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Super Typhoon Goni Strikes the Philippines as 'Strongest Landfalling Tropical Cyclone on Record,' Spurring Calls for Climate Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/01/super-typhoon-goni-strikes-philippines-strongest-landfalling-tropical-cyclone-record


But climate justice would be bad for the economy. Heck. Let’s set up some human rendering plants where humans can be melted down or whatever for the valuable oils and minerals in their bodies. Once the rendering plants are up and running, we can appeal to the international corporate courts for a special dispensation to keep operating … for the good of the economy don’tcha know. Then we’ll have to ramp up production cuz we’ll be real civic-minded and we’ll want to create all them good paying jobs for the community. So pretty soon we’ll be harvesting and processing millions of humans and the economy will be humming right along, and we’ll probably get some kind of award from the chamber of commerce or maybe the Rotarians, cuz you know we’ll be real super compassionate and caring and humanitarian. Our Human Resources department will be unrivaled. There’ll be signs all over our rendering facilities, “Safety First.”

Truth is, the real economy and its political appendages the world over (governments) are murder-suicide machines. This is as plain as the noses on human faces. Maybe the noses are being ground too far into the dirt and that’s why so few people can see them… and the murder-suicide machine keeps churning and churning, ever more brutal.


The “economy” is a human-made fiction. It only works if enough of us believe in it. But if we were to “uncool” it, as the book Culture Jam says, and come up with a way to live that’s beneficial to all beings, not just humans, we might have a chance. The rich are only rich because a specific mass of other homo saps give them that power and influence. But if it’s taken away, suddenly the term becomes meaningless.
Now we have another tropical system in the Atlantic-Eta, forecast to generate life-threatening storm surges and massive rainfall. Wonder what the National Hurricane Center will do once they’ve gone through the Greek alphabet? I suggest naming the storms after oily magnates, like Koch and Getty.
Gaia has rung in the fifth alarm. Time for us hairless, tail less apes to wake up and smell the smoke.


An aeroflot plane caught fire one day in Moscow. The flight attendants told everybody to forget about their luggage, just get off the plane fast. The passengers in the front of the plane then opened up the overhead compartments and grabbed their laptops and carry-on luggage. The people in front got off but 50 other passengers died.

We read about these people dying and think nothing of heating our houses with natural gas or with fuel oil. That’s different.

Increasing ocean heat by a few degrees changes the potential acceleration of hurricanes. Rapid acceleration is now taking place with Hurricane Eta. Note that we have never gotten as far as Eta in the Atlantic Ocean.

The damage from hurricanes on any island or coastline seems to be up by a factor of 100 and a factor of 1000 is certainly possible in the near future. If you live in any coastal area that is vulnerable to hurricanes, prepare to pay 100 to 1000 times as much damage, one way or another.


Absolutely correct as usual. A little more on that from the Masters:

If Eta does form, it would tie 2020 with 2005 for the most named storms in an Atlantic hurricane season, with 28. One of the storms in 2005 was not named because it was discovered in post-season analysis, so this would be the first use of Eta in any Atlantic season.


So far the forecast tracks for Eta are hairy as all heck.

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Climate justice sounds good in print and theory, but just how is it to be implemented in a world dependent on fossil fuels just to, say, grow enough crops for its almost 8B people? How to move the food, harvest it, etc,get it to the markets? A system that depends on fossil fuel to function at all can’t change in enough time to avert the impending disaster that has been ongoing for a half a century, and even if it could the temperature would keep rising for quite some time.(several generations) We are really at the hospice phase for Earth herself, humans are most likely done. Save Earth, start by deactivating all nuclear reactors before another 450+ Fukushima’s turn Earth into a glow-in-the-dark, dead, orb.


Or simply, move far inland. Southern Florida is history waiting to happen. Same with a lots of low lying coastal zones around the world. Watch “Burn Notice” to see Miami before it becomes submerged.

