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Sunrise Movement Vows to 'Turn Up the Heat on Biden' as New Survey Details 2020 Dems' Climate Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/03/sunrise-movement-vows-turn-heat-biden-new-survey-details-2020-dems-climate-policies

The group’s call for the public to pressure Biden “to do the right thing” comes after Reuters reported last month that Biden’s campaign is crafting “a middle ground approach” to the human-caused global climate emergency.

Well you wouldn’t expect him to give his Corporate donors a Sad, would you?

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Would you buy a used planet from a guy that smiles like that?

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If the Dems and the public have to pressure Biden to do the “right thing,” like care about the Planet and the People— WHY would anyone except corporate America and the corporate Dems vote for him?
I have believed nothing about Biden, since the day after he announced and the next day he had an obscene amount of money and was leading in the polls. Hmmm, did they hire Karl Rove to create this stupidity?


Most of us here understand the threats fracking creates, locally and for the entire planet. The “non-response” from Biden, Harris, Castro, and Yang, should immediately end their campaigns

Yes PonyBoy, that is one creepy smile, saying something like: “Dam we’re really gonna screw over the people this time.”


The state of Pennsylvania in which I currently reside, is being fracked to death.

Fortunately, I live next to a mountain range which is part of the Appalachian Trial and our water comes from that state forest.

It’s utterly amazing that the Oil and Gas Industry has sunk their tentacles into so many politicians.
Like Judas, they have made their bed, so let them hang in it.

Fear not though, sustainable energy development is past a point that there is no way of stopping it now.

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