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Supreme Court Backs Democracy in 'One Person, One Vote' Ruling



I'm trying to figure out why voting districts should be based on entities who are not eligible to vote. Shall we count toddlers, cats and dogs too? What does ethnicity really have to do with anything? Really. What it has to do with, is people who are not legally allowed to vote.


Per the Constitution, House Representatives represent and work for all the poeple in their district - not just people over 18, have a voter registration, and others qualified to vote (which in the south often excludes anyone with a past felony conviction). So yes, that includes toddlers and infants. It also included all legal residents regardless of citizenship or immigration status. True, ethnicity does not have a lot to do with it.

And aren't right wingers are supposed to be strict constitutionalists? There is nothing in the constitution (Article 1 Section 2) about representation being apportioned only to "voters". Specifically it says all "free persons" (along with archaic language about 3/5 of slaves and "Indians not taxed")