What do we get from Dump on climate crisis??

“Oh! We can’t stop fracking! Job losses!”
“We need coal! More coal! Under my presidency, I promise increased coal jobs!”
“We need to sell off our Public Lands!”
“We need to drill in the Artic and The Grand Canyon!”

Lies and destruction of earth’s treasures. Besides EPA opening Pandora’s box destroying more life on this planet our air, our water, our earth with more deadly, cancerous pollution.

MAGA. And no, coal production and coal jobs has significantly decreased. More deadly pollution and pathological lying. Dump tRump.


I have been watching the non action on climate catastrophe since 1970. That’s 50 years of inaction.How can I expect anything to change from the top. They know the reality of the science . It’s very hard to understand the ecocidal people in power. Does the short term greed really explain it?


You’re too late to get a patent on that idea, T.   The Koch Brothers copyrighted Soylent Brown ®, already under construction to manufacture dog food in Brownsville, Texas, two or three years ago . . .


Nothing said about the Catholic Church, the most prevalent in the Philippines, and is of course against birth control in one of the most densely populated and religious countries on earth. Our resources are stretched more and more thin as the world’s population explodes. Wouldn’t it be nice if churches started preaching for smaller families and birth control?


The area around Fargo, or perhaps Winnipeg if you want a hockey team, would be about as far inland as you can get in North America, expect some increase in tornados over time.

That is not a problem for the Phillippines as long as they can export their excess population. Do not expect that to end until their ability to export their population slows, when coincidentally their population growth will begin to slow despite what the Church says.

Barton: Boy, isn’t that a refreshing thought, now! Smaller families. Ohhhh. Birth control. What a concept!

For the life of me, here it is, 2020 and couples are still focused on themselves; how many little mini-mes can we continue to have? These couples are featured on TLC giving birth to litters. 11, 15, 18 kids.

In centuries before, life was rugged, unforgiving and life expectancy much, much shorter. You had maybe a farm, livestock was food supply and you had to build your own home. Completely understandable then that just surviving meant having the proper “hands on deck” , a family would need to survive by having a sizable one. Infant mortality rates and no birth control was the way of life. And world population and pollution, wasn’t an issue.

But today, to see how selfish and self-centered couples are to even purposely plan this type of life is just more narcissism in our society. These people are completely blind to the plight of our earth and it’s limited resources. Nor do these self-obsessed morons consider climate disasters to come.

It’s not going to get better, I fear. The People in all countries, but most particularly developed countries, like U.S., are in for a major war with fossil fuel sociopathic/narcissistic CEOs where money is more important than life, more important than saving this precious planet.
Capitalism, profit motive is so powerful, so evil and destructive.


That’s why we must educate all girls everywhere on the planet ,so they can self determine their own future.

Education must be made available to all and be free. A world government is the way forward now.

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What is this story doing here? I thought the rest of the world stopped in the run-up to US presidential elections?


"we aren’t equipped with enough progressive vision for it."

Seems to be the story everywhere…

Indeed. The power that harvesting and transporting machines need can only adequately be provided by fossil fuel. However, the transporting of millions of individuals to and from destinations that could be reached by bicycle or a fuel efficient car rather than an oversized truck with an oversized gas guzzling engine would be sensible and helpful. Also, as we’ve heard often before, the global planting of trees where such may be done to replace so much forest would be inexpensive and helpful. Trees cool the summer heat where they grow and slow the winds. May we take note of this next time we drive through a forest with the windows down on a hot day.

Almost the entire planet has problems.

Lost in the rush of people fleeing death in other countries are the people fleeing desertification. They all report that it no longer pays to grow food. California needs to come to terms with their climate being drier. The Midwest will need to come to terms with megadroughts.

When all of the world’s trees are outside of their hardiness and moisture zones, why will any of them survive?

What was the speed of the strongest winds in the strongest storm ever? Did I miss that sentence?

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