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Sunrise Movement to Host Nationwide House Parties to Boost Sanders, Demand Green Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/28/sunrise-movement-host-nationwide-house-parties-boost-sanders-demand-green-green-new

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Hats off! Let’s pull it off then!


With that kind of enthusiasm they could start a 3rd party. Perez has made it crystal clear who the Democrats are. Bernie supporters should find a party that supports them while there’s still time to get on the November ballot.


Perez, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, klobachar, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, and ALL the rest, including the likes of faux progressives like Booker and Kamala Harris, shouldn’t be called Democrats. They should be called Bob Dole Republicans or some clever name for Republican Lite.
Your point of a third party is absolutely valid and in a just society would be the proper and correct methodology for Sanders and his supporters to go.
But. The two party duopoly the established elites wouldn’t allow Bernie to gain any traction at all. Most people still would not who he is. Like Ralph Nader in 2000 who sold out arenas during his campaign but was blocked from even debating in the run up to the election.
Bernie is running as a Democrat out of nessesity to garner any media coverage; albeit, typically with shameless unethical hit pieces and smears. But: He’s on the debate stage.
And this wonderful man. Fighting for justice all his life became Mayor by 12 votes in 1981. Congressman in 1990, then Senator in 2008. When Occupy Wall Street came along and put the hideous inequality into the public consciousness of this country Bernie didn’t order a nation wide malacious eviction of all demonstators, like Obama and Biden did… He instead incorporated the anger and grieviences of US the 99 % and became of us. Because he is one of us. and all of us. He’s been fighting this battle for five decades.
And how amazing is it that Hillary MSNBC The New York Times Obama etc are throwing everything they got at him but he is WINNING and gaining more and more momentum.
But like the prescient Michael Moore warns: WE can’t celebrate on the two yard line.
Bernie needs us more than ever.
This is an amazing moment and opportunity we the 99 % have right now. We all got to do what ever we can to help Bernie cause CNN will do everything they can to stop Bernie.
And it’s not Bernie. It’s us.


Bernie did suggest that I vote for Hillary, Howie Hawkins has never done that. While I would be happy if he were nominated, I don’t think it will happen. Supporting cheaters after they’ve cheated Bernie, has allowed those people to stay in position to rig a second primary. And they are doing it, and have been for over a year.

Bernie says you can’t fight a corrupt system and take their money. I’d suggest that you cant take over a corrupt party, by supporting their corrupt leaders. He should learn the lesson of Hubert Humphrey - suppress your gag reflex to go along, and you lose anyway.

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And we should keep in mind that Iowa is not the end, it is the beginning. More volunteering and donating is paramount.

He did do that indeed. I couldn’t vote for her. But, I live in safely blue NJ, where l voted for Jill Stein for second consecutive presidential election. But if I lived in Ohio or any other “swing” state I would have pulled the lever for the lesser evil. Noam Chomsky convinced me of how the small differences between the corporate parties can and do translate into policies which can dramatically make all the difference in the lives of some. For instance, as flawed as Mr Obama was, I have health care due to the ACA. NUCLEAR treaties weren’t abandoned. The United States signed onto the Paris Climate Accord.
As corrupt and just unpalletable as Clinton was, Trump is worse. Much more regressive. The Bullentine of Atomic Scientists just moved the doomsday clock 100 seconds to midnight. Closest to doomsday EVER. SO yeah I commend Bernie for selflessly campaigning for Clinton. … And believe me, I think she is a creaton. but not Trump.
And last UPTHEPEOPLE, your pessimism for Bermies chances, this time, can be called pragmatic. Realistic. Maybe. But I get the feeling of intellectual cynicism lacking the courage to have faith and give it your all your self.
You tell me he should run as third party candidate which would guarantee him to loss simultaneously siphoning Democrat votes there by ensuring Trumps second term which, if human life survives it, what kind of life would be there for my two year old son?
Nope. That be horrific if Bernie did that. Hes WINNING without taking their money. Yeah of course they have stopped tryimg to stop him. But nothing is sticking. Do you think. Just maybe he could win??? He has the guts to try. To give it his everything. Do you have guts to not be cynical just this once my friend?

*haven’t stopped trying to stop him

Each one is worse than the one preceding. And each one has empowered
the next by pushing the boundaries about executive lawlessness a bit