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Support for GOP Tax Scam Drops as Corporate America Gorges on Record Stock Buybacks


Support for GOP Tax Scam Drops as Corporate America Gorges on Record Stock Buybacks

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Roughly six months after President Donald Trump put his signature on the GOP "tax scam," a new poll reveals dwindling support for the corporate-friendly law whose benefits went mostly to the nation's wealthiest.


Who’d a thunk it? Anyone who bought into this gigantic American ripoff has to be mentally incompetent. Trickle down has NEVER worked and never will. Corporate greed will never allow it to happen. Now, with the effects of the Trump tariffs scam kicking in, we will see how much working class Americans will enjoy Donnie John’s benevolence. As Donnie has said before “I love the poorly educated.”


Yes and they still love him in spite of the fact that everything he does hurts them. Because he is giving them what they want. Hatred against muslims and hispanics, the build the wall speeches, the bring the jobs back, etc. All talk and no action, but it fires them up to think he will do what he says he will.
King coal, steel, manufacturing all will come back since he says it will. He alone can save us. It is a religion for these people, Trump gives tent revivals to them and they swoon in anticipation of their imagined golden days that never existed.The days of white power is what it is.
Just check your brains at the door before entering. No need to pick them back up when you leave.


It’s not a religion to a RW voter (I prefer to call them aholes because they brought us this nightmare.) What they are to t rump and t rump is to them-- a cult! I call t rump cult 45, ( 45th pres) and it’s a play on words, as the NRA gave him a record $30million to do their bidding and there’s a gun called Colt 45. Cult 45 and cult 45ers. Ah, love.


Kinda reminds me of Sinclair Lewis’s story of Elmer Gantry.