason to celebrate.

When Americans don’t even vote, that’s when these sociopaths/narcissists celebrate! Money and power concede nothing without a fight. And too many Americans don’t. So here we are…

Americans did vote though, by large margins. Nearly 1.4 million ballots were cast in Colorado, beating a previous high for primary ballot voting. Hickenlooper continued his statewide winning streak, even beating Romanoff in progressive friendly territory like Boulder and Denver counties by 6% and 10%, respectively.

Kentucky also set a high for primary voting. McGrath won a close one in this contest, but Booker acquitted himself very well. He likely would have won if another candidate didn’t pull in 5% of the vote. But here at CD we are supposed to pretend that voting third options don’t effect primarily two-way races, particularly if they are close ones.

Of course, it would be better if even more people participated, but lots of people did participate. The majority just didn’t favor the candidates most popular here at CD. That happens sometimes.

Phred and I called it. McGrath in a squeaker. Yeah, she just managed to eke out a victory, but it sure was a close one. Those close ones always seem to go one way. The only progressive wins seem to be when it is a blowout. Bernie had huge crowds at his rallies. I went to more than one. They were enthusiastic crowds, chanting “BERNIE, BERNIE”. Yet, we are to believe that those enthusiastic attendees were not motivated enough to show up to vote. Bernie and Warren both lost to Biden in Massachusetts and Maine, their own backyards that Bernie carried easily in 2016. Odd, ain’t it?


the problem with capture is as long as the fake Democratic Party exists it will create fake progressive candidates who have the talk down but are in reality captured. They need to capture everything because having some uncaptured people win, they would swiftly run into GATS and the whole subterfuge would fall apart.

Thats how they work.

The stakes are extremely high because of the big G, which means that all these law changes lock in and cant be reversed. Also, millions of jobs may be outsourced in a year or two, a very deal that goes back to the 90s. People who thought they would be working for the rest of their lives may be priced out of their fields.

Thats going to mortally hurt a lot of people who trusted politicians. It will probably lead to a descent into fascism. People will lose hope.

This is the price of not doing due dilligence and instead trusting people who should never have been trusted long after that was not justifiable by any logic.

Hi Maineac:
Sad!y , and with either the DNC or the RNC, I am finding that I do not believe voting results, and I believe even less when the e!ectors can negate what the People vote for. : (


This while MoveOn overwhelmingly endorses Joe Dough

And Tara Reade and his repugnant record are declared persona non grata.

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I agree. It doesn’t make sense that Bernie had all those enthusiastic supporters, Biden did almost no campaigning and the exit polls showed that 65% of the voters favored Medicare For All. Yet Biden kept winning. I believe that there was some shenanigans at the voting places plus exceptionally long lines in areas with populations that supported Bernie. Notice that the Democrats said very little about the fact in the recent primary in Kentucky. In Louisville, a city of 650,000 there was one one place to vote. Booker won against Democrat centrist favorite, Amy McGrath. Now that the primary is over, they’ll complain in November. Bernie would have been a stronger candidate as would Booker against McConnell. The Democrats just don’t care. They do’t want progressive policies and would rather lose.


The Neos (although I think of them as plain old fashioned Monarchists, that’s where they always want to go) always win by two points or by one point. That’s because they have the best polling that money can buy, and when they’re quite sure that a race is a dead heat, out comes the late money and out come those millions of Facebook ads and thousands of TV news ads. That’s the game.

Progressives don’t play that game. They don’t have the money, for one thing. Nor do they have the tight organization that money has, the ability to move millions of dollars fast and to the right place.

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You do know that Medicare for All is blocked by a trade agreement, since 1995, don’t you?

Its binding international law. We were deceived into thinking we still had the right to regulate.

See Article XXI of the GATS (not GATT) Agreement.

There is a copy linked from the web page on it on my web site.


They didn’t have the heart to tell us they had traded jobs away for markets.

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All the things Dems want are forbidden and things Biden promised are included, so if he were to win, 'ets say he tried to “expand ACA” as he said. Well, they neglected to tell us but ACA actually violated a Understandng we were the main country behind, you can read it here.


See where it says existing only. Well as the ACA violated a great many rules, it is subject to challenge. Other countries likely see it as “protectionst” because a great many jobs are supposed to be outsourced if others bid lower. And we keep delaying.

Literally hundreds of millions of jobs all over the world are supposed to be outsourced in order to help pay off the Third World Debt.

Americans generously offered to get the ball rolling by committing an unlimited number of jobs.

(Or so India says in their WTO Request for consultations DS 503 filed March 2016)

See this article: ~https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2016/03/05/indias-quite-right-in-the-wto-complaint-over-us-temporary-visa-fees and this one ~https://blog.nccr-onthemove.ch/us-india-visa-fee-controversy-before-the-wto-a-migration-mobility-nexus-for-the-wto/ In exchange for our young peoples jobs we’'ll get more leveragte to prevent things like this ~https://www.nytimes.com/2001/02/07/world/indian-company-offers-to-supply-aids-drugs-at-low-cost-in-africa.html )



(See the 2013 film “Fire in the Blood” - its more relevant today than it has ever been. )

I am sure Pelosi and Schumer are working on creating just such a party.
Thank you for your service.

As long as progressives continue to run in either of the two parties there will be no reckoning.

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it is past time for the progressives to realize that reforming the democrats has been for decades and will continue to be a chimera–even though a few “progressives” make it occasionally–the truth of the matter is the establishment works overtime to protect their own–see the 40 plus millions funneled to McGrath by the establishment Dems AND their Republican buddies to insure a corporate war monger is the only choice regardless of the party(and in this case a Dem who supports the president and his policies)—it is time to consider that in a three way race --a plurality wins–and that even a minuscule amount of power can change the course of history(as in-- they need our votes to pass a bill)–we will get no real change until we get rid of the parasites working for their masters --the capitalists-who have been sucking the blood from the people for decades

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It’s hard to accumulate a billion dollars in one human lifetime without exploiting one’s fellow human beings to some extent. As Peter Siinfield wrote and Greg Lake sang “There isn’t a man in a mansion that an accurate pen won’t puncture.”


What you are describing, collective punishment, is totally evil.

Your cure is no cure at all.

Did you watch “fire in the blood” which is a true story?

You should. Please take some time off your busy schedule to do that. You can find it on streaming sites.

You’ll see why Yusef is a hero there.

He saved many millions of lives.

Why don’t you phrase your opinion differently, say by advocating for strongly progressive taxation, and strong laws against tax evasion, combined with large cuts in defense spending. As a student of history, extreme responses like eliminating billionaires en masse make me suspect that the cure might end up being as bad or worse - probably even worse than the situation its trying to fix.

As somebody who has known a great many people who have grown up under various forms of totalitarianism, I see them all as disturbingly similar. Our fascism and neoliberal corporate state in the end will likely become something mush like other fascist states except global. Probably claiming to be socialist but really, they are all the same.

There are a great many progressives who are turned off by statements that imply such extremism, even if they might be sympathetic to what you likely really mean, a strongly progressive system that prevents massive accumulation of wealth over generations.

No, I’m only saying that nobody earns their way to a billion, many people must take less for their labor or pay unjust prices for somebody to accumulate a billion after taxes. If you say he worked the system, then the system is not a just system.