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Sunrise Movement Vows to Make Sure Kamala Harris' Green New Deal Support Goes Beyond Embrace of 'Buzzword'

Sunrise Movement Vows to Make Sure Kamala Harris' Green New Deal Support Goes Beyond Embrace of 'Buzzword'

Julia Conley, staff writer

A day after the Sunrise Movement displayed a prominent banner at the launch of Sen. Kamala Harris's (D-Calif.) presidential campaign, urging the senator to back a Green New Deal to shift the U.S. to a 100 percent renewable energy system, Harris announced at a town hall event that she supported the ambitious proposal.

At the CNN-hosted town hall in Iowa, Harris told the audience, "I support a Green New Deal" to help combat the climate crisis, which she called "an existential threat to our country."


I still have not heard any of the Democrats who have begun stumping for 2020, embrace Medicare-For-All.

Yes, Sunrise Movement, do not forget politicians always tell you what you want to hear!

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How about voting/voter reform? Just making a list and checking it twice.

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G, are you able to keep warm up there in the deep freeze? Stay inside till it’s over.

I’m good as long as the grid holds out. If the power goes out, no gas furnace.
My immediate problem is getting someone to dig us out of the foot of snow we just got. So happens that my snow removal guy got laid up with a severe leg problem and can’t show. Too much for my back, and some pretty awesome drifting.
Thanks for the personal concern. We are lacking in that department, as a country.
Hope Penn. doesn’t get this Polar vortex treatment.

Any neighbors or your kids available? If not, just let it snow.

Wednesday and Thursday may be single digits here. We has a gas furnace and a backup gas fireplace. Living in a retirement community has it’s advantages. All roads and parking pad are plowed pretty religiously.

You ought to give some thought to moving down here. Lots of like minded veterans and folks in general.

Bought our 2br, 2ba, 1 large oversized garage for $185K. Fairly low taxes, water from the aquifer at Caledonia State Forest at South Mountain. Nice are surrounded by Diary Farms and Fruit Orchards. Cool breezes off the mountain every summer evening.

We share a wall with our one neighbor. A group of us get together once a month for food and drinks at our homes, and in the April to November stretch we have a clubhouse less than a 10 minute walk away that serves food and drinks. Four taps of Pennsylvania brewed beer and ale.

Sold yet?

Because they haven’t rolled out their new watered down version of HB 676, complete with incentives for the insurance industry. They will right before it’s voted on, with no citizen input. Can’t wait.

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Check out Stephen Zunes item about Kamala Harris. She sounds like a Clinton clone, just another Wall St. corporate Democrat, well into the deep pockets of AIPAC.

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It wouldn’t take much to nudge me out of this abode of 40 years.
We live a block from the road I used to hitch-hike and later drove on as a teen. Back then there was an old barn (old already in the early 60’s). The only other thing on that 3 mile stretch between two small towns was a recreation spot with trampolines and mini-golf.By the mid to late 70’s it built up, and when we moved here there was, within walking or biking distance, a couple of bars, dept.stores with mini mall, restaurants, gas stations,grocers, a dog kennel, and a hardware store.
We are down to one grocer, no kennel, two fast food joints, and the gas stations.
We went from quiet, to busy, and now back to quiet. The kicker is likely replacing the dept. store with a Walmart. A few more years and we will be ready for easier living.

You think you have it bad, prior to moving up here, we lived in a town, about 45 minutes outside of DC.

We were over a mile from an amphitheater that from April to October when musical groups played, there was no room in our 3 story home where you could retreat from the pounding bass.

Also, due to a rerouting strategy at the airport which was 24 miles away, jets would come down over our house starting at 4:30am in the morning and that would go on all day and night. The reason they came in so low, as well as taking off so slow, supposedly was going to save the airline industry tens of billions of dollars.

No political will to make any changes at all.

Nothing even remotely similar up here. It’s called Penn National Resort Community.

Lot of nice folks.

Like I said, it’s surrounded by the mountains and Diary Farms so if you’re adverse to the smell of fertilizer at various times of the year, you might want to pass.

Hell, I grew up living directly across the street from a pig farm. We were downwind of that for years.