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'Supermax for the Crime of Journalism': Ex-US Warden Tells UK Court Assange Likely to Be Sent to Notorious Colorado Prison

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/supermax-crime-journalism-ex-us-warden-tells-uk-court-assange-likely-be-sent


The 2020 equivalent of Mussolini vs. Hitler.

That Assange still remains incarcerated without ever being tried speaks volumes.

I still stand by my position that when forced to choose, hold your nose and go with the Fascist over the Nazi. Considering the damage done by both, saying they are the same is fallacious.

Tyranny is upon us.

By your own cryptic usage, it’s entirely unclear which is which.

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Thanks for this, CD. Far too many still buy into the “Assange is a Russian agent” lie.


This is all bulls*t. Baraitser already has her instructions.

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Isn’t the main story here that the case against Assange is weak, weak, weak. And a decision against him will be purely political.

Also, isn’t there a court case going on in Spain that essentially renders moot the charges against Assange? I think Max Blumenthal (The Grayzone) has written about this. +https://thegrayzone.com/2020/09/29/spanish-judge-sheldon-adelson-assange-spying/


As I said, saying they are the same is fallacious.

Biden is so obviously the face of 2020 friendly fascism, and will support the life long jailing of Assange. Under Drumpf, the accused will never make it to jail now will he?

You think Biden will allow forced sterilizations under ICE contractors? Will Biden set his brown shirts upon the polling stations and post offices?

For shame.

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The US Supermax prison is in some ways worse than the USSR’s gulag–especially in the fifties when conditions improved over wartime. At least prisoners over there got to do work and be with each other. I can’t imagine penning someone up in isolation for 23 hours a day. Wouldn’t treat a dog like that.


Prison for those who tell the truth, leadership roles and wealth for those who lie. Welcome to a world controlled by conservatives.


What! No pardon from SDNY’s individual 1, how convenient to forget 2016 except when it’s to protect # 1. Or maybe this is all about shutting up Assange as there are more beans to spill, along with punishment for previous leaks.


James Bond comes to mind:



The same crew who control the MSM do not want war crimes exposed in a certain MIddle East country



The entire computer crime case against Assange is based on a brief discussion, between a publisher and source, about cracking a password — but the cracking never actually happened.



You mean this country:


There are a few to choose from.

Is Assange really the poster boy we should be using for freedom of the press? I wonder what dirt he had on the GOP that he kept secret or worst yet passed to parties for the purposes of extortion. Or are you going to suggest that such dirt doesn’t exist, or that the GOP were better at securing their servers? I suspect if the truth be known he would garner no support and even less sympathy. Assange did what he did not to inform the public but to selectively sway the political fortunes of certain people. That’s not journalism. And look where it’s gotten us!

To me it seems that the main story is that the US wants to ignore parts of the 1st Amendment in order to restrict press freedom, and wants to extend its jurisdiction beyond its borders and citizenry in order to apply an extremely weak case against a national of another country because that national revealed American war crimes. They also are ignoring Assange’s human rights. If Assange’s rights are being ignored then can it be said that you and I still have human rights?

But our elites are less and less following the requirements of our Constitution and statues when they don’t like the results.

How many of our laws do our elites intend to toss into the trash because they do not like the results? Obama has already ignored habeas corpus. How many more laws can be tossed aside or made arbitrary before we must say that we are being oppressed under a government of men, un-elected by us and unaccountable to us.

In short, this prosecution of Julian Assange is a crime, both against Julian Assange and ourselves. Julian Assange is a political prisoner, currently being held by a complicit British government.


It’s easy to see how such a supposed lie got started. After all Assange’s actions helped elect Putin’s puppet. Thanks to Julian, Russia has managed to install an asset in the White House. But no, they couldn’t possibly be in league with one another. I’m certain Vlad must be as annoyed as anyone about how badly Assange hurt the Democrats and HRC.

Bullshit. It was Jill Stien and the tooth fairy that sunk glorious Hilary’s coronation and dreams after she helped Trump with his winning the GOP nomination.


How about all of them? Iran, all the Arab countries, even Israel. They all act like children and treat their fellow human beings poorly. But I suspect I know what he meant by “a certain ME country” and you do, too. It’s a sad double standard.

Assange reveals the crimes of empire and the empire tortures and hopes to kill him, Chelsea Manning, etc.
The war criminals and other monsters never get punished at all.