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Supporting Iran Nuclear Deal, Sanders Cites Lessons from War in Iraq


Supporting Iran Nuclear Deal, Sanders Cites Lessons from War in Iraq

WASHINGTON - In a Senate floor speech later today, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will detail his support for an agreement to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. In prepared remarks, Sanders likened critics of the agreement to those in Congress who voted to take the United States to war in Iraq in 2003.

“Those who have made every effort to thwart the diplomatic process and have spoken out against the Iran agreement, including many in this chamber, are the same people who spoke out forcefully on the need to go to war with Iraq,” Sanders said.



Food for thought.....


A much needed voice. Bernie is the voice of the people. Thank god for his courage!


Did you read that other piece today about Hillary's speech at the Brookings Institution? Food for thought is the reality that Hillary (the former Sec of State who orchestrated much of the foreign policy so many people deplore) and Jeb (or Trump) would be so much worse.

Bernie tells us that he doesn't want to go along with that typical knee jerk reaction and predilection for war. As Bernie says ... He did NOT vote for the war in Iraq.

Not many had the courage not to vote for it and we all know the result in the Middle East. You'd think people would remember that key fact. Bernie is not another knee jerk warmonger.

But all the alternative choices with a serious chance of becoming president are ALL warmongers. After your food for thought, think about Hillary, Jeb and Trump... for dessert!


Flea, why would you, for even one second, assume that my vote goes to any of these "contenders"? I could not, in a million years vote for any of these whores to Israhell, and I will not. I think the system is broken and jumping on the Bernie bandwagon is not going to fix it. I think a lot of Bernie bandwagon supporters are going to be equally disillusioned and disappointed, as were the hope and change fanatics of 8 years ago.
What articles like the one I linked can do however, is open a dialogue about the changes that need to take place. The Diebold voting machines, the electoral college, the campaign financing and where the "contenders" loyalties lie. There is no left and right, even though almost everyone wants to paint themselves into a box with labels. There is just one party and the strings are being pulled by the financiers.
Just because I don't share your same enthusiasm over Bernie does not make me your opponent. I've simply lifted the veil some time ago and seen what is really there and not just what I wish to be there.


Excuse me but if you choose to insult me by calling me flea then we have nothing to say, so if you would be so kind, please grow up. My name is Wereflea not flea.

So are you saying that people shouldn't vote? You claim they are all the same but to what end is that statement? We will end up with someone and I was merely pointing out to you that fact.

Be honest? Are you saying for people not to vote? And if you do want them to vote then who do you recommend that they vote for?

It is fine to be critical of Sanders although it seems inappropriate this time and mention needs be made that if he had been president instead of bush that we wouldn't have gone to war in Iraq.

You keep saying the system is broken - opening a dialogue - strings being pulled... etc.

so tell us who you support - who you will vote for - or clarify whether you intend to vote at all.


Wereflea, i am not your enemy or your opponent. I actually appreciate your enthusiasm for Bernie. I do think you jump all over people unnecessarily so, who you might think don't agree with you, but that is who you are.
I will not be voting in the 2016 election because I will most likely not be here.
I've read your posts and I believe I'm younger than you. Too young for the battle I'm waging, which is bigger than the battle for Bernie in my mind.
I'm fighting advanced, widespread, late stage 4 cancer. It's the end stage. Presently, I live day by day. Since I have not been working through all these treatments, I have a lot of time to read. I read many websites and comment on occasion. My "awakening" began with reading the PNAC back in '99 or '00. This sent me on a quest for more knowledge and info.
My views are probably a little different because of my circumstances. I wish for a world that can live in peace. I wish for a world that stops causing harm to others, I wish for a world where we can work together to promote peace and democracy, supporting the evolution of humankind and maybe one day finding a cure for cancer. That is how I vote. With my heart for the betterment of humankind, not for bombs and warmongering, like all these hawkish contenders. Enough already.
And I would not suggest how to tell anyone else to vote. I think we need to improve upon, not descend down unto and that starts with honest open dialogue. Communication is key.
Sincerely, T.


Best wishes and my compliments on having a valiant spirit. I hope you prove the prognosis wrong and you stick around for a long time to come. I am mid sixties and have little real expectation for a long life but I am hoping for a few more years. I do want to see Bernie win...lol. That said.

I never thought of you as an opponent and I am sorry if I jumped on you but that was not my intent. I find that whenever there is a positive piece about Bernie that people jump on him as if he were the opponent and they usually dismiss the reality that Hillary or the repubs are the only alternatives. Somehow there are progressives who have to tell other people over and over that voting is useless, that Obama lied so all hope is lost forever, that the game is rigged, that everybody is the same, that everybody is corrupt and controlled by the powers that be and so forth.

You did it and you (and others) act like this is not jumping on Bernie. Well guess what? It is. Bernie did not take the oligarchy money and that matters more than anything else to prove that he is not the status quo or having his strings pulled. His record is his promise not his words anyway.

You say you just lifted the veil which if you said these things about Biden or someone else who would or has taken the oligarchy money then fine but to keep saying this stuff about Bernie is a lie.

So you feel I jumped on you? Go back and read what I wrote to you before you called me flea. I was only disagreeing with you and and if that is what you call jumping on you I don't know what to say. You and others keep saying these falsehoods trying to make Bernie just another politician like the others but it isn't fair. It is deceitful.

BTW. You and the others seem to think that no one should contradict the things you folks say because that would be jumping on them? Stop trying to give people a false impression all the time.

And stop insulting people who disagree with you. My name is Wereflea and I do not take kindly to be referred to as flea.


Bernie voted against !raq war that say's it all !!!
How anyone in clear conscience could even consider voting for war based on obvious lie's & fabricated intelligence is entering the realm of war criminals.Did they sell their souls to the devil?


No just to the Military Industrial Complex. They pay better.


Dear T. I read an article today that someone put up a link to on CD.

It was an article by William Kaufman published on Counter Punch - "The Sanders Paradox: A brief for Bernie".

I would be interested in what you think about what it says. I misread your line about our ages and thought you had said that I was younger. Please excuse me on that. I degrumpified a bit (others have called me flea to be insulting and i end up being a grump almost before I know it). Maybe you were''t intending what they did by calling me Flea.

I think many on the progressive left need to remember the alternatives to Bernie. I don't mean theoretical someday/somehow in the future third party votes now. I mean the alternatives to Bernie >>> Hillary and the Repubs. Hillary as Sec of State would be considered right wing on foreign policy except that the Repubs are insane on foreign policy and make her look better than she is.

I read that blog you posted and I think you best realize that the Bernie is the best of the bunch by a long margin which that blog leaves out. If people want perfection then tell me where are these candidates over the years? A few progressives do not elect the president but the whole country does and everybody needs to compromise somewhere. No candidate is ever perfect to everybody. I think Bernie would do his best to seek peace and get us out of these endless Middle East wars. Certainly none of the other candidates even speak of disentangling us over there.

I do hope you are around friend to debate and tell me I'm wrong when I am and we both are surprised and happy with the change in direction for the country (with Bernie) or at least not as bad as it would have been with the repubs (with Hillary).

I do wish you well and strength.

God bless.


Just a little levity....😉