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Superbugs on Track to Kill More People Than Cancer, UK Politician Warns


Superbugs on Track to Kill More People Than Cancer, UK Politician Warns

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" are on track to kill more people than cancer, the UK's chief financial minister will warn Thursday.


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Hmm. We need more antibiotics to combat what overuse of antibiotics has caused. sounds like the definition of insanity to me.


The rise in “super bugs” - really antibiotic-resistant/acclimated, is a glaring example of corruption of our “regulatory” agencies, charged with protecting the public, being subverted by corporate influence/money and the revolving-door of industry shills/agents moving from business into agency positions (usually with the collusion of political stooges/officials - like presidents) then when their term is up, back they go to the very industries/sectors/corporations they and the agency were charged - sworn - to regulate to reap rewards!

This is a pattern in many “protective/regulatory” agencies including oil&gas, environmental protection, nuclear, food & drug, health care, financial, and “defense”. A grand con with great implications for society and extra costs usually born by the public, while the various sectors and corporations and politicians all gain great wealth from corruption!


Republicans always scream about how government regulations are bad for business. Here is another instance of how unregulated capitalism goes wild. Compare this with fracking poisoning well water and nicotinoid insecticides killing bees. Unregulated capitalism is literally dangerous to human beings. Government regulations may be a pain in the neck when you stand in line at motor vehicles or paying taxes but nobody wants adulterated or impure medications or tainted foods. Bills regulating antibiotic use are routinely blocked or watered down in congress. That insanity is making it that someday we will start dying from the superbug versions of diseases that once killed our grandparents and great grandparents but which have more or less disappeared as mortal threats in modern medicine. They return. Call it a lethal irony inherent in unregulated capitalism.


Wow…what was the point of that statement? Our planet is overpopulated, but I don’t see the article or anyone here jumping for joy over superbugs. I think the main point was that industry, especially agriculture uses antibiotics to make their jobs easier even at the risk of causing pandemics. I think I read somewhere that despite pleas from governmental agencies to get industry to quit using antibiotics, they have actually INCREASED their use of it. One more example of corporate profit trumping common sense safe practices for protecting people, animals and the environment.




Maybe we should pay a premium to surgeons to ensure they sew up patients?


Super bugs are caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Farm animals are now routinely dosed with antibiotics whether they exhibit signs of illness or not. This selectively breeds antibiotic resistant super bugs.


You are exactly correct. We can trace the development of super bugs directly to unrestricted money in politics.

That is why “politics as usual” is no longer an option.


“Just like The Great Nations of Europe in the Sixteenth Century”
Randy Newman