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'Superbugs' Could Kill 10 Million Annually Without Urgent Action, Warns New Report

'Superbugs' Could Kill 10 Million Annually Without Urgent Action, Warns New Report

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new report on antimicrobial resistance calls for greater action by stakeholders at all levels lest so-called "superbugs" claim 10 million lives a year.

"There is no time to wait," says the report, released Monday by the U.N. Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance.

"Unless the world acts urgently, antimicrobial resistance will have disastrous impact within a generation," IACG says.

Here’s what we could do tomorrow:

  1. Nobody buys meat with antibiotics. Then Trader Joes finally cleans up their act. Then the others follow suit. Then the bugs have no genetic driving reason to become superbugs.

  2. Downsize hospitals and nursing homes. Put in a subsidy so that we don’t have supersized death camps. Then the bugs won’t spread like crazy.

  3. Also clean up the hospitals. Most bugs hitchhike on staffers’ hands and on common objects. Work on dead simple technological ways of not spreading these bugs. For example, have a pen that you can only grab with a fresh sheet of plastic wrap around it, or drop the ball point pen in a little sterilizing ultraviolet light container after each use, or rotate pen use. Imagine if the hospital had to use ten times as many ball point pens but the pens lasted ten times as long. Major cost problem? Nah.

Now having said “could” do tomorrow, is anybody going to lift a finger? Die! Die! Die!


The courage to call out Trader Joe’s…impressive. I remember when they were selling industrial grade maple syrup (something I did not even know existed) as grade A.
You seem to have a good grasp of this problem. But your recommendations will be costly and trying to get money out of the only people left who have it, the One Percent, to implement these reforms, will be worse than pulling teeth from a lion.
The Four Horsemen are nigh.

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From the article: “fast forward to 2050”. There might be a few bugs around then.

This situation fits right in with their overall aim to exterminate the masses of people: ecological crisis, nuclear war threats, poverty and inequality which also means access to food, clean water and healthcare. At what point do we decide we have had enough?


Political power. I do not understand it. Money is power, why Pelosi is Speaker and why the Dems are trying to squash the Progressive upstarts.

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Yes we need, as the article states, “a “One Health approach” on a scale on par with the threats.”

But the competitive drive for short-term profit under capitalism, and the reduction of all accounting “value” to money profit, means there are vast, powerful interests who inherently oppose any changes that are “on a scale on par with the threats.”

As with all the synergistic metastasizing mega-crises confronting humanity and ecology today: We need a whole-system approach that dis-empowers these distorted interests, dis-empowers capital, and orients society and the economy toward actual human need and ecological recovery.

Single-issue approaches are pretty much doomed to fail, unless and until we address the deep systemic economic drives toward destruction.

Hubristic narcissistic delusions of endless growth and limitless profit are killing everything. We need to see this, and determine to change it.


And in seeing this, and determining to change it, we need also to recognize the divide-and-conquer propaganda endlessly churned out by these interests. When Trump bloviates about women conspiring with doctors to murder new-borns (as one recent example), he’s just following the established protocol for riling up “the people” about bullshit. There are millions of examples, most more subtle and effective than Trump’s bloviations, that assault our consciousness hourly throughout our lives.

We need to get some clarity in our minds about this constant stream of self-interested bullshit, including bullshit that is framed as “Science in the public interest!” by interested profiteering corporations. With absolutely no doubt, propagandists working on behalf of corporate profiteers who abuse antimicrobials, are spinning precisely such bullshit right now, in response to this United Nations report on resistant microbes produced by corporate bad action. And their “Science!” propaganda will be featured on the airwaves and in print as “disinterested commentary.”

The problems are deep, and systemic.

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I recall warnings about this decades ago, however it seems the corporate Ag and industrial scale cattle/pig ranching, chicken farming continue to treat animals with total disrespect and cruelty. Hormones and antibiotics are still fed and administered in high numbers. No surprise that resistance to antibacterial drugs is on the increase. I am trying to go completely vegetarian and organic and have reduced and completely eliminated use of conventional chicken and beef.

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Hospital discharges end up in the same sewage treatment centers as do household and industrial wastes. I have read articles about drugs administered to cancer patients and the mental patients showing up in fish samples that we consume.

Because evil has no bounds and profits and bribes are too attractive to corrupt minds who think everything will get “diluted” over time. They also think earth’s population must be reduced somehow. The how’s don’t matter to these sick minds and the fact that unless we have food and housing security plus higher levels of education earth’s population will continue to increase.

You mean like the “urgent action” being taken to mitigate climate change?
Good night, nurse.


G-L: How do you see taking action when “we decide we have had enough?”

One major source of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are disrupting reproduction and inducing many diseases in plants and animals including humans, is birth control and other hormonal treatments taken by humans, excreted from our bodies into the environment.

Other sources of course are industrial ag pesticides, plastics, and many other untested yet approved chemicals used in mass production.

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Oh and that damn dreaded deadly roundup which gets sprayed with greater frequency and volume during the spring season.


The poisons they use to keep the Mega Weeds off their GMO Grains and Veggies will wipe us out faster than these Buggers. They Will be the next Generation.

This was also my reaction to the 2050 fast forward…The science says that we only have about 10.5 years left to get to zero carbon releases into the atmosphere before the major feedback loops are triggered that will cause the 6th extinction event on the Earth. Given that, by 2050 there may be a few “bugs” around, but they will have few hosts to multiply in and kill.

Just further proof that “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature.”   Why most of us think we have any more right to be here than the dinosaurs is beyond me.

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The feedback loops are already underway. Time is short now for all of us.

Yeah. That was my point. Glad someone realised.