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Support Indigenous Rights: Abolish Columbus Day


Support Indigenous Rights: Abolish Columbus Day

Bill Bigelow

The movement to abolish Columbus Day and to establish in its place Indigenous Peoples Day continues to gather strength, as every month new school districts and colleges take action. This campaign has been given new momentum as Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas assert their treaty and human rights. Especially notable is the inspiring struggle in North Dakota to stop the toxic Dakota Access Pipeline, led by the Standing Rock Sioux.


Or keep Columbus Day but make it a day of shame and atonement as a first step.


This is good. But it is supremely important to recognize that the steps outlined by Bigelow only begin a process of genuine decolonization of the economy and society.

Genuine decolonization requires far more than changing Columbus Day and school curriculum, though these are good steps. Decolonization will require the heirs of the colonizers to lose their "ownership" and social and economic privilege. Decolonization will completely restructure the whole of society and the economy to abolish the inherited "ownership" and privilege that trace back to the original theft, rape, genocide, and slavery that are the very foundation and ongoing legacy of colonization, and the accumulation of "capital" that built the capitalist economy we now inhabit.


I thought the damn thing had already been canned. That's as much as I am up on the latest happenings. To whom do I have to write or petition to help get rid of the putrid celebration? And, no, this is not a swipe at Italians. This is my demonstrating total disdain for that filthy, land grabbing, murdering swine Columbus.

Also, here is a blog in "Counter Punch" that goes deep into decolonization. Have a look.


One way is to work in your own city, state, and any institutions you are engaged with, to take this step at that level. The cities of Denver and Seattle have both gotten rid of Columbus Day and replaced it with Indigenous Peoples Day. Many institutions are on the same path, and it all builds momentum toward a change at the federal level.


Not sure why, maybe just a glitch, your link seems live but does not connect or show an address when i hover or click.

i assume this is the article you are linking to:


Fixed - thanks webwalk, and some good indigenous people to start the decolonization with are the Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota, the Dineh people of Black Mesa in Arizona, and the Burns Paiute in the Malheur Lake area of Oragon, and in that not with a paltry 30 acres here and 20 acres there.


You lost me at that part about about lives having value/worth. Out in the real world, not everyone is able to work, and there aren't jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. We decided that those who are not of current use to employers no longer qualify for the basic human rights (UN's UDHR) of food and shelter.

Let's just skip that whole thing about human rights.


GREAT IDEA! Columbus didn't know WTF he was doing. But he worked hard doing it. The native, first nations know what they are doing and that they are not Indians. Trump, like Columbus, doesn't know what he's doing but he works 'hard' doing it. Columbus and Trump -- fools ...both!


Not only was Columbus not even the first white dude to reach the New World (vikings,) but when he did, he didn't even realize it was a new continent. To the day of his death he thought it was Asia. It was Amerigo Vespucci who realized it was it was a previously (to the europeans) "undiscovered" continent.

Screw Columbus Day! Viva Vespucci Day!

On another note, the big takeaway lesson from the Columbian Exchange (that's the academic name for the encounter between the old and new rules. No one really likes the term, but it was a compromise since they couldn't agree on any other name.), is that if aliens ever come to earth, we should kill them immediately and quarantine everything within a square mile.


Indigenous Rights Day is coming soon, to replace the day that honored a genocidal maniac who was greedy for gold. money and power: When Columbus tortured and killed innocent natives he set the example for all the racial and territorial crimes that followed throughout the Americas, and continuing to the present. How can we still honor this criminal? Change the holiday now!


I trust that someone will put in a bad word for the Romans.


"America" was named after Amerigo Vespucci. Vespucci did not name the entire continent "America", he only named South America "America". I don't know how it was decided that the Western Hemisphere be named "America". Since the United States is the most powerful nation in this hemisphere and the only nation with "America" in its name, it considers said hemisphere its "sphere of influence".


We could replace Columbus Day with another day to honor Italian Americans and still have other ethnic holidays. We could have a day for Native Americans, Native Alaskans & Native Hawaiians. There's Martin Luther King Day to celebrate Black Americans rights. We could establish a day to mourn for Japanese Americans persecuted during WWII.


I'm not sure either. I'm just so glad that they didn't choose to name the continents after vespucci's last name. "The United States of Vespuccia." cringe


10 thumbs up if I could. Excelllent summation,


Which indigenous family is gonna get your house?

Seriously, how we make the situation less bad has to be practical, because there's just too much water passed over the pipelines.


No, MLK Day honors MLK and what he did for all of us.


Hello Giovanni. Here's something you might find interesting. In Germany where I'm now living, they have very high consumption and service tax, 19% , gas tax and income tax, but no property tax. there is an administrative fee but even the poorest person could manage to pay it. If you own your home, meaning no mortgage , then you pretty much own it as it is almost impossible for the govt to take it from you.
We pay about 120 to 200 euros per year in " property tax" on a house and lot worth about 800,000 euros. The house is in the Black Forest , a tourist area, so it's not a cheap area. Sorry, that was a bit off topic.


Sorry if I'm going off topic here, but as a non-
Jew, I read about the Day of Atonement, thought that's a nice idea, then thought that
Jewish people should use such a day to
think about Zionism's theft of the Palestinians'
land, and the murder and torture that result
from THAT colonialism.
As an atheist from a Christian background,
I learned that Jesus was a Jew, and that the Jews endured a lot of abuse through the
centuries. So I say, in sympathy and solidarity with the Jewish people that Zionism is not
in their interest, and I hope they and the BDS
movement might connect the Day of Atonement to the de-colonization of Palestine.