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Support for Torture and Illegal Spying 'Concerning,' Says Heitkamp of Pompeo, But Trump 'Entitled to His Own Cabinet''

Support for Torture and Illegal Spying 'Concerning,' Says Heitkamp of Pompeo, But Trump 'Entitled to His Own Cabinet''

Jon Queally, staff writer

A day after Sen. Heide Heitkamp (D-ND) received rebuke for making the "deeply disappointing" announcement she would vote in favor of Mike Pompeo as the next U.S.

Think : THE OFFICE not the man


With all due lack of respect, Heitkamp is an idiot for those comments at least, and many others beside - like too many other DINO sellouts - the usual suspects. Surely there are other candidates of wisdom and integrity that deserve support by the DP mechanisms to fight for seats in “red states” or districts - sadly DP methods have been proven utter failures (obviously), corrupt, and serving wealth, power, and business as usual rather than support progressive candidates and issues - AKA the 99% peoples civilian needs,.


There is no reason for Heitkamp to state her position before the committee vote unless she is signaling to McConnell to hold a vote in the senate even if Pompous Mike does not have the approval of the committee. I guess she wants him to be S of S. She probably thinks this will increase her chances of getting re-elected, but maybe she approves of torture or wants war with Iran.

How often has Heitkamp actually supported the Dem position on these types of issues. Doesn’t seem like it is very often.


Hello Jon Queally and Everyone, Using her logic I could easily see a cabinet filled with the worst scum from history. Pol Pot or Mao Zedong as Secretary of Education. Joseph Stalin as Secretary of War, Adolf Hitler as Secretary of State, etc! The job of the Senate was once Advise and Consent and not RUBBER STAMP!!! How low has the Ignited Snakes fallen? I have faith that it will keep falling lower and lower as there is no bottom!!!


Why these people run as Democrats is beyond me, as is why people vote for them when they know what they are going to do when they get in. Once elected, they vote like Republicans, and the fools who vote for them because they had the D after their names make anemic excuses for them. “It’s pragmatism. It’s reality.”

This is “lesser evil” in full bloom, folks.


One must keep in mind that Heitcamp represents the dim people of the dark and bloody North Dakota. Although Heidi may only possess the intellect of a Q-tip she’s a goddamn oracle compared the average ND voter.

Elections have consequences people. Even in North Dakota.

Trump’s judgement is extremely questionable as he is unfit for office. So, his cabinet picks are highly suspect, every one of them. The only thing Trump deserves is a cell.

Free ops, I think that they “run as Democrats” because they are the essence of the entity. I think that there are smart, wonderful, gracious people some of whom are registered Democrats and some of whom are registered Republicans. i do not think that such people control the policies or actions of either party.

"she told a reporter on Friday the reason was because President Donald Trump is ‘entitled to his own cabinet’ . . . "

He is entitled to his own nominations. The Senate is then entitle to approve or not approve those nominations.

“. . . and that despite concerns over the current CIA director’s support for torture, NSA spying programs, and other right-wing positions—well, ‘at the same token, if it’s not him… I mean, we need another secretary of state.’”

This statement makes the prior, incorrect, statement seem brilliant by comparison.

Make that the more effective evil!


First we have McConnell who will not allow a vote he dislikes including when President Obama held the White House. Then we have Heitkamp and other “Democrats” who have no idea about the duties of Congress. She was not elected to help Trump in the White House. The “two-party” system and the election system needs to be updated with today’s technology. We CAN have an election that can be verified, not hacked, involve everyone living in the US without having to show citizenship papers first and teach respect for democracy.


Let’s be clear:

This means that a state, with a population (755,000) slightly smaller than the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, by dint of this one idiotic, fraud of a Democratic Senator, will put the world at risk of full-on killing wars.

Framers of the US Constitution could not have conceived the system of government would break down to this degree and put the world at risk.


That’s right, Heide-Ho …

… and we’re entitled to our own representation …

… and this time we’re going to vote to clean out the cesspool …

… but really, really clean this time and you and Manchin and all the rest of you so-called “centrist”, corporate lackeys are going bye-bye-bye …


Someone ought to check out her bank account for money or substantial material “favors” from war mongers with a lot of cash. She looks guilty and inept.


And the orange jump suit to fit his hair color

As Wall Street’s stooges Dirty Debbie and Krooked Hilliary so clearly prove,
“If it looks like a D.I.N.O. and talks like a D.I.N.O., it’s a D.I.N.O.”

Another reason I gave up on 99% of democrats a long time ago.

“Says Heitkamp of Pompeo, But Trump 'Entitled to His Own Cabinet’’”

Well, that doesn’t mean you have to help put him there! eh? Gad, I swear, can the democrats being elected get any worse. (yeah, of course they can–and they will)


Is that some South Dakota chauvinism there?