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Super Storms Keep Coming as Yemen and Oman Brace for Cyclone Chapala


Super Storms Keep Coming as Yemen and Oman Brace for Cyclone Chapala

Jon Queally, staff writer

Government authorities and foreign aid agencies in war-torn Yemen as well as officials in neighboring Oman are urging people to evacuate coastal areas on Sunday as a very powerful—and extremely rare—cyclone readies to make landfall.


To paraphrase Porfirio Diaz, poor Yemen so far from God and so close to Saudi America. And now this.


I hope Senator Imhof, R-OK USA, eventually notices Patricia & Chapla as Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee.


"Saudi America" LOL!....


Once in a lifetime may turn out to be a lot more frequent than that optimistic estimate suggests.

Interestingly enough there has been no mention of the storm's effect on Saudia Arabia. They will probably benefit from what little rain passes over the coastal mountains and for a time their desert will be green.

Sadly for Yemen the years of overgrazing and deforestation will make the torrential rains it will receive even more hazardous.


About as likely as a snow-ball in Hell or flying pigs.......I looked-up "ignorance" in my Funk&Wagnalls, and there was a photo of Imhoff!


The only way Inhofe will notice is if the voters of Oklahoma notice and decide that a man who calls our greatest long-term threat a hoax should be replaced with a responsible person.


Inhofe's too busy getting himself into training to throw snowballs for any of that stuff. He didn't take the job to be an environmentalist but to stop environmentalists.


My thoughts are with the people of Yemen and Omar and my rage is with the Western powers, particularly the US, for its over consuming ways--which is greatly responsible for climate chaos-- and its propensity to interfere in other nations.

An ecological "civilization" will come to pass when we as humans become civilized individuals:



Unfortunately this is that "New Normal" they keep talking about.

You know this profile is just heating up, warm oceans make huge storms.


The last time I read about this storm, I wish I could remember the source, the article claimed the Cyclone would drop to a cat 1, not keep the strength of a cat 4...


First off let me reiterate that it is not the end of humanity like some people keep babbling about. We wouldn't let it get to such extreme temperatures as are predicted by a linear rise in temps till 135F is reached in summer. We would risk trying some ridiculously insane geoengineering scheme which will most likely backfire on us in some way but will be somewhat effective nonetheless.

That said... no human extinction amid the Sixth Extinction ... and then >>>

Boy are we fucked! Holy Cow (somebody tell @zenpractice about veggie methane from those cows in India).

New Normal? You know in all honesty...we should be so lucky that it is only this bad. I think it will be worse. About as worse as it can get without it being too much to overcome. We are literally pushing things to the limit. I thought a melting polar ice cap would have been a big enough sign that we were letting it go too far but seems not. We will let is go as far as we can it seems.

That means some heavy duty weather in the most unusual places. Big changes too such no ice at the North Pole in summer and maybe lots of grass in desert wastes where no grass has grown before since man left Africa.

If storms will now bring moisture to the Arabian Peninsula, grass and trees will replace desert over vast areas and fast too. Not millennia but instead only decades.

Defrosted Alaska and Siberia? Memorial services for Florida and Bangladesh?

And ... one helluva hurricane season along the Gulf and east coast states. Places we know will become places we never expected to be like they are becoming. Australia has wind gusts for cyclone Olivia of 236 miles per hour!!!

Let something like that hit NYC and alternate side of the street parking will be a much bigger problem!

A New Normal... will keep going and keep changing until we'd start describing it as the New Abnormal...

because like this storm it is where it isn't supposed to be and there will almost certainly be more to follow.

will be many people's epitaph as time goes on.


Yep ... that's what I read ...and now look, no rest for the weary... I am truly sorry for those people.........


This has got to be in the main stream news... I mean, it should be... and if it isn't, well, we know of course, it won't be.... I'll be extremely surprised if it is... we really do need people to understand the severity and abnormality of this... and how the people there will suffer...


"In a noon update on Sunday, the Oman Meteorology Department issued warnings of waves reaching heights of nearly 33 feet and wind speeds accelerating to 170kmph..."

"170kmph?" What might that be? Kilometers per hour, or miles per hour? The author of this article seems to want to have it both ways.

170kph is 105.4 miles per hour -- Category 2. Not too bad.

170mph -- Category 5, Very bad. Not as bad as Hurricane Patricia (by 30mph), but bad enough.

A little proofreading here would have eliminated the ambiguity.