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Superbugs, Sewage, and Scandal: Are Rio Olympics Poised for Disaster?


Superbugs, Sewage, and Scandal: Are Rio Olympics Poised for Disaster?

Nika Knight, staff writer

A biology professor has simple advice for athletes and tourists descending on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Olympics' start on Friday: "Don't put your head underwater."


"Dr. Valerie Harwood, chair of the Department of Integrative Biology at
the University of South Florida, remarked on the dangers posed by Rio's
water to AP, which reported
Monday that a 16-months-long study revealed that "the waterways of Rio
de Janeiro are as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage
teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria."

Well next time let's have the 2020 Olympics in Bangladesh, or the Niger Delta in Nigeria, or Delhi in India.


I’ve been searching for words to string together to describe what the Olympics represent. Couldn't do it. It is too overwhelming given the context of collapse on earth today due to humans.

It is fitting that this is taking place amidst "superbugs, sewage and scandal".

Why not add more devastation to the ecosystems of Brazil so that humans can compete in the false glory of nationalism?

“This is an environmental crime,” says the biologist and activist with Rio’s Occupy Golf movement. “They are destroying the Atlantic Forest, which is part of our national heritage.”

Could fill a book of environmental destruction left in the wake of the Olympics-----all because of stupid, f---ing competitive sports amongst homo un sapiens.



Anti-Olympics Protests Planned across Rio de Janeiro on the Eve of “The Exclusion Games”


The Miracle of Resistance: Lessons from Rio’s Successful Urban Quilombos & Indigenous Groups

and remember the World Cup?
Forced Eviction of Aldeia Maracanã: How Not to Make a World Cup


Thanks for the links!

And one more then over and out-----wish this were true but I fear it is too late:


Many people of the world have become modernized, secular, materialistic, and self-centered, which has led to harmful over exploitation of food, resources, and natural sources of materials and energy. Indigenous worldviews teach that people must have respect for the resources of the world, they are gifts from the creator, and must be used with the view toward maintaining long-term, indefinite, sustainability.


Bacteria and viruses? Wait till the Olympic committee irradiates athletes at the Tokyo games.


To continue with the Olympics is an outrage. Anyone who agrees to go to Rio for this grotesque display is an accomplice. Why would anyone that trains so extensively to be in excellent health want to go and expose themselves to the type of bugs and viruses that have been loudly warned against? And that may be transmitted upon their return to their home countries. Pandemic anyone?
This is too sickening to watch. And we thought the conventions were disgusting.


How about:
They Make An Awfully Lot of Filth in Brazil

Way Down Among Brazilians sewage grows by the billions,
So they've got to find some place for the spill to swill,
They got an awfully lot of filth in Brazil

You can't swim in the water (even though you really oughta!)
Scuba and diving are no real thrill,
They make an awfully lot of filth in Brazil

They can't afford to treat it, so they simply dump it,
In the nearest waterway that they can fill,
They make an awfully lot of filth in Brazil


When what was once a populist event becomes a boondoggle for the 1% it is time to rethink the whole effort. I find them to be rather tedious and without soul. Tickets are expensive when you consider that you have to purchase one for every event you wish to see and the expense that is assumed by the host nation will never be recouped. Think what could have been don for Rio's slums and working poor with the money squandered on this sixteen day extravaganza. I guess they can turn the indoor sites into public housing or prisons. If the US ever tries to host these games again I would vote to impeach the president and the congress members and governor of the hosting state in a New York minute.


You left out over populated which in all honesty is a main cause for everything else.


Yes population density is a real problem with all the infrastructure it takes to keep the population healthy. However this concentration is necessary because all these people must also eat. a strong irony is that cities were built generally on the most productive land available and so we have paved and built over our most valuable croplands. Please realise that as our population continues to expand the quality of life Will diminish.


The olymics will take on new meaning: only those with the strongest immune systems will compete!


The New Olympics: those with the strongest immune systems win!


Ticki, you are repeating yourself; go to sleep


Who cares about the public good? We've got games to play!