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Superpower in Distress (or Delusionary Thinking in Washington)


Superpower in Distress (or Delusionary Thinking in Washington)

Michael T. Klare

Take a look around the world and it’s hard not to conclude that the United States is a superpower in decline. Whether in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, aspiring powers are flexing their muscles, ignoring Washington’s dictates, or actively combating them.


It’s capitalism, with all its contradictions, that’s in decline. It won’t be pretty but it’s inevitable,


Twice I stopped reading this piece, apparently this guy thinks Obama should do more to stop the Russians from exercising their legitimate geopolitical interests.


An organized, intelligent transition into a country at peace or even a reasonable scaling back of policies to better reflect global reality would be great, but I just can’t see it happening. The cult of American exceptionalism runs too deep in this country. Even when the 99% stand in breadlines and visit soup kitchens, a good many will still believe that they are exceptional and above the rest of the world. In any event, empires and superpowers don’t retreat in an orderly fashion; they rot from within, just as ours is doing.


Tell that to Israel and AIPAC whom are trying ceaselessly to place our sons and daughters in harms way to die as they pursue the Zionist footprint for world domination especially the Middle East. Israel demands free US weapons and cash aid it doesn’t ask for it politely as if we owe the assholes something after 70 years of uninterrupted support which is clearly non sense.


i first thought the same however kept reading, i think he is merely echoing the sentiments of the Washington war hawks and that is true because that is how they think.


This piece is OK, not scintillating but the general focus on US decline is good.

Kind of astonishing that Klare not once references PNAC, despite that fact that so many of his citations and quotes (including Obama’s “past century… next century” quote) rather slavishly echo the explicit ideology laid out in the PNAC documents.


And regarding that decline of the USA, i just had posted this in another thread before i read Klare’s piece:

“The USA has done so much to undermine and destabilize its own economy and society and political culture. Too many weak points, the question is just where and when does the unraveling really begin to take off in earnest, and then just how will it play out. But the USA will come undone, and not in some distant future.”


“when the U.S. assumed sole responsibility for combating a whole new array of international threats”

Certain parts of the Rest of the World might have seen the USA’s approach to their lives somewhat threatening. At least the British Empire built infrastructure rather than persistently bombing it.


So, think about this… ( I mean, most probably have… ) The people that began the development of the nuclear bombs… pushed for that… and proliferated that… and then used that… Aren’t they psychopaths??
The HATRED that must exist in their hearts… is unbelievable… AND THEREFORE… that goes for any of those who follow in their footsteps… to CONTINUE TO PERPETUATE… the use of nuclear weapons… AND NUCLEAR POWER… WE HAVE BEEN AND ARE BEING LED BY PSYCHOPATHS… I know we here on these sites … have been saying that for a while now… but, it really hit me the other day…
that anyone who WANTS the kind of power that these people wield haS to be mentally unbalanced… and again… WE ARE BEING LED BY THESE PEOPLE!!
Sorry, about the caps, but, I have been trying to deal with how this affects me… I mean… for maybe 5 years now… .and especially the last two years… I have been loosing my hope for any kind of turn around in our situation… but, when you think about who is leading us… well,
I’d like to say we could ya’ know, … use the system to get them out of power… but, this really goes to show the flaws in the human species… we have always had power mongers through out our history… but they did not have the power to wipe out life on this planet…
there would be, in the average human mind, I would think, the ability to COLLABORATE WITH OTHER NATIONS… in a way to RID THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND NUCLEAR POWER… it would seem that when we have come to this point… where we are all staring each other down… we would come to our senses and say… .“oh, shit, wait a minute, I don’t really hate you that much… you’re pretty cool, you with your culture… (music, art, history, THE PEOPLE)… WE REALLY DO NOT WANT TO KILL YOUR CUTE LITTLE BABIES… THAT WOULD BE AWFUL… So, let’s really work on this…”
But, I will have to say, I do not think anything like that is going to happen. Why?
Because the really bigger psychopaths… are the Billionaires and multi millionaires that JUST WON’'T LET GO!!1


If I’m not mistaken, that is the Seaside Heights NJ roller coaster out to sea in the lead on picture, with thanks to Ol’ Sandy and possibly AGW. It’s hard to even keep up the bread and circuses in this twilight of the gods.


Interesting article. It is difficult to know how to reconcile the various indications of Washington’s difficulty in controlling the events cited here with US military and economic dominance. I am not sure it is a sign of decline, and certainly not of imminent collapse. The Roman Empire showed signs of trouble very early and a great many emperors were more than incompetent, but Imperial power persisted. What did happen was that Rome itself became less and less significant, as various emperors ruled from other centers. The empire of course split up into east and west eventually, with the eastern half enduring another thousand years. Even if power shifted away from the United States, that would change little in the ways in which the richer, western nations dominate the globe. Rome’s perennial enemy, Parthia, was never going to takes its place, and neither will China ever do more than push the west back from its immediate vicinity.


I guess you didn’t read my post… do we really think that psycho paths, over the centuries… have not brought us to a final stage?.. a final destructive point?..