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Supporters of Diplomacy over War Must Speak Up


Supporters of Diplomacy over War Must Speak Up

Phyllis Bennis, Kevin Martin

Members of Congress are fleeing Washington’s steam bath for their August recess, making this a key time for constituents to raise their voices on crucial issues.

Right now, the biggest thing lawmakers must decide is whether they’ll join the 54 percent of voters who support diplomacy over war, or if they’d rather to kill the Iran nuclear deal.


Demand ignored. Money talks.


AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal - See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/08/freshmen-congresspeople-sabotage#sthash.MYd2VnSY.dpuf

Town Hall meetings?


You might want to inform yourself regarding US history of interventions, the installment of the shah and some deeper contextual elements. The fact that history is reduced in your comment to denigration of an entire spiritual tradition is exemplary of pathos.


You might want to put that in quotes preceded by a satirical staging of a slam of a gavel and then offer informed opportunities in your region for folks who look at the post and say, 'yup, time to go visit my rep. ’


so suddenly the polls drop from 61% to 54%? why do people even quote polls when it is so frequently obvious that they are painfully bias…I could poll my apartment complex of 130+ residents and probably only find a handful of folks who don’t support diplomacy.

And then we have the likes of the authors actually using those numbers as if they are truly meaningful? Get a grip supposed peace makers…


…all those who take that sotted prance by AIPAC should be on a list.


Iran, like Viet Nam, wanted nothing more than their independence from colonial rule. After WWII a nationalist movement gained a majority in the secular democratic government of Iran. At that time Iran had its own unique mix of a secular democratic government, the strong religious Shia tradition and hierarchy of the Ayatollahs, and a weak and fading monarchy. When the nationalists gained majority support in Iran they petitioned the predecessor of BP and the British government for just a share of the wealth being generated from Iran’s own oil resources. The Brits absolutely refused to share even one thin pence. The Iranians seized some facilities and destroyed some others and that is when the sanctions regime began against Iran. Yes, since the late 40’s and early 50’s.

The leader of the Iranian nationalists, Mosaddeq, was overthrown in an UK/US engineered coup in 1953 and the US assumed the role of colonial oppressor and installed the Shah Reza Pahlavi as our puppet ruler there. The Shah was a brutal tyrant and our CIA and other spooks helped him establish and train SAVAK, a notoriously brutal and murderous secret police force that terrorized anyone critical of the Shah or of US machinations.

When the Islamic revolution kicked the US and the Shah out of Iran they knew exactly who was to blame for their misery. Not only did the US (temporarily) crush the nationalist movement in '53, the US throttled a truly democratic development in that region. The whole Middle East witnessed the fact that all of the US rhetoric about freedom and democracy were nothing but bald-faced lies. So, in effect, our own interference and sabotage is directly responsible for the rise of the theistic governance of Iran. No less than Madeline Albright wrote at the time that the '53 coup in Iran was the worst failure of US foreign policy in her lifetime. That is only because that sophomoric dipshit, George W. Bush, had not yet illegally invaded Iraq.

After the Iranians kicked us out we decided to goad and then help Sadam Hussein wage a war against the Iranians, in which almost 1 million Iranians died. We provided logistical support to Sadam to use chemical weapons against them. And, oh yes, there is the matter of the Iranian airliner we shot down over Iranian territory killing almost 300 people.

Now, if all of the crimes we have perpetrated against the Iranians had been done to us, we would surely have turned their country into a smoking crater by now. If any nation today acts like Hitler’s Germany, it is surely the United States of America.

All of the information above is readily available for verification, not that you would bother to inform yourself with the facts.


Gea: You must be living in Israel.


If the US fails to engage in this treaty, they have committed us to a further downward spiral
of this American “exceptionalism” they still preach about. It’s all a scam.


Is this person in his/her right mind??