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'Supervillian' Rex Tillerson Also Runs This Tax-Hating US-Russian Oil Company


'Supervillian' Rex Tillerson Also Runs This Tax-Hating US-Russian Oil Company

Jon Queally, staff writer

Documents leaked to a German newspaper reveal that ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be the next Secretary of State, has been the quiet director of a U.S.-Russian oil firm registered in the Bahamas, one of the world's key tax havens.


Thank God someone in the US government will have a stake in keeping the peace between Russia and the US.


I can't see how Russian connections is going to go down well with the Republicans in Congress. I am sure they have already heard about far more Russian connections involving Trump than they can stomach. The want to investigate Russia's interference with the election despite Trump's opposition. Trump seems to be on a collision course with own party and is a non-starter for the Democrats. I don't expect a honeymoon of more than a nanosecond after he takes office.


I'm all for keeping the peace. I'm not at all for having our public servants having a stake in the process -- it breeds conflicts of interest and corruption.


It looks like foreign governments are now fully aware that our government is completely bought and sold to the highest bidder. Now, the foreigners are now bidding in a big way.

No matter how disgusting I think Trump is and there is not a word for the level that he sickens me, I think he will be more apt to keeping the piece than that terrible candidate the Democrats ran for president and the way that Party cheated to run her. This was a great indication that the Democratic party has no caring for the average American. Of course, we know that the Republicans have never been anything but prostitutes for the rich and never cared about the average American since Teddy Roosevelt left office.


Trump....."This is the first I've heard about it, he didn't say anything to me."


There is nothing I like about Trump, not his sleaziness, not his character, not his racism, or his misogyny.
But there is one thing and only one thing that I like and that is his attitude of conciliation with Russia, which can only help world peace.
I cannot for the life of me understand why there is so much furor about that.

Have we been so pro-war conditioned, that we fear the relieve of international tension?


Rex in 2012 saying that climate change can be handled with engineering solutions and the billions of people need electricity and to be lifted out of poverty.

8 billion people require 2 to 5 virtual earths, and in the mean time The New Climate Regime is an EMERGENCY

Exxon Chairman Rex Tillerson: AGW is Real. Get Used to it.

And is it criminal to be behind projects that kill people? And extensive environmental damage? Article in The Nation published in 2014

ExxonMobil’s New Guinea Nightmare: How a US government loan enabled an environmentally destructive project plagued by lethal landslide, police repression and civil unrest.

Jokoya Piwago rose at sunrise on January 24. He was running late for work, and his ride was waiting outside. He woke up Jackson, then jumped into the car, shoes in hand. Minutes later, three loud, rapid-fire cracks filled the air. To some, it sounded like the discharge of an AK-47 rifle. Other villagers said it sounded more like a thunderclap. No one could find words to describe the sound that immediately followed.

It was the sound made by 2 million tons of boulders, limestone, water, mud and trees roaring down from the top of Tumbi Mountain. It was the sound of homes being buried by the landslide, which after only a few minutes had created a debris field a kilometer long, several hundred meters wide and 100 meters deep.

At least twenty-seven people sleeping in their homes died instantly, according to a lawsuit filed by the victims’ families. Twelve of them, including Jackson, were in Jokoya’s family. A precise death count is unknown—no bodies were ever recovered.

The landslide emanated from a quarry operated by a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, Esso Highlands Limited. Since 2010, EHL had been mining limestone for the construction phase of Papua New Guinea’s $19 billion Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. The quarry—which, according to local residents and a former member of the country’s Parliament, had been mined sporadically by other operators for several decades without incident before ExxonMobil’s arrival—was part of a massive endeavor that involved drilling wells for gas extraction and the construction of hundreds of miles of pipeline, storage facilities, processing plants and even an airstrip. The limestone was destined primarily for construction of a nearby airport that would be used to fly in heavy equipment and supplies. ExxonMobil has trumpeted the “multiple benefits” that locals would receive from the project, including jobs for “around 10,000 Papua New Guineans” and “more than 650 million kina [about $300 million] invested in community and infrastructure projects.”

And what is a big project without repression?

 Before the project began in 2009, there were only a handful of police officers in the area. By last year, more than 1,000 Mobile Police Squad officers, as well as army soldiers, were stationed there. Their mission was clear: to quell the frequent protests, over everything from wages and employment to land ownership and despoliation of the local environment, and keep the project running.

For years, human rights monitors have reported flagrant and systematic abuses of civilians by PNG police and soldiers, particularly the Mobile Police Squads. A 2005 Human Rights Watch report noted: “[I]ndividuals we interviewed described mobile squads raiding villages and urban settlements, burning houses, killing pigs, destroying gardens, and beating and sexually assaulting residents.” A 2009 Amnesty International report noted that earlier that year, officers with the Mobile Police Squads burned down at least 130 buildings near a gold mine in Wuangima, and in 2010 AI detailed reports of rape and assault surrounding the eviction of villagers for the project.

He would know what to do with "Water Protectors"


Sure this is bad, but you know, hard to get worked up about this as a scandal. For many years now American companies have taken up the offer of the one-party communist government of China to make in particular their rural population into slaves and indentured servants--moving huge parts of America's manufacturing base and impoverishing American workers.. And now democrats in particular are all, enraged about Tillerson (they had a candidate supporting outsourcing)? And recently add VietNam to the list.


So now liberals are looking to capitalist self-interest to save the world, eh?


[quote="RockyMountainView, post:4, topic:34848, full:true"]
I'm all for keeping the peace. I'm not at all for having our public servants having a stake in the process -- it breeds conflicts of interest and corruption.

What part of the federal government isn't rife with corruption and conflicts of interest? Think of all the architects of wars that personally profit from them due to financial ties to weapons manufacturer's and other defense contractors. Think, in particular, of those that arm all sides of seemingly every conflict.


In this case, yes.


Were you asleep while Senator Sanders, a DEMOCRATIC candidate was running his campaign? Tell me he "has no caring for the average American" nor did his supporters.... He continues to advocate for all Americans from the cradle to the grave.


Rest assured, Tillerson will take T-dump's lead and NOT divest himself of any investments/business ventures nor would he ever reveal his tax returns. He, like his anointer, is the devil incarnate...the quintessential resident of the deepest, darkest most dastardly depths of Dante's Inferno.


Yes, Sanders does care about the average American, that is why the Party "cheated to run" Hillary in my comment. I am a fervent Sanders supporter and all other democratic socialists.