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Suppressing Science For Monsanto? Groups Demand Investigation of USDA


Suppressing Science For Monsanto? Groups Demand Investigation of USDA

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

More than 25 farmworker, environmental, and food safety organizations sent an open letter on Tuesday to the U.S. Department of Agriculture demanding that the agency investigate reports that its scientists are facing retaliation and suppression of their research on controversial neonicotinoid insecticides that pose a danger to pollinator and human health.


oh c’mon, we dont need regulation and oversite of private buisness, they are so much more trustworthlthy than the government, lets do away with the USDA, and Monsanto promises they will be good


Yup, do trust that fox with your hen house, he never lies when it comes to chickens


This reminds me of many years ago when I was in the fire service. We were holding tests and orals for new employees.

  • One applicant, who did very well in his testing, came before us for his oral board. I asked him, “Your resume is very impressive. You have been a Marine Biologist for a number of years. You have a Masters in the subject, yet you are applying for a job as a firefighter recruit. May I ask why?”
  • “Because I am sick and tired of having my research censored and my reports altered if they don’t follow the party line, or may hurt some corporation. Maybe, as a fireman, when I do something, it will be to help people, not have my research twisted to pull the wool over their eyes,” he answered.
  • If my memory is correct (after about fifty years) he didn’t get the job. There were five or seven of us on the board and the majority felt he was “overqualified.”
  • For me, that comment was a real eye-opener as to research institutes, and who they really work for.


“Who they really work for…” yes, that is a loaded statement… that’s for sure… all these years… what we thought to be true, was not…


On all fronts…the shit is going to hit the fan very soon. GMO Crops, Healthcare, Climate Change, water, food production, War. Everything seems to be a lie. Honesty is a forgotten virtue. No one tell the truth. Our reality is leading to human extinction. It seems that the world has gone insane.

If I sound like a scare monger…you are not paying attention.


Obama appointed Monsanto operatives to key posts in USDA, EPA and other departments. That is why “Michelle’s” organic garden was created at the white house to deflect attention from true motives.


A revealing illustration from the Cornucopia Institute showing the revolving door between Monsanto and the US government:


And there you have it, boys and girls. If you extend the analysis further, to say, the Goldman Sachs/Treasury revolving door, and Big Ag, Big Nuclear, etc., it will all become even clearer.