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Support for Medicare for All Jumps When Right-Wing Talking Points Are Countered With Strong Progressive Response: Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/01/support-medicare-all-jumps-when-right-wing-talking-points-are-countered-strong


Spread the wealth for health. Medicare for ALL!


Too bad that so many Dimocrits are voicing the “right wing talking points”, bolstered by Senate Dimocrits helping Moscow Mitch’s wholesale confirmation of fascist judges who will strike down efforts to expand Medicare.


A friend of mine down in the US on being laid off her job was trying to describe to me something called COBRA. Her payments per month for COBRA coverage were insane. I thought it one of the most ridiculous concepts I have ever heard of. If one loses a job income plummets and having to pay even more for health care makes absolutely no sense.

Knowing one is always covered for their health care, whether working or not , self employed or in a union , ex-military or a senior is a tremendous health benefit in and of itself. Stress and worry kills.


Jake Tapper kept doubling down on Republican talking points straight out of the Heritage Foundation. We should not allow the public airwaves to be used for propaganda. In a direct democracy, their broadcast license would be revoked.


When Right-Wing Talking Points Are Countered With Strong Progressive Response: Poll

Can we file this one under No Shit Sherlock?

Most here know this, Bernie knows this Why the hell does the DNC not know this? Oh right, They’re getting well paid to not know this.


Five years after M4A passes, arguments over these polls will look like so much Republican horseshit.


As to the headline, I’ve been indicating this since the last election when Bernie failed to articulate the how and wherefore of M4ALL.

And Bernie’s pounding on billionaires is getting moldy. He needs to be saying something like: “You know how I feel about billionaires,” and leave it at that. At least once in a while.


Socialism needs relabeled as Humanism ! Most of America doesn’t understand the word socialism they only know they’ve been taught to rail against it. Do you as an American think it’s ok to let people with medical needs to be unable to get that care, to be unable to afford the medicine ? Possibly go bankrupt because of the enormous profits that the insurance companies siphon off the system ? As an American are you ok with people working 2 and 3 jobs but being paid so little that they and their families struggle for food ? Are you ok with the earth burning up to protect fossil fuel industry profits. Are you ok with the for profit prison system ? Are you ok with the the fact the Federal Réserve handed out over 16 trillion to the criminals that crashed the global economy in 2008 yet the politicians say there is no money for the social challenges we face. It’s laughable. Trillions for war and the MIC , Trillions in tax cuts to people that didn’t need it at the expense of everything else. If not you just might be a human being and therefore a humanist.


You are so right. A member of my family (here in the U.S.) was forced to change jobs, and there was a 2 week gap between the end of coverage at their old job and the start of coverage at the new job. COBRA was the only choice, other than to risk bankruptcy if something happened during those two weeks, plus Obamacare would would penalize them $700 for not being covered. The cost of COBRA was insane.

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We need Bernie to Splain to the Dimwits how Medicare For All works and how eliminating the Private Insurance Companies will benefit everyone.

Bernie is the obvious choice for President since Health Care is the number one issue on everyone’s mind and he has the ability to explain the details of this intricate program so eloquently.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020

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That name COBRA is definitely a clue.


And why haven’t they been rebutted for the last 40 years? Duopoly? Good Cop Bad Cop.

What else needs to be rebutted everytime repug detrimentally like talk about socialism or call someone a socialist? They need to outline every piece of socialism for the rich and corporations thru all the different memes. Corporate/Rich socialism I bet is greater than social programs for the peopel? Why is that not always thrown out or pundits don’t write about and calculate the figures and kinds of socialism for the uber wealthy. WTF


I agree because it really is that exactly.


I get the reality of “manufactured consent” I do.

But I have to admit it enrages me that so many US citizens can be bamboozled so easy by just the wording of a question. I mean how fucking stupid has our society become?


There are plenty dems on the insurance lobby payrolls


Countering the usual “socialist” libertarian style arguments that supposedly decry redistribution of taxed income are just so damn easy to counter. Takes about two seconds to turn such arguments on their collective head.

That’s why of course, such counter arguments never see the light of day in MSM, MSM sponsored debates, etc. Why more on the left haven’t taken the opportunity to turn those arguments upside down when they actually get a rare chance at a microphone is beyond me.


Yes, the same happened to me. Fortunately, I was very healthy and just took the risk of not being covered. In reality though, at the time, it was the only option. If I’d have had a medical condition, I’d have been up a creek without a paddle.

Perhaps I’ve spent too much time on Facebook today but I’m finding it hard to get excited about a 52% approval rating.

All I am feeling at this moment is that 48% of Americans are stupid, dumber than dumb and I just feel like screaming!

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Makes me want to scream!!